Updates for 2022

DEC: Is the Christmas tree a pagan tradition, NOV: Complete Part Removal (CPR) in a 15 yr old. OCT: Birth memory in angry 13 yr old, SEPT: The impact of the Queen’s death, AUG: Blockages preventing healing, JULY: Frequency of SRA, JUNE: Roe vs Wade overturn, MAY: The soul controls the brain, APRIL: Why ‘aliens’ haven’t visited earth, MARCH: How parts blocked speaking in tongues, JAN/FEB: Schedule for the year

December 2022

Is the Christmas tree a pagan tradition? 

Well-meaning Christians have difficulty with the use of the Christmas Tree, thinking it is reinforcing a pagan belief system.

Not so.

The use of a tree was first connected with the celebration of Christmas in the late 1500s in Germany.  Tradition has it that Martin Luther saw the stars in the night sky twinkling through the tall trees of the forest and had the idea of putting candles on a tree and bringing it indoors as a reminder of God’s creation. There is no evidence that the introduction of the Christmas tree at this time was a transfer from any pagan ritual.  Just because pagan festivals have used trees even before the time of Christ doesn’t mean pagans have a monopoly on the use of trees in celebrations any more than the New Age has the monopoly on the use of the rainbow.  Yet a lot of Christians react negatively to use of the rainbow by Christians and the Christmas tree is no different.  God created the rainbow and God created trees. Because non-Christians use what God has created doesn’t mean that Christians can’t use the same, as long as there is no obvious cross-pollination.

Had the early Church incorporated trees right from the beginning of celebrating Christmas, in the 4thcentury, there might have been some validity in the claim that they borrowed the idea from the pagan festivals that were already using trees.  But the absence of trees for 1500 years means it never was an integral part of the celebration of Jesus’ birth.  Consequently, whether you do or don’t use a tree makes no difference to the clarity of the Christmas message.  Be careful not to assume that adding something to a celebration that wasn’t there before is always a distraction, dilution or corruption of the original.  This is not necessarily so.  Often additions can add richness and depth, broaden perspectives and provide insights that a plainer celebration can lack.  

Wishing you all a merry Christmas, a well decorated tree, fun family times and peace.

Peter and Heather

November 2022

Further to last month’s comment, about the dissociative memory a 13 year old boy recovered, recently I had a client who was a 15 year old girl and had all her parts removed. She was the youngest client to complete the whole process.

The procedure to remove alters involves the following:

  1. Talk to the alters linked to the memory we want to look at. 
  2. Introduce the alters to Jesus
  3. Jesus convinces them to step aside. 
  4. The person sees this new trauma memory for the very first time. The person also feels in her body the physical pain, right here and now, and emotional pain that she sees happening in the memory. 
  5. The person finds where Jesus was in every aspect of the memory so he can bring his presence and peace to each part of the memory.
  6. She forgives perpetrators, break soul ties, lift off judgments, nullify curses, vows & self talk, make declarations.
  7. Map all the alters that are available to come forward. 
  8. She introduce all these alters to Jesus. Jesus engages with them and sovereignly and miraculously removes all of them. Gone forever. 

Repeat steps 1 to 8 as many times as necessary till all the alter systems are gone. 

While our method is very simple, it does require a reasonable amount of maturity and spiritual awareness to engage with each aspect. 

Jesus may leave some parts behind for the 15 year old since the use-by date for parts is not normally till 18-20. 

She went through four cycles of steps 1 to 8, to remove all of her parts.

God continuously surprises us!

October 2022

As most of you know, although we do a range of other ministry, predominantly, we focus on dissociation, because the need is so great. The majority of our clients are older with the range normally between 21 and 80. Occasionally we get a client, such as a 13-year-old boy, who went to dissociative memory that left most of us in tears. 

He was a serious behavioural problem at school. Constantly angry with a real chip on his shoulder; angry at this adoptive parents, angry at God, angry at life. A good part of the reason was that he was adopted, and he never knew his  birthmother and he always thought she had rejected him.

I didn’t have much time with him, so I asked the dissociated parts linked to his anger to come forward, introduced them to Jesus and ask them to step aside and show us the memory. The boy recognised the parts that held the memory, as well as Jesus, easily.

From that point on, I didn’t interrupt at all. It was a continuous monologue. 

He went right back to his birth, squeezed inside the womb and coming out into the light of day. He felt the smack on his bottom, and he was handed over to his mother. She was cuddling him on her breast and very affectionate. He felt her comfort and love. Eventually there were a pair of hands that were gently pulling him away. It was the hands of a nun from the orphanage that was taking him away. As he looked back, he stretched out his arms towards his mother, crying his eyes out and she stretched back hers towards him, crying also. He was carried down the steps into the car and to the orphanage and into a little crib. The memory ended. 

He looked through his tears at us, “She loves me. My mama loves me.”  A big beam across his face. 

Without me saying anything, he immediately saw Jesus in each part of the memory: Jesus was there with open arms to welcome him as he emerged from the womb; he had his arms around mother and child as they were embracing; he was crying as they were separated and he walked with the nun as she carried him out of the hospital and Jesus was lying with the little boy in the bed in the crib and reassured him that he would always be with him.

His behavioural problems disappeared. His overall temperament improved no end. His adopted parents are ecstatic. 

Isn’t Jesus incredible? He knew exactly what this young boy needed and did it almost on automatic pilot, leaving us as spectators. 

September 2022

The Queen’s death has impacted me much more than I realised.  I have cried a lot. Surprising really in that I am, probably like many, neutral in my viewpoint regarding the royals. I don’t follow them in any deliberate sense but I am aware of what is happening if it comes up on the news, and I’ve watched The Crown.

So why the tears? Like so many others, she was a familiar presence that I took for granted and underestimated the cumulative impact she had over all those years. But it goes deeper. I have always admired her Christ-centred Christmas messages, particular when there is so much pressure to emphasize Santa Claus and minimize Jesus. Her life was ordered, disciplined, consistent and relatively simple, despite the fact she had ample opportunity for self-indulgence. The Arch Bishop of Canterbury summed it up well:

In 1953 the Queen began her Coronation with silent prayer, just there at the High Altar. Her allegiance to God was given before any person gave allegiance to her. Her service to so many people in this nation, the Commonwealth and the world, had its foundation in her following Christ – God himself – who said that he “came not to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

MotherTheresa has always inspired me. Not only because of her tireless work in the slums of Calcutta over many decades, but because person after person who has met her talked about how she would focus on them as though no one else mattered. She had a keen memory for the details they would share. That is true humility. That is true unselfishness. 

The Queen was the same. Asking questions that were insightful, that showed she had prepared for meeting you, and she remembered those meetings so that the next time she met you, no matter what station in life you were, she would surprise you with her recall, her genuine interest in you. That is true humility. That is true unselfishness.

A Royal Mother Theresa. 

I cried because I was convicted. In contrast to her, I am selfish, erratic and inconsistent. I cried because of genuine grief & loss. Her example was a steadfast constant of grace and humility. I cried because other’s cried and somehow what they expressed clarified my own jumbled feelings.  I cried because I could see God’s hand so clearly in the events of her passing. I cried because I was pleased that she was now in heaven and receiving from Jesus that sentence we all want to hear, 

“Well done, Elizabeth, good and faithful friend, enter into the inheritance I have prepared for you”

August 2022

The Big Picture:

Healing is complex. Rarely is it just one factor. Sometimes the release of emotions and pain that a person experiences when recovering a dissociative memory (called ‘abreaction’) along with finding Jesus in the memory can bring significant reduction in the physical and mental ailments. Sometimes complete healing. Important though abreaction is, it is not the complete picture.

Here is an extract from an email from a client

“The other reason I sought out your help was to find answers to the myriad physical ailments I’ve endured over the years. These are physical problems that almost seem impervious to prayer. As I did ministry with you, I mistakenly thought the abreactions from the recovered memories alone would lessen my symptoms. They didn’t, and I felt discouraged for a long time. Then somewhere during the school I had an epiphany! I don’t know why I didn’t see it before, but it made so much sense. The physical problems are just the symptoms of the deeper emotional and spiritual issues God wants me to address in my life. They’re areas that I would never recognize as personal “sins”, but they definitely are “the little foxes that spoil the vine” in my life. So…I’m on a new journey. I’m asking Holy Spirit how I can cooperate with Him to identify, repent and overcome the specific sin issues in my profile, so I might be healed in “every” area of my life.This is so, so huge!”

Steve, USA

If you want to see a quick overview of the Anazao model, Click here

If you want a comprehensive explanation of the blockages ( including the sin profiles Steve talks about), that need to be removed for Jesus to heal, you can read excerpts from our book “God Wants to Heal So why Doesn’t He?” If you like what you read, you can purchase an e book or hard copy.  Click Here

July 2022

Frequency and Indicators of SRA

We have just finished another Cutting Edge Training school; one module on Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and another module on Generational Iniquity. It was the second only-Zoom based school with students from USA, Australia and NZ. 

The demonstrations are better on Zoom because each student sees the person who is receiving the ministry front on, only two feet away from them and so facial expressions and subtle changes are more easily observed than being physically present in a room observing at an angle sitting twenty feet away. 

Shocked and dismayed at the prevalence of satanic ritual abuse throughout society was a common theme in the comments student’s made. The biggest mistake people make is to believe that such abuse is rare when the reality is that it directly affects at least 20% of society. At least one in five people are being or have been accessed and physically taken to coven rituals but with no awareness whatsoever that this is happening to them. The dissociative barrier is so powerful and complete that people simply have no idea of the parallel lives they are living. 

The person who volunteered to see if she had experienced any dissociative ritual abuse was the least likely candidate to have such abuse because in the list of 100 indicators directly related to the possibility of earlier childhood sexual abuse and satanic ritual abuse, she ticked only one indicator. Normally people who have been the victims of SRA tick at least twenty and frequent many more indicators! In addition her alters were not well developed; she initially had considerable difficulty recognising their presence at all. Yet she recovered a strong ritual abuse memory and when we completed her genogram, there was sufficient indicators to confirm the truth of that memory.

Satan’s Trojan horse in our midst.

For more information on SRA and the indicators, go to the Topics of Interest section on the home page.  Purchasing our book, “Dissociation & Ritual Abuse: the Hidden Factor in Healing” will expand your understanding enormously.

June 2022

Roe vs Wade Overturn

I love America, Americans and American history.. We have counselled across the US for several months each year for the last decade up until Covid. Although increasingly divided, there is still strong moral debate on many issues that is refreshing, something that we in Australia and NZ have lost.

In 2019 we were in Missouri and, opposite the Gateway Arch in St Louis, we visited a small courthouse which was the centre of attention in the famous Dred Scott decision of 1857.  In this decision the US Supreme Court ruled that slaves were not citizens of the USA and were in effect the property, simply the chattel of their owners with no rights. 

It took a civil war and the deaths of 620,000 men to overturn that decision.

In hindsight we wonder how an erudite group of judges could make such misguided decision, particularly when the opening lines of Declaration of Independence state that “God made all men equal and gave them the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Fast forward 115 years and we had the Roe vs Wade Supreme Court decision. In essence it revived the Dred Scott Decision but extended it not just to slaves but as a guillotine over the head of every future American: it gave women permission to kill their unborn children. It said that humans in the womb have no rights and are the property of their mother, whose fate is at the mother’s discretion. 

The catch cry of those in favour of this decision has loudly stated that it is a woman’s body and she has the right to choose what she does with it.  Is that true?

The biological truth is that at 10 weeks after conception, which is the earliest time abortions are  performed, there is a little baby in the womb; complete with head, eyes, nose, mouth, arms, legs, with fingers and toes. Not a bunch of cells. This baby is not a biological part of the woman’s body, like her liver or lungs. Not only is the baby genetically entirely different but the baby has separate blood system and if the blood of baby accidentally mixes with the mother’s blood, an antibody response occurs that could reject the baby and subsequent pregnancies, just like the rejection of a donor organ in a transparent. 

From the moment of your conception until the day you die, nothing has been added to that single cell that you once were other than food and oxygen. That’s it! There is no point along that continuum where you are more human or less human. You have never been ‘a potential human.’ You have always been, and still are, a human with potential. For the first nine months of your life your mother provided shelter, food and oxygen. The only thing that changed after you were born is that you can now provide your own oxygen. 

Slave or free, tiny or tall, no matter how far along you are on life’s journey or whether you temporarily require help to ‘breathe’ oxygen or not, every American has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is a God-given right. There is no mother-given right in the Declaration or Constitution that trumps a God-given right.

Are we that morally bankrupt that what we entertain doing what even the developed creatures within the animal kingdom wouldn’t? Although she could, it would never occur to a female kangaroo to remove the helpless tiny little joey developing in her pouch because it is ‘her pouch.’ 

Slaves and babies in the womb are as human as their masters and mothers. Since all men are created equal, a slave is the equal of his master; a baby in the womb the equal of his/her mother. 

The Dred-Scott justices never gave slave owners wholesale permission to kill their slaves. Sadly Roe v Wade did. Sadder still, it took 50 years to reverse Roe vs Wade and cost 63 million lives, 100 times more lives lost than in overturning the Dred Scott decision.

On Friday, June 24, 2022, the Supreme Court made sure those lives were not lost in vain.

May 2022

We have just finished a training school and talked about how the soul, of which my mind is a component, operates through our brain. Our non-physical soul uses our physical brain to relay it instructions. Much like a non-physical Microsoft program uses the hardware of the computer to relay its instructions. We talked about this in relation to dissociation as a product of the mind, relayed through the brain.

It is so sad that we commit intellectual suicide by teaching in our schools and universities that the mind is simply a product of the brain.

Our ability to reason can come from one of only two places: either our ability to reason arose from preexisting intelligence, or it arose from mindless matter. The atheists/Darwinists/materialists believe, by faith, that our minds arose from mindless matter without intelligent intervention. We say it is by faith because it contradicts all scientific observation, which demonstrates that an effect cannot be greater than its cause. You can’t give what you haven’t got, yet materialists believe that dead, unintelligent matter has produced intelligent life. This is like believing that the Library of Congress resulted from an explosion in a printing shop!

It makes much more sense to believe that the human mind is made in the image of the Great Mind—God. In other words, our minds can apprehend truth and can reason about reality because they were built by the Architect of truth, reality, and reason itself. Materialism cannot explain reason any more than it can explain life. Materialism is just not reasonable. Therefore, we don’t have enough faith to be materialists!”

Excerpt from “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist” Norman L. Geisler & Frank Turek

April 2022

Visited the array of six radiotelescopes in Narabri recently. They combine to form one big telescope. 

A lot of fascinating info. 

Get this: Together they are so sensitive that they could pick up someone using a cellphone on Pluto! The electromagnetic footprint of any alien spacecraft entering our solar system would be millions of times more powerful than a cellphone on Pluto and since none of the radiotelescope arrays around the world has ever detected any such event in over 70 years of operation, it is safe to say we haven’t been visited by aliens in that time. 

“ET go home!” No need. He never got here!

March 2022

Here is a recent testimony of someone who has had a large number of dissociative parts removed. 

“I just wanted to thank you for another three days! I feel a lot lighter and encouraged to hear Jesus. Twice I asked for remaining parts that are ready to go to be with Jesus to come forward. Yesterday an ‘older couple’ came to the front of my mind. They said, it took them a long time because they are very little (in stature) and it took a long way for them. They have been responsible for comforting and caring for me. 

I found it quite astonishing that as I took communion, it was that easy to speak in tongues, without any reminder or effort. I thought about the Holy Spirit being the comforter and that there must be a connection between these parts gone and the easiness in talking in tongues. 

Beside that I face little moments of confusion like not remembering the numbers of my security code for the bank account (but it came back quickly :-)) or in the routine of making breakfast.

I find it quite helpful to read further in “Dissociation and Ritual Abuse”.

When I feel a little bit stronger I want to go to another memory.”

Brief Explanation

Only Jesus can remove parts. It is a supernatural event. Once gathered, Jesus takes the parts away and out of the person, NEVER back into the person. It is a process and not all the parts leave at once. In this case, a couple of parts were taken by Jesus independent of the ministry session. Once parts are removed, there are dysfunctional behaviours that immediately end (difficulty speaking in tongues) but there are also behaviours where the parts over-functioned or ‘piggy backed’ the client and he now has to learn to do these for himself (forgetting security code or breakfast routine). Often not a big deal, but these can catch the person off guard. 

After parts are removed, it is still important to visit some of the dissociative memories that the parts held because there is still a lot of energy locked up in the person’s body that needs to be released.  

January/February 2022

There will be two schools this year. Both will be Zoom schools. Modules 1 and 2 will be Monday to Saturday, May 30 to June 4. Modules 3 and 4 will be Monday to Saturday, July 25 to 30. Because there will attendees from around the world, the final daily timetable for the schools will depend on the timezones with the greatest number of attendees.

For example, if there are more students from Europe than Australia, the day is likely to begin in the mid afternoon and finish in the evening Australia time.

How will demonstrations work? Surprisingly, demonstrations work better on Zoom than physical face-to-face demonstrations in a classroom. This is because the face of the student who volunteers for ministry is directly front and centre of every other students screen as that person receives ministry. Whereas in a classroom setting the visibility of the student up the front of the classroom can be obstructed for some observing students. Also more quietly spoken students are harder to hear in a classroom setting but in a virtual situation you can simply increase the volume on your computer.

Manuals for the schools will be sent as PDFs by e mail to each student to download and print if necessary. If you have two devices or dual screens, you may not choose to print the manuals but view the manual and the school simultaneously.