Conflict Resolution Seminar

Comprehensive 3 day course or Eight evenings over 4 weeks

Come on guys, we all fight! Intimacy necessarily means conflict because if I am to get close to you, to engage with you, I have to be prepared to challenge you and be challenged by you regarding our differences. Our No 1 fear is the fear of conflict. Instead we use 33 different manipulative techniques to avoid conflict or anatagonize the situation. Not helpful. An aggressive response simply raises the emotional temperature way too high and a passive response leads to simmering resentments.

So how do I evaluate the situation and use the right communication tool for the right situation. How do I state my point in a manner that has the greatest chance of being heard? And if my careful delivered point is not received well and there is an aggressive counterattack, how do I respond to that so that the emotional temperature does not get out of control? Daily, you use most of the 12 major roadblocks in communication and you don’t know that you are doing it. Consequently you are puzzled as to why your children and your spouse say that you don’t understand them. Your heart is in the right place, you are just not skilled in recognising what is happening.

The course has 5 major components

  1. Identifying the twelve roadblocks to communication
  2. Active listening; what is it, when to use it and when not to.
  3. “I” messages: The five different types and how to construct them.
  4. How to adapt quickly between active listening and “I” messages to maintain control of the conflict and reach a resolution.
  5. The 6 steps needed to get a win-win.

This course

  • is based on the world’s most successful conflict resolution course.
  • is not didactic, meaning I preach and you take notes. It is a self discovery that we do together. Very collaborative so that each person’s input is noted.
  • has lots of practical examples and group work. All participants receive a workbook with exercises to complete.
  • is suitable for singles and couples. A must for marriage ministers.
  • is for everyone. Counsellors that have attended this seminar have said it is more thorough, practical and challenging than anything they were taught during their diploma or degree course.
  • will be the best bang for your buck! Of the hundreds of people that have done this course, we have yet to have one person who hasn’t ticked the top two evaluation boxes: excellent or very good
  • has no pre-requisites. You don’t have to have completed any of Anazao’s Cutting Edge School or any other seminar.
  • is not Christian, although the principles you will learn about selfless listening are right at the heart of the Christian message. We will not be directly talking about Jesus or theology so you won’t feel embarrassed if you invite any of your non-Christian friends!

“Conflict Resolution and Marriage” Week

The 3 day Conflict Resolution Seminar is combined with either the two day Marriage 1 or Marriage 2 Seminar (See other seminars) to form a five day course.

Combining two courses in one week. The fear of conflict is the number one fear for many people. The first three days explore real life scenarios and give you valuable tools to resolve conflict. Even if you are an experienced minister, you will learn heaps! Guarenteed! Suitable for people of all ages from teens to grandparents.

Marriages are like living organisms that need input to maintain their vigour. These two days will explore a variety of tools that both marriage ministers and couples can use to help their clients and themselves enhance their relationship. Some tools are unique to Anazao and so there is something new for everyone. Speaking frankly on a wide variety of marriage and communication issues is what you are guaranteed during this week.