(1) You have received ministry and all your dissociative parts have been removed. Allow at least a week of full time ministry. Others practising the Anazao model can remove your parts but allow at least one day with Anazao when you think you are part free to do a final check.

(2) Attend a four-module Cutting Edge Ministry school. Whether or not you are an experienced counselor, psychologist or have a counseling diploma or degree, you will be surprised at how much you will learn. Four of our six books are compulsory reading for the school; one for each module. In addition, you will be expected to have read, “Communion Resurrected” and “The Foundation Series”

(3) You will need to complete the theoretical and practical assessments for each module. When you have learnt the answers to the learning outcomes for a module, simply ask us to send you the Evaluation Test for that module. We trust you to complete the written component in test conditions and send us back your answers. We will mark them and do the oral component over Zoom.

(4) Whether or not you are a trained counselor, you will need to attend our three day-active listening and conflict resolution course. Latterly, these have been held over eight evenings in 2 hour blocks.

(5) Repeat the four module ministry school. Most people still have their dissociative parts when they first attend the school and necessarily miss a lot. Even if these parts have been removed, each school is slightly different in its emphasis and demonstrations are alway different. You are in a different head space so the Holy Spirit will emphasis teachings in the second school that he didn’t in the first. Many people attend the schools three or more times.

(6) You will need to have at least 200 hours of practical ministry using the Anazao approach to deliverance, dissociation, generational iniquity, and SRA. You will be expected to keep accurate notes according to the Anazao method.

(7) During the 200 hours, we would expect e mail dialogue over difficult cases and keep accurate notes and be prepared for these to be inspected. In addition, since most Anazao sessions are on Zoom, we encourage observation of Peter during his Zoom ministry sessions. This is the best way to learn the model.

(8) Be under Anazao supervision. Whether or not you charge for your services, Anazao will charge you for a supervision session. This will be less than a normal consultation fee. A session is typically one hour unless longer time is previously arranged.

(9) Anazao will personally assess you in a clinical setting. In addition, there will be an oral assessment. Once this process has been completed, we will qualify you in using the Anazao method.

(10) If and when there is an addition to or major modification of any of the modules, you will be expected to complete these new or amended modules and their learning outcomes. There is a 5th module planned regarding the healing approach to known trauma – such as car, recreational and workplace accidents that you remember – and it will complete the Anazao healing model. At the moment the essence of this proposed module is covered in our seminar, “God Wants To Heal So Why Doesn’t He?” with a demonstration of the healing approach and how quickly the healing happens. Until this module is completed you will be expected to complete this seminar when it is offered.

(11) Because Anazao’s approach is eclectic, we are comfortable with those using our model to incorporate other counselling approaches that don’t contradict the the essence and purpose of our model. However, our model has to be the principle ministry tool used and other approaches cannot usurp any of the thirteen spokes of our Healing Model.

(12) We strongly recommend that in addition to Anazao’s training program, those wishing to use our model should have some recognized counselling qualification. 

The demand for professionally trained ministers who use the Anazao model far exceeds the supply and we receive requests from all over the country, and internationally, for facilitators who do what we do. Completing the twelve steps outlined is a way to standardize the quality of the service that we offer. We strongly recommend that in addition to Anazao training, those wishing to use the model should have some recognized counselling qualification.