Updates for January and February 2022

There will be two schools this year. Both will be Zoom schools. Modules 1 and 2 will be Monday to Saturday, May 30 to June 4. Modules 3 and 4 will be Monday to Saturday, July 25 to 30. Because there will attendees from around the world, the final daily timetable for the schools will depend on the timezones with the greatest number of attendees.

For example, if there are more students from Europe than Australia, the day is likely to begin in the mid afternoon and finish in the evening Australia time.

How will demonstrations work? Surprisingly, demonstrations work better on Zoom than physical face-to-face demonstrations in a classroom. This is because the face of the student who volunteers for ministry is directly front and centre of every other students screen as that person receives ministry. Whereas in a classroom setting the visibility of the student up the front of the classroom can be obstructed for some observing students. Also more quietly spoken students are harder to hear in a classroom setting but in a virtual situation you can simply increase the volume on your computer.

Manuals for the schools will be sent as PDFs by e mail to each student to download and print if necessary. If you have two devices or dual screens, you may not choose to print the manuals but view the manual and the school simultaneously.