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July 2023

I was sitting in the hot pools at Mt Maunganui talking with some Christian millennials and a similar aged Maori with a strong belief in Maoritanga decided to join the…

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June 2023

Mom shares heartfelt message about her daughter who wanted to be a boy. From Twitter “This is a picture of my middle daughter Hope at 3 and 18. When she…

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May 2023

The uniqueness of Jesus  If Christianity is unique and it hinges on the person of Jesus Christ, then, logically, there must be unique features about Jesus that separate him from…

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April 2023

Healing of Accident and Trauma We recently ran a zoom “Healing of Accident and Trauma” Seminar with attendees from around the world. Following on from last month’s explanation of the…

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March 2023

God Wants to Heal so Why Doesn’t He? We have just finished our seminar “God Wants to Heal so Why Doesn’t He?” We had people from England, USA, NZ and…

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Feb 2023

Good News for hardcopy availability All our books are available on our website, both as printed paperbacks and e books. Postage is prohibitive to the other side of the world,…

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Updates for 2021

• The Significance of Swaddling Cloths • The Community in our head • Conversation in the womb • Testimony • “Conversion Therapy” Bill and comments • Dissociation and Fears, Phobias & Panic Attacks parts 1, 2 & 3 • The single best complete apologetics book I have ever read
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