Personal Ministry Recommendations

Hi Peter

It is difficult to articulate what my wife was like and what our marriage relationship was like, before my wife was counselled by Peter at Anazao.

My wife has a very strong Christian faith and has what I would consider a very strong, real and active personnel relationship with Christ. By that I mean she regularly went to church, prayed at night, and prayed in tongues.

In our marriage, we had a very busy start to our lives together. We had 4 kids under four, which included a set of twins. We were also starting a new business in which she was the full time Chief Financial Officer. When we had the twins, the business (we had started) had +150 employees, so we (in particularly my wife) was very busy. I had identified a few issues with our marriage, but put them down to external factors being, work, stress of work, me being away for work, and the four young children, as well as the financial stress of business. Some of these issues included;1

1. Increasing lack of physical intimacy;
2. Her increase negativity and general lack of happiness, and absence of fun.
3. Her increased physical and mental fatigue.
4. The establishment of poor sleeping habits – going to bed late, not going to sleep, and then sleeping in.
5. Increased interest in social media. Such as facebook originally and then Instagram. Not so much correspondence, but more so the following.
6. Lack of ability to address issues within her family and at work, and to be able to effectively communicate with me.
7. We were moving more into a parallel relationship, and co-existing rather than being active and intimate in our marriage.
8. Retrospectively, that I am now aware of there was an increasing reliance on her Mum, and sisters, which resulted in very subversive manipulation and control. At times I was aware of this, but was reluctant to and unsure of how to address this.
9. When I would try and tell her how I felt, and how beautiful she was, she would most of the times reject my words and compliments, which made me feel like she was rejecting my love for her.
10. During this time my drinking increased, and I became more withdrawn in myself and within the relationship.

I had the feeling that the relationship was not in a good spot; my wife was not in a good spot and it appeared that there was little I could do to make any positive improvements. I loved her so very much, but felt hopeless in trying to improve the situation. I resigned myself that I had to hang in there until something happened to improve the situation. I blamed the fatigue of the young family and business on her emotional and physical state, and thought that she just need to rest to regain her energy and get the joy back into our lives.

My wife was aware of all of the above and was very proactive in trying to use her faith to heal. She went to conferences (local, interstate and overseas), and tried all types of faith based healing, but none of it made any improvements.

Just before COVID hit Australia, she travelled with her Mum to an Anazao Healing Conference in Brisbane (Gold Coast), in mid March 2020. Usually I would not have been happy for her to travel interstate, as I was very concerned about COVID, but I encouraged her to go. I spoke to her most days on how it was going, and she appeared only a little interested in it, but not enthusiastic. On her return home her mum was dismissive of Anazao, and my wife was not that excited about it. I was disappointed, as I thought that this was going to deliver a positive outcome for her, and as such for our marriage. I thought that this was the end of it, and then a little later on (a few months latter), she advised me that she was booked in to do some online ministry with Peter. These seemed a little unusual for a minister to do ministry online, but we were in COVID and we were all changing how we did business.

I wont discuss what surfaced during ministry, but it was not what my wife or I expected. Initially I was not convinced of the accuracy or reliability of what was uncovered during the sessions, so I decided to do some external research on Peter’s methods, in particular dissociation. What I did remember my wife saying to me, repeating what Peter had told her, was that if it is all lies and deception, then there will be no changes; so I thought I would keep an open mind and listen, watch and learn.

Initially it was all very traumatic and unbelievably bad what my wife had discovered. I found it very confronting, and disturbing. I became worried about the safety of my children and became somewhat paranoid about what they (the kids) may have been exposed to. I also felt torn between believing what I was being told, and unsure of how to protect my children and wife; verses going into denial and wanting to believe that this didn’t happen, and there was nothing to worry about. The truth was revealed to me by the fact that my wife started to heal.

Initially there was nothing, just a lot of pain, grief, paranoia, and fluxing between belief and really wanting to not believe as it was easier to go back to what I thought I knew.

I did a lot of reading on the Kingdom of Darkness (KOD), and read some of Peters books; as well as doing some external (online) research on Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). My wife and I prayed a lot together, but nothing much happened. I asked her if she was feeling any different, but she suggested that nothing had changed. A couple of weeks after the initial five days of ministry, things start to very slowly change. I was the first to notice things, and my wife was unsure if things were changing. I can’t remember the exact sequence but I can give you a summary:

My wife is now happy.

She feels empowered to put in boundaries and is more assertive and confident. She isn’t as negative, and is much more optimistic, and positive in life. She used to be very negative and would catastrophize; she doesn’t do this much anymore. My wife is funny, and in turn it makes me laugh more. She is more confident in our relationship and more trusting of me.

She embraces my compliments and when I tell her that I love her or that she is beautiful she takes ownership of this and believes me, instead of pushing it back at me and being in denial of the compliment. She dresses more feminine, instead of wearing black unflattering clothes, she dresses in more colours, and clothes that are more physically attractive – in saying this, she isn’t vain, but has more of a balanced view of herself; and is more confident in her body and who she is. She is less condemning of her physical appearance.

She now prioritises our time together and that of our kids instead of that of her mothers and sisters. She is more spiritually aware of when she needs to make some changes in her life. I am unsure of the spiritual process, but when she makes the correction, the issues go away. We are a lot more physically and spiritually intimate.

I have received ministry from Peter. We talk about a lot more things that we have kept from each other, things that we did before we met each other or things that happened when we were dating. It has made me confront some of my secrets with her. This isn’t always pleasant, and I would much prefer to leave these buried within me, but that is not how God wants us (my wife and I) to live. We all like to believe that we can share our deepest and darkest secrets with our spouses that there are no secrets and that we can trust each other, but we didn’t live like that. We now do. This has been a very practical lesson in trust, vulnerability and teachability.

There a lot of things that are not of the KOD but are more habit or behavourial things that she must address. After what she has been through she sometimes thinks that the healing is being eroded and the KOD is taking a hold of her. This is not the case. Sometimes there are things that we do that are formed after many years of conditioning that are of ourselves, and it is ourselves (and God) that we must have discipline and thought everyday to over come these.

James, WA. Nov 2021

For the last few mornings I have woken up and done star jumps of delight. I am finally part free! Yeepee!

It has been a long journey, longer than I had thought. There have been a lot of twists and turns in the journey as the Kingdom of Darkness has pulled out all the stops to prevent this from happening. Each visit has resulted in greater freedom and an expectation that all the parts were gone but we kept on finding deeper part systems. So disappointing, Some of the SRA memories were horrendous. Now that I am part free and I can feel the difference I am so relieved.

 I feel the woman Jesus talked about in John 16:21 who is in anguish as she gives birth to her child but soon forgets that when she holds her baby and is overwhelmed with joy!

Thank you both!  Thank you Jesus!

Birdlover, QLD, May 2021

Thank you for my new wife! The change has been surreal. We have been living independently, parallelism as you call it, and we were drifting apart. Ships in the night. I was focussed on my work and leisure and she was strongly co-dependant with her mother and her energies were directed to work and our children. She is now able to stand up to her mother, with clear boundaries, which I never thought would ever happen. With all of her parts gone so has her anxiety, she is calmer, less reactive, and we are connecting like we never have before and there is new level of intimacy in all areas of our relationship. I’ll say it again, it’s miraculous!

By contrast, I now realise I need to do work on my own issues!!

Chris, SA, Dec 2020

This is mainly to say thank you again for coming (as hard as it was to minister here I am sure).  My life, however, will never be the same!  I so appreciate what happened in my life as you presented truth.  I have been to so many amazing conferences, meetings and services but have never in all my life had anything bring such a shift in my being.  

It was like a total shaking (good one), a literal undoing of so many unhealthy and wrong beliefs I’ve dragged around for so many years.  I now find myself feeling a little anxious when I go back into the norm, knowing I will be making major changes in my actions and choices.  At the same time, I feel excited to see what this new freedom looks like.  I can say, It feels like a huge stone has been rolled away from the place I had escaped into (religion), like the grave clothes were ripped off, and the “Son” is streaming in, warming me as He shines into my eyes.  I feel Him encourageing me to come out of the tomb and into the light.  Wow!  It’s true.  

Although I have taught others, had amazing times with the Lord Jesus, watched Holy Spirit work through me setting others free, I had never realized the prison I was personally in.  This has naturally helped me see the frustration my husband has had as he relentlessly pushed away (in self protection I am sure!) from my “god”.   

Wow!!!   Love you,  

Clare 2019

I’d like to give an update on how I’m feeling, 2 weeks on.  Firstly, people who know me well are hardly able to fathom the difference in the feeling they get from me now.  Everyone tells me I am “so peaceful, and GROUNDED”, they’re remarking how my ability to speak is more focused, calm, and intentional.  My life is dramatically different; my work life is hugely improved.  People at work are relating to me so differently!  There is peace, respect, and this unspoken level of calm in all my interactions now.  Gone is the subtle undercurrent of tension between many people I interact with, or the need from my end to drive myself so hard with intense energy.  The level of cooperation I am enjoying from work colleagues is markedly improved due to this.  I’m thinking so clearer, with intentionality, and my mind is effortlessly thinking accurately and powerfully for much longer.   Whereas most days I would finish the day feeling drained and exhausted, and I thought this was just the job.  The level of noise and ‘chatter’ in my mind is gone – not reduced – GONE, this is something I never thought would happen.  When I decide not to speak, there is a deep calm and quiet I am still surprised by.  I was not aware of how much energy I was spending keeping a lid on all the mental chatter, and how much willpower I was exerting to focus and perform.Not to mention my private life!  I have much more energy!  The improvement in my emotional state in my personal life, is allowing me to relate to the people I love with a freedom I never thought achievable.  They are loving it, I am loving it, my life is transformed.  Thankyou Peter, Heather, and thankyou JESUS most of all!  I am free – truly free – and I wish this for everybody!

Bless you,

J. Sept 2018

I want to give you a further update on my progress since August 2016 when I first received 5 days ministry with Anazao, and now almost a year since my second session of 3 days ministry with you in February 2017

My previous feedback still stands and I continue to flourish. Family and friends who know me have seen a different person emerge through the last year (2017) with friends remarking on the change in me. My siblings are relating to me differently; only one of them is aware that I have received ministry. I am moving on, not standing still.

It will be helpful to use the format I used in my first feedback, building on what I noted then.

1. Memories: I previously mentioned a marked difference in memories which began occurring about a month after my first five days of ministry. This continues with the reviving of my childhood memories, increasing the awareness of my ‘worth’ as a person. Both my parents are no longer alive, however I can now think on them with love and gratitude. I am able to recall pleasant memories and express heartfelt affection for them … even now. I feel good and grateful to be able to engage in the memories.

2. Self Acceptance: This continues and increases my stability for decision making, giving an opinion on different issues that arise, even defending my position on certain matters. Previously I might have argued a point but would fall short of standing my ground. I also find it easier to receive compliments; previously I would become uncomfortable and remain silent. In the summer at a friend’s wedding I was approached by a person in authority who I had previously found intimidating. I was amazed how undaunted I was when approached. I might be mistaken, but I think they were uncomfortable in my presence!

3. Peace: This has really grown giving me much food for thought! The substance of the peace I am experiencing encompasses ‘soundness’, something akin to fruit when it is ripe for picking. It reminds me of the phrase ‘in the fullness of time’. I sense the peace developing within me, steady and strong, not from circumstances outside. It reminds me of the words … ‘the peace I give you is not like the peace of this world’. This has been a wonderful experience.

4. Stability & Self Determination: These are picked up in the previous comments above, suggesting the changes occurring are bringing unity. The fear, doubt and confusion previously so prevalent in my life from a toddler through to my mid 30’s and then to a lesser degree through to my mid 60’s is diminishing, making way for a firm foundation and a ‘soundness’ I have never known before!

5. Physical Changes: My nails continue to grow and are a constant reminder to me that I am ‘new’ inside. The past is no longer a shameful burden I carry with me; it’s gone! There seems to be a type of release that allows me to ‘venture forth’, as the Hebrew scripture says ‘Lekh Lekha’ – Go Forth yourself … God telling Abram to go forth to the land that He, God would show him (Gen 12:1)

I continue on in life with its usual ups and downs. The trials and difficulties no longer bear down and overwhelm me; I feel the reins are definitely firmly in my hands. I recognise the past habits when they arise and recognise they no longer have substance in my life. There have been occasions when it has taken me a little longer to trust the ‘newness’ within me but I press forward gaining strength and am able to step into the ‘new’. I am learning, nothing is ‘on a plate’, we are required to engage.

‘The New’ for me in this last year:

*After a time thinking things over I decided to embark on the adventure of becoming an Airbnb Host. It has been a wonderful experience which is ongoing. I have enjoyed the guests and look forward to the spring and summer season this coming year. I never would have believed that I could do this, much less enjoy it!

*This past year I have travelled to three new countries on my own; one of which I did not meet up with anyone I knew, totally on my own. Although I am used to travel I have never ventured out without family being at the destination. This was so new and amazing …. I survived each journey and enjoyed it! This is progress on another level!

*Finally, last September I enrolled as a student with The Israel Institute of Biblical Studies learning Biblical Hebrew. I have not opted for a Degree, not wanting the pressure, preferring to enjoy the course and embrace the discipline it requires ….. I am loving it!

…..Out of Justice comes peace … quietness and confidence….Isaiah 32:17

Thank you again Peter and Heather for helping me BE where I am.

EG, England January 2018

The investment of time and finances into the Anazao courses and ministry I did was the best decision I could have ever made. My only regret is that I didn’t know about the courses, or Anazao, earlier in my life! How have I changed? Let me name some of the numerous ways:

My daughter says I am a different person to be around – so much happier. My son also says I am more calm and relaxed and not as stressed.

Do you know someone who is the second driver without a steering wheel? That was me! I was unable to take my eyes off the road – I couldn’t trust anyone else driving me. My husband can now drive without me being stressed out (from an accident years earlier before I met him). The resulting freedom, peace and trust was apparent straight after parts were removed, and the healing of the memory of the accident. Before this, I could not remember the accident – just the events leading up to the event and immediately after.

Our family dynamics have changed, and continue to change for the better – we are working on relationships as a priority, and getting out of bad habits of ‘busyness’ without relational connection.

My relationship with the Lord is freer, and I love the fact that the main goals of Peter and Heather’s ministry is to bring people into closer intimacy with Jesus.

Our ministry methods have changed, and my husband and I are seeing lasting fruit and peace in people’s lives. I used to feel incredibly uncomfortable in group settings and now I can relax and enjoy social situations.

If I have the chance I will be doing the courses again. Since they are life changing discipleship models that are packed with material, there is much more information to take on board and actually apply.”

Abbie, USA March 2017

“It’s been a long time since I have posted on facebook so here I am to let everyone know that after battling depression all of my life and being on medication for the last 16 years I am finally free!!! No more medication, no more depression!!! Thank you to Peter and Heather Toth from Anazao for helping me unlock the pathways to revealing the undeniable lifechanging love of Jesus!! For the first time in my life I feel normal!! Thank you Jesus!!”

Dana F, NZ Sept 2016

“Today I want to celebrate being part free for 6 months with you. Things are changing.  Before seeing you, for years I was unable to work. I was drained of energy, in constant pain and overwhelmed by the demands of the job.  Now I can handle a 5 day working week and have just been made team leader.  I have energy to do things in the evening as well! 

It is very encouraging to see that there is a future for me and that things can change. I realize that I need to challenge myself much more and set goals. Jesus likes this attitude. The best thing is that he still makes me laugh as soon as I think of him or when I make a good decision or when I´m disappointed… That is always the first thing he does. I love it. 

And there is not much pain anymore. If there is a stronger pain, it is usually connected to one of the main sins that I´m can’t indulge in anymore: fear, control, helplessness and passivity are the biggest. In a way I´m glad to have that pain that immediately shows me that there is something wrong.” 

Angie K, Germany, Jan 2016

It has been almost 1 month since I have had ministry with you. To be part free is a truly freeing. The Holy Spirit, through your work, has cleared up in 3 days a part system that has existed for  46 years. That is a miracle. I really am grateful to the Lord for this but it would not have happened unless a ministry service like Anazao exists. Anazao really does achieve resolution on issues in their clients and you also apply the principles you talk about in your own lives. I really appreciate that because I know it comes at a cost to you.  I also thank you for the wisdom you imparted to me and for being tenacious and diligent in the ministry room. Since then my mind has a greater capacity to deal with things, making decisions seems to be clearer and I feel much more at peace.  My Fiancee (yes it happened) sees the difference in me and thinks I have done a backflip. I realize that I have some way to go with dealing with negative memories and attitudes but at least I am starting from a good platform now. So once again thank you.

John. Dec 2015

“I have cancelled my appointment with the Chiro, and have had many attacks in my mind since!  Like, “You’ll regret this”, What will you do when the pain comes back, eh?”  “Are you being reasonable?”, “You can’t do without it…you will be in pain and then will have to go back!”, “How can you be sure they [Anazao] are right anyway?” “Come on, it’s only physical [scientific] stuff, nothing to do with Taoism!”   I had a trial about two weeks ago [return of pain]  when I very nearly phoned the Chiropractor , but decided that I had promised not to go, so I told the demons to leave and asked God to keep me and thanked Him for my healing.  No further pain….whoopi!”

Grateful, USA 2014

“On the two-hour trip from Melbourne airport back to our town, I kept exclaiming to Bruce how amazingly blue the sky was – I was sure it had never looked so blue before. Logic demands that I acknowledge that it wasn’t the colour of the sky that was different, but the eyes through which I was seeing it ! 

I am continuing to push away denial of the incestuous sexual abuse which was revealed during my ministry. I’m finding this openness to acknowledge the truth of what happened, leads to a lot of uncomfortable emotions and feelings of sadness- and physical discomfort in the tummy, too. However, any and all feelings are infinitely preferable to the dazed detachment with which I approached life and relationships before.

I googled adult survivors, and found that I have all the typical symptoms. One site even mentions exactly what I have been finding- that the symptoms get worse as you get older. I found this very encouraging, not least because it adds weight to the case for accepting the truth of what happened to me. Words can’t express my thankfulness to you both for stepping out into this area of ministry/ministry.”

Amelia, 2014

Thank you. I stand in awe of what it is to be free at last. My head is clear. It is beautiful and still. The birds sing so loud and beautifully like I have never heard them before. It is stepping into a whole new world and I’m thanking God he brought you all the way from the other side of the world to see me set free.

Everything has slowed down, leaving me walking and doing things so slowly, but getting more done in an hour that I remember getting done in a year during the years of being trapped. I am so happy to finally be born again. Everything is so vivid, so bright. I am finally living in the world I watched at times from far, far away through a distant mist. I did not know that the birds sang so loudly here or that trees were so green and people so beautiful. It is a good world to live in.

I am now free of the parts that took over my life for 38 years. I have been trapped inside myself, co-conscious at times such as writing letters and emails (where I seem to have been needed to do the writing/typing, but had little control over what was being written) and occasionally being allowed out to wash and make meals.
I was trapped inside myself and frightened for so long. I couldn’t see a way out. I did not know what was happening. It looked like I should be able to choose not to do those reactionary things I did, but I tried so hard and still stayed trapped without control. People told me again and again that I could choose to be free and that I had to face it was me saying and doing those things, and repent. In my heart I carried on crying out to Jesus, but could not stop the screaming in my head.

Bless you, Peter and Heather. I am grateful for you and your ministry. I had almost given up hope anyone would ever find me trapped inside that dark place where nobody could see. You have given me my life back. You have been instruments for Jesus to open the prison door and set me free.

Joanna, England, 2013

The following testimony is from a person who suffered from a variety of physical, social and mental problems. In addition he had a phobia about water and his young 6 year old daughter had an extreme phobia about water. He had a day of ministry initially and six weeks later returned for a week of ministry. The transformation was miraculous. Below is the e mail he wrote us.

“Today we didn’t go to church but rather to the beach (imitation of, the real beaches are in the Gold Coast). When we got there, I ran to the water. It was cold (this is not the Gold Coast). And I jumped into it. I swam. I had no goggles, and I opened my eyes in the water. My daughter walked into the water all the way until it was reaching her neck. We played games. She asked me to pull her, and throw her, and push her. She was excited as her feet were not touching the sand in the floor.

Later we played a game. We dig a hole in the sand, I laid down on it, and my wife and daughter covered me with sand. For lunch we had grilled fish, calamari, some potatoes and a greek salad (it didn’t come from Greece, though). I ate the salad including the tomatoes.

It was the most amazing day on the beach in my whole life.

You see, before last week: I wouldn’t have the initiative to go to the beach, I wouldn’t run because my legs will hurt to the extreme, I wouldn’t be able to run to the water. I wouldn’t be able to go into the cold water (it wouldl trigger an excruciating trauma memory). I wouldn’t be able to swim with such freedom and total lack of fear. My eyes would hurt all the time, and this time they didn’t, even though I opened them under water.

My daughter wouldn’t get close to the water, not to mention that now she will walk on her own towards us in the deep, and to lift her feet of the floor. We haven’t literally done anything with her, there is such a change!

Previously, I wouldn’t like not one bit of sand on me. It would be a trauma. Now I enjoyed being buried in it. I wouldn’t eat salad, and particularly tomatoes because of the textures, colors, and associations. Now I can eat spicy food and drink fizzy drinks (related to snake bite in tongue memory)

I didn’t use sunscreen and I didn’t get burnt one bit. My olive skin worked properly as it is meant to be. My wife said that I was fully aware, and that she was watching me carefully and didn’t see any time that I got disconnected.[Zoning out for several hours a day was a huge problem]

She said that my driving was like sitting next to a completely different person. It was safe, smooth, not in a rush, not aggressive nor passive. Just right and gentle. Not upset when someone undercuts me, but rather giving way. And not undercutting anyone else, just planning and waiting for the safe spot.

So I wanted to say thank you for last week. A lot of work was done and you are extremely effective and strategic. A lot was achieved. Not one bit of time was wasted. Things were in perspective and balance. You spoke the truth in a clear and convicting way, with good empathy and meaning well. Your prayers and drawings (like the pendulum, rejection) concentrate in one or two pages a massive amount of wisdom and knowledge that you would normally gather from a couple of books and years of training. The information is clear and presented in such a simple way, It is amazing.

This is just the next day after I arrived back in NSW last week. I look excitedly to what the next blessings coming my way will be..

Also I wanted to testify to the things that were achieved after our previous one-day meeting. These things followed it:

(1) Cut off communication altogether with my mother. Which I always wanted, but never could do.

(2) Suicide ideation dropped considerably.

(3) Alters came up for the first time ever. After meeting with you they started to come up, release their memories and meet Jesus with no problems.

(4) The door to the spiritual world was opened. I see things now with a different perspective. All of a sudden the bible includes the words “demons”, “angels”, son of god, etc. I have read the bible many times but this info was totally ignored and blocked from me.

(5) I got healed from reflux. I had this problem for 15 years, and tried many times to drop the medicines unsuccessfully

(6) I got healed from lactose intolerance. I can now enjoy icecream, cheese, etc.

(7) I lost nearly 10 kilos without doing anything in particular, my cholesterol levels went back to normal.

(8) I dropped all medicines including the antidepressants.

(9) My wife described out first one day meeting as if she got born again, again. She was awaken, and came back to life. The name “Anazao” certainly honours your results.

Our discipleship with Christ started. It become the number one priority in our lives.


John, NSW , 2013

Here is a testimony from a person who had received ministry for dissociation weekly for 19 years without success and more latterly Theophostic ministry for two years.

“Asounded! 54 years of living with SRA and DID and through the ministry techniques of Peter and Heather’s ministry, Jesus took care of it all in two days” 

Pat, NC, USA, 2013

Thank you for your ministry. Yes lots of parts [dissociative alters] have gone  – and thats great. There have been lots of changes there; I can parallel park for the first time!  Who would have thought?  And its quieter, and there are times when I feel I miss them as I don’t know what to do  – they used to do it for me!!  Confusing and different.  A lot of self destructive stuff has stopped. Now I know I am seeing a whole new world – and everything has changed.  My whole world is completely different (and I asked to see this – I can t believe I wanted to know this.)  Its a little lonely – more lonely than when I thought I knew what was going on.

J Richardson, Wellington, NZ

Thank you appears to be so insufficient for the joy and gratitude I have for you both. My life will and is changed after spending two days in ministry with you. At the moment words fail me to express just what I feel on the inside. I know that things have changed and yet I am still me.

Prayer Counsellor for a major Christian ministry

While working through their teaching and watching them minister we have found that Peter and Heather Toth strip away much of the misunderstanding and guesswork surrounding ministry to people with DID. We all want quicker, gentler ways to bring people with dissociation to wholeness and the Spirit led insights and keys of the Toths hekp shouw a way forward in this field.

Beth Tephillah Ministries

My husband and I heard about Anazao Counselling through relatives who had found the ministry had really benefited them. Although our relationship was not a disaster, we thought we could benefit from some skilled Christian ministry and we made our first appointment.

Peter and Heather’s skills cross a number of areas and we benefited from most of them over the eight days that we spent there. Some of the advice was basic to most relationship ministry and included things like setting goals and communication skills. The legacy of our generational predecessors was highlighted and we spent some time dealing with their negative impact on us. He made us aware of just how subtle and insidious the enemy is in undermining our lives and of the legal rights we give to him through our sin.

I had been aware of some sexual abuse in my childhood and youth but as Peter and Heather continued to delve it became apparent that I had dissociated memories which had hidden away a number of incidents of extensive sexual abuse. As each memory was released I relived every aspect of the abuse, then Jesus came into the memory and with His kindness and His love He healed the memory. When the last memory was released He held me in His arms and said, “It’s over.”

The impact of this healing has affected my whole life. It has transformed our marriage relationship in every area. I have a deep abiding sense of peace that I did not know was possible. I have ceased to strive for approval both in church life and in my job. I used to become stressed or angry very easily over unimportant things, but now I react calmly. My love for Jesus has magnified a hundred times. I can’t wait to spend time worshipping Him. My sense of rejection and low self esteem has gone. There was a pain in my spirit area which I was not consciously aware of until it disappeared. Physical pain in my lower back and leg disappeared. I thank God for Peter and Heather and their continued obedience to Him in this ministry.

Beth, Victoria, Australia

As a Christian Health Professional I believe that it is crucial that the modern church be involved in cutting edge Christian Counselling that involves the power of the risen Christ. This needs to be well balanced, not disregarding psychological and medical knowledge, but rather incorporating an understanding of the broken person and that of their mind, soul and body, with a thorough understanding of the spiritual realm.

I believe that Anazao Ministry has all these qualities in addition to an extensive knowledge of such issues as generational sin, trauma and dissociation, and how it can impact people’s lives. I would describe this ministry as cutting edge Christian Counselling Ministry which uses the power of healing through the risen Christ, insight using the gifts of the Holy Spirit, founded on the Word of God. These are all incorporated with an excellent understanding of psychological and mental health issues.

R V D Zee B.A.(Psych) Hons