Privacy Policy

Website Privacy Policy

Anazao respects, and is committed to, protecting the privacy and confidentiality of clients and persons who interact with us whether in person or in an online capacity.

The entity collecting your personal information is ‘Anazao,’ operating as a registered business in Queensland, Australia with an ABN and TFN and subject to all Australian Federal and State business laws and legislations, to which we comply. All of the IP within this website is owned by Anazao, and under copyright.

  1. All books, manuals, products, videos used or advertised on this website are subject to copyright. Permission to use any copyrighted material outside standard copyright guidelines must be applied for via written or e mail communication. Replies will always be given via written or e mail communication. 
  1. All personal information shared by people purchasing items on our website or registrations for courses or registrations for newsletters will not be shared with or sold to any third party. This may include phone number, email address, full name, DOB, address, business details, etc
  1. When visiting our website, certain information that does not reveal your specific identity (name and contact information ) but may include device and usage information, such as your IP address, browser and device characteristics, operating system, language preferences, referring URLs, device name, country, location, and information about how and when you use our services, such as the pages visited, files viewed, and other actions taken within our website, may be collected. These are primarily collected to maintain the safety and security of our website and for internal analytics and will not otherwise be shared or stored.
  1. Google analytics is the principal tool used to collect information and uses a set of cookies to collect information and compile statistics but without identifying individual visitors. 
  1. If Anazao ever collects more personal data – from Ecwid or any other analytical programs – such as your browsing habits on other websites or any other third party information, it will be GDPR compliant with the appropriate Cookie banners for the customer to accept or decline. 
  1. All the necessary data collected to process your payments, such as credit card numbers, security codes, etc will not be shared with any third-party. All payment data is securely stored by Ecwid, which is a widely accepted, international e-commerce platform that Anazao uses.  You can find their privacy notice at
  1. Our home page registration on the website enabling discounts and the receiving of newsletters and updates will have settings to change or delete your information. Upon your request to terminate your registration, we will deactivate or delete all information from our databases. 

Counselling Privacy Policy

Anazao treats all ministry sessions as a rare privilege to be allowed to have input into someone else’s life journey and will always do our utmost to protect the confidentiality of our clients. The main purpose behind the copyright restrictions listed below is to protect the integrity of the material of the material shared.

  1. All ministry notes taken will be handwritten, leaving no digital footprint whatsoever. On the very rare occasions where circumstances necessitate recording of notes on a digital recording device, such as computer, tablet or smart phone, email consent from the client will be obtained. If digital note taking is necessary, it will be not be saved to the cloud but kept securely within the recording device.
  1. All clients who attend ministry with Anazao will have their ministry notes kept in a locked filing cabinet with keys exclusively accessible by Peter and Heather Toth. These notes will be kept for a minimum of seven years after the last ministry appointment. After this time they may be shredded by a commercial shredding company. 
  1. All notes taken during ministry are the property of Anazao. The Freedom of Information Act of Australia (1982) allows clients to have a copy of their notes. Release of these notes will require a signed affidavit by a Justice of the Peace or similar foreign notarising agency on a form provided by Anazao. Handling and processing fees will apply. Once notes are duplicated, Anazao can no longer be held solely responsible for the confidentiality of these notes. Given the highly sensitive nature of the content of ministry notes, Anazao urges careful consideration of how these duplicated notes will be used and stored. 
  1. In the unlikely event of the joint deaths of Peter and Heather, provisions have been made for all remaining client ministry notes to be immediately shredded by a commercial shredding company.
  1. There will be no recording of ministry over Zoom by either party, neither by the Zoom application nor independent video recording of the screen. Rare exceptions may present and both the application for permission to record and the granted permission to record will be in written or digital form by both parties. [NOTE: ‘Zoom’ is the currently the preferred platform for visual internet communication used by Anazao with clients and students. Within this document it is used generically to also apply to any other visual internet communication platform such as Skype, What’s App, Messenger, FaceTime or any other that Anazao may use now or in the future.]
  1. In the process of training students, observation of actual ministry sessions may be a necessary component. Client’s permission will always be requested before students are allowed to observe and at any time during the ministry process clients can ask the student to leave. Students will sign a confidentiality agreement regarding what they have observed.
  1. All physical or digital copies of Anazao’s material received by the client in the course of ministry remain the property of Anazao and can be used by the client for their own personal use, or to share with others in personal interactions on a one-on-one non-professional basis but not to be distributed in any broadcast manner. The Anazao copyright must remain on all material at all times.  Any reproduction of this material must retain the copyright. Any intention to use our material outside of these parameters, such as teaching or group sharing, must be communicated to Anazao by e mail or in writing and e mail or written permission must be received before commencement of any variation from the above.
  1. Students who are in training with Anazao to use the Anazao model in a professional ministry capacity can share ministry materials, developed by us, with their clients but still need initial permission from Anazao for each first time use of any of our material. Permission given by Anazao to share specific materials will depend on the experience and competence of the student as well as the sophistication and sensitivity of the material to be shared. 
  1. Anazao’s commitment to allowing students-in-training, colleagues or anyone else, as observers into the ministry process is not implicit permission to utilise the materials shared with clients during the observed sessions, or any of our other materials, within your own ministry practice, prayer group or healing rooms, any other church, para-church or religious teaching organisation and on any communication platform.
  1. All personal information such as names, addresses, email addresses shared in a ministry setting will never be shared with anyone else, except in certain extenuating circumstances such as when the federal or state court subpoenas demands such information. Other  exceptions are clearly outlined on the Anazao Client Information Form that all clients are required to complete and sign before commencing ministry. These can be discussed, if necessary, before commencing ministry.

Training School & Seminar Privacy Policy 

While protecting client privacy in one-on-one ministry situations is easier to completely safeguard, it is clearly not possible to ensure the same level of protection once more than one party is involved. The greater the number of simultaneous participants in any web based event, the greater the possibility of an individual participant’s privacy being compromised. Anazao will always endeavour to keep such compromise to a minimum.

  1. Students undertaking training or attending seminars consent to having their name and e mail address shared with other students. No other personal information will be shared by Anazao with any other student or participant. If you do not want this information shared you must let Anazao know before the commencement of the event.
  1. Students consent to their image and/or name, either in thumbnail or fullscreen, being seen by other students on the course and that recordings of sessions may be viewed by others and that your image and name may appear in these recordings. 
  1. Students and seminar participants agree to maintain confidentiality at all times regarding the sharing of personal information revealed by fellow students or participants during the course of the event. Any feedback given to third parties not directly connected with the event cannot include information that would identify any of the participants. 
  1. Information received in printed or digital form such as the manuals used in the training school or seminars does not give implicit permission to use these materials within your own ministry practice, prayer group or healing rooms, or any other church, para-church or religious teaching organisation and on any communication platform.  Written permission must still be obtained from Anazao.
  1. All training schools and seminars carried out via Zoom will be recorded by Anazao and not by any student. The purpose of recording the school will be to allow those who are unable to attend a portion of the school, due to appointments or extenuating circumstances, the opportunity to view these portions later. The viewing of any recordings will be safeguarded by Anazao so that no downloading will be possible. Students viewing these recordings undertake to view these in private; non-attendees cannot be present. In addition, these recordings may be used by Anazao for evaluation purposes and in cases of litigation.
  1. Personal ministry may be recorded as part of the demonstrations within the training schools or seminars. These demonstrations will not be shared with anyone other than the students registered for that school or seminar and only if the student missed the demonstration for a legitimate reason. If Anazao thinks it may be beneficial to use the demonstration in a context outside of that particular school, we will not do so without the written permission of the person who volunteered for the ministry.
  1. Students attending training schools who are practising skills related to note taking during the live demonstrations, whether these demonstrations occur remotely by Zoom or in person, will undertake to destroy all their notes, handwritten or digital, before the end of the school at the latest or at the request of the person being counselled or Peter & Heather.  The ministry notes taken by Anazao during the demonstration will be added to the file of the person if they are an existing client or will be saved and safely stored in a separate folder designated for school demonstrations. 
  1. Anazao reserves the right to modify this privacy policy in accordance with changing legislation or conditions. 

If you have any questions or comments about your privacy rights, you may contact us below;

Peter and Heather Toth


P.O. Box 4102, Elanora, Queensland (QLD) 4221  Australia

Ph: +61 411306590.

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