Mission Statement

To train people globally in an integrated approach to healing of the whole person: spirit, soul and body.


While acknowledging the important place of modern medicine and psychology, as well as lifestyle choices, in aiding physical and emotional healing, the complete picture of any pathology involves understanding the combined impact of personal sin, generational sin and iniquity, historical trauma, the function of dissociative parts and demonic activity.

Only through faith in Jesus Christ and his direct intervention can all these factors be adequately resolved and complete healing take place. Symptom removal is not necessarily true healing.

Practical Approach

You know what it is like. You read a book. It excites you. You want to get more information and do something about it. But you think the author is too busy or you don’t exactly know how to get the personal ministry you and those you love may need. Particularly if the author lives in another country.

Well, hope is not as far away as you may think.

Our goal is to go anywhere, and we mean anywhere, in the world if people invite us. This is how it works.

(1) You share the book with other people who also get excited.
(2) You decide to invite us to your country or state to run a one-day seminar on dissociation.
(3) You organize the venue and do the advertising and we will advertise on our website.
(4) We fly over and do the seminar. In the seminar we will teach and demonstrate OR we do the seminar by Zoom from Australia
(5) LOTS of people now get excited.
(6) We remain after the seminar to minister one-on-one for as long as there is demand. You now get individual ministry with us without having to travel to Australia OR we do Zoom ministry from Australia.
(7) We return home.
(8) Because of a broader base of interest, there is now momentum to run the first two weeks of our ‘Cutting Edge School’. We need a minimum of 10 students to run a school OR we run a Zoom school with a minimum of 5 students. 
(9) We condense each week into three days to enable greater flexibility for those attending. Hence two weeks can be taught in one week!
(10) Later we return to run the next two weeks.
(11) People start applying what they have learnt and Jesus now can set captives free at a deeper level. Another Anazao healing center is being established.
(12) We remain committed to returning and mentoring as needed.