(1) Your dissociative parts are removed

(2) Attend the four module Cutting Edge Ministry School.

3) Complete the theoretical and practical assessments for each module.

(4) Attend our three day active listening and conflict resolution course.

(5) Repeat the four module Cutting Edge Ministry School

(6) You will need to have at least 200 hours of practical counselling using the Anazao model. You will be expected to keep accurate notes and these will be inspected.

(7) Be under regular Anazao supervision.

 (8) At Anazao’s discretion, opportunities to observed Peter in counselling may be offered.

(9) Assessment, when possible, by Anazao, of your counselling in a clinical setting.

 (10) The Anazao approach has to be the principle counselling tool you use.

(11) We strongly recommend that in addition to Anazao training, those wishing to use our model should have some recognized counselling qualification. 

Support Groups

To gain ongoing feedback when using the model, we strongly recommend the formation of an Anazao support group in your area. Understanding and using the model at the ‘chalkface’ is where the rubber meets the road and it is important to receive as much support as possible. There are groups meeting on an informal basis in the USA, NZ and Australia.