Christ Centred Private Counselling

In partnership with the Holy Spirit, we have the keys to bring deep healing to a variety of physical and mental ailments with a high success rate. We share this knowledge through one-on-one counseling, our books, seminars, and training schools.


Get all the latest updates in the Zoom school for Modules 3 & 4 on SRA and Generational Iniquity to be held on July 25-30. If you have completed Module 1 & 2, you can attend Modules 3 & 4. If you have completed Module 1 only, you can attend Module 4 on July 28 - 30

Meet Peter & Heather

Together they have over 40,000 hours of clinical counselling experience. Over 25,000 hours of clinical experience with dissociation, including 12,000 hours of ministry to SRA (Satanic Ritualistic Abuse) survivors.

The ministry regularly sees Jesus do significant psychological and physical healing. Physical healings include epilepsy, psoriasis, MS, spinal trauma such as back and neck injury, chronic pain, migraines and healing of internal organs and numerous other ailments outlined in their book, “God wants to heal so why doesn’t he?”