March 2023

God Wants to Heal so Why Doesn’t He?

We have just finished our seminar “God Wants to Heal so Why Doesn’t He?” We had people from England, USA, NZ and Australia all attending on Zoom and all making some compromise to cope with the various time zone differences! The focus of the seminar was to demonstrate the use of a healing model that specifically caters for healing of direct biological trauma, such a vehicle & workplace accidents and sporting injuries.

The model we use when someone comes for healing of lingering injury linked to a known event, such as whiplash from a car accident, is quite different from the healing model we would use for someone who with mental or physical ailments that have developed over time, such as depression or diabetes.

Both will involve dealing with demons and nullifying their legal rights – their reasons for being there – and both will usually involve getting in touch with deeper dissociative trauma.

A fundamental difference lies in which model of body, soul and spirit is used. When resolving chronic conditions, the model we use is the ‘Connected’ model where there is a connection between the body and soul and the soul and the spirit. They are still discrete but there is a permeable crossover that connects the spirit with the soul and the soul with the body. For example, dissociation is a function of the soul. It happens in the soul and the emotional content is stored in the soul. If physical trauma was involved, it will be recorded a soul-body event. The spirit is not involved.

When resolving direct biological trauma, the model we use the completely inseparable model or ‘One ‘ model. In this model the body, soul and spirit are one; indistinguishable from each other. An analogy would be if you mixed flour, butter and water together to form dough. Once the dough is formed, you can’t tell the flour from the water or the butter. In other words, an injury to the body is also an injury to the soul and spirit. To bring healing to the body, you must first bring healing to the injured soul and spirit. If this is done thoroughly, healing of the body will follow automatically. The mistake the medical profession and many Christian healing ministries make is to focus on the physical injury distinct from what happened in the person’s soul and spirit as a consequence of that trauma. There are 11 steps to follow and complete healing happens often.

Next Month: More about the “God Wants to Heal so Why Doesn’t He?” Seminar