Other Seminars

Half day and One day Seminars are run on each of the following topics:

-the rejection pendulum, the rejection flowchart. Learn about the sins that we so quickly enter into when we are rejected.

Sexual Issues

– the difference between the male and female brain, a frank look at masturbation, pornography, oral sex and the side effects of these in relationships. Bringing resolution to these problems will be taught and demonstrated if time permits.


– a huge topic. Tailor made to your requirements.


– understanding how anger operates and getting to its roots.

Words of Curse

– the impact of our words will be explored. Participants identify from a comprehensive list of self curses, curses others have uttered over them and curses they have uttered over others.

Evolution versus Creation

– a look at the scientific evidence that supports a creation world view and why an evolutionary world view has little scientific support. Utilizes the latest scientific findings regarding the origin of the universe and shows why the Big Bang points uniquely to God as the creator. Reconciles the order of the creation days with the latest science, particularly the misconception that the sun was created on Day 4 after light was created on Day 2.  Detailed explanation of how a single cell operates and why it is impossible for such an entity to accidently evolve, hence ending the debate at the beginning! Answers many other questions such as man and dinosaurs co-existing and why it is mathematically impossible for any other life forms to exist anywhere else in the universe and how we can be so sure.

Right Relationships:

This course is designed for everyone, not just married couples. It explores the differences between male and female thinking and how it affects communication in relationships. Frank discussion about sexual issues, such as masturbation, oral sex, IVF etc. Touches on roadblocks in communication and active listening. A fresh perspective on God’s expectation of male and female roles in marriage. An overview of Myers Briggs Personality types and how personality impacts relationships.


– the legalism tree and its subtle, insidious impact on those around us. Perhaps the most important and neglected sin area in individuals as well as churches.


– understanding the way we are wired, with particular focus on the MBTI (Myers Briggs). Peter is qualified to administer the MBTI and participants will complete the MBTI and receive comprehensive feedback. The DiSC personality profile will also be compared and contrasted.

Forgiveness and Bitterness 

– learn about the nine sins that layer and produce the foundation of bitterness.

The Isolation Cocoon 

– understanding the thinking and actions that cocoon and isolate us from intimacy with others. Applies to marriage people as well as singles.

God and Mathematics

– a mathematical look at the prophecy of Daniel 9, the feasibility of Noah’s Ark containing the animals of the world, the physics of light and how it reflects the trinitarian nature of God, the Fibonnaci Sequence in nature, gravitational pull and the dimensions of the New Jerusalem, the transposition of Hebrew letters with numbers and what these mean in Scripture, Scripture as a matrix and other interesting, fascinating insights that mathematics sheds on our understanding of God, his nature and the Bible. This topic overlaps with Evolution versus Creation and both can be taught together.

Two & Three day seminars are run on the following topics:

Traumatic Memory Resolution – teaching, demonstration and practice on accessing trauma memories that lie at the root of many dysfunctions. The focus of this seminar is not dissociative trauma but trauma related to events we remember.

Marriage – Marriages are like living organisms that need input to maintain their vigour. These two days will explore a variety of tools that both marriage ministers and couples can use to help their clients and themselves enhance their relationship. Some tools are unique to Anazao and so there is something new for everyone. Speaking frankly on a wide variety of marriage and communication issues is what you are guaranteed during this week. NOTE: While this a stand-alone seminar, it is best completed after attending the Conflict Resolution Seminar since it builds on techniques learnt in that seminar but with more emphasis on male and female differences in communication.

Legal Rights Practice: -for students who have completed the four week school. A two or more day seminar which consists of practise in pairs on legal rights that participants want to work on related to personal or generational issues. Students share time ministering and being ministered to. Limited Numbers.

Prepare/Enrich – Peter is a qualified trainer of administrators of the world’s most popular pre-marriage and marriage evaluation tool. At the end of this two day course, you will be qualified to administer the Prepare/Enrich and Mate evaluations.

Apologetics-logically defending the Christian world view. In the post-modern world we live in, the irrational thinking pattern that predominates is that your reality is just as valid as my reality. However, this subjective thinking defies the accepted rules of logical argument. Each participant will have a copy of Norman Geisler’s comprehensive text on Apologetics and learn the rules of logical thinking and why Christianity is the most defensible and logically consistent world view there is.

Dissociation Plus – This seminar incorporates the standard one day dissociation seminar and, in addition, includes a broader emphasis, more content and more demonstration time.

Here is an example:

  • Thursday 7- 9 pm The Context of Dissociation: Dissociation is placed within the broader context of healing.. A comprehensive healing model will be presented.and discussed in depth.
  • Friday 7- 9pm Introduction to Dissociation: What dissociation is and what it is not. Examples of physical and emotional healing through dealing with dissociative parts. Peter will demonstrate dissociative ministry by choosing a willing participant from the attendees.
  • Saturday 9-10:30am .The Counselling Process for Dissociation: Following on from the demonstration the previous night, the steps involved in ministry a person regarding dissociative parts will be explained in detail.
  • Saturday 11:00-12:30pm The Counselling Process:Continued: This session will involve further demonstration from a willing participant
  • Saturday 2:00-3:30pm The Physiology of Dissociation: What happens in the brain when a person dissociates. This session will explain how the brain and soul interact during the process of dissociation. Everyone will be brain surgeons at the end of this session!
  • Saturday 4:00-5:30pm The Counseling Process Completed: Using one of the people Peter has counselled earlier in the seminar, he will demonstrate how all the parts(alters) are finally resolved, so the person is completely free from the influence of dissociative parts.

NOTE: Due to ministry demonstrations, session times are indicative only and may be subject to change.