Anazao Updates

These updates are more like a blog, containing comments on a range of topics but primarily to do with counselling issues, new books, testimonials and current issues. Previous years posts are included because some of the topics covered in these posts are timeless and there has been positive feedback from new people who have read all the posts! The beginning of each year will have a dot point summary of the topics covered in that year.

Updates for July 2022

Frequency and Indicators of SRA We have just finished another Cutting Edge Training school; one module on Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and another module on Generational Iniquity. It was the second only-Zoom based school with students from USA, Australia and…

Updates for June 2022

Roe vs Wade Overturn I love America, Americans and American history.. We have counselled across the US for several months each year for the last decade up until Covid. Although increasingly divided, there is still strong moral debate on many…

Updates for May 2022

We have just finished a training school and talked about how the soul, of which my mind is a component, operates through our brain. Our non-physical soul uses our physical brain to relay it instructions. Much like a non-physical Microsoft…

Updates for April 2022

Visited the array of six radiotelescopes in Narabri recently. They combine to form one big telescope.  A lot of fascinating info.  Get this: Together they are so sensitive that they could pick up someone using a cellphone on Pluto! The electromagnetic…

Updates for March 2022

Here is a recent testimony of someone who has had a large number of dissociative parts removed.  “I just wanted to thank you for the another three days! I feel a lot lighter and encouraged to hear Jesus. Twice I asked…

Updates for January and February 2022

There will be two schools this year. Both will be Zoom schools. Modules 1 and 2 will be Monday to Saturday, May 30 to June 4. Modules 3 and 4 will be Monday to Saturday, July 25 to 30. Because…

Updates for 2021

• The Significance of Swaddling Cloths • The Community in our head • Conversation in the womb • Testimony • “Conversion Therapy” Bill and comments • Dissociation and Fears, Phobias & Panic Attacks parts 1, 2 & 3 • The single best complete apologetics book I have ever read

Updates for 2020

• Jordan’s book review • Proof of the existence of God • The SRA agenda • Publication of “Dissociation & Ritual Abuse” & book reviews • Zoom counselling • Evolution & the formation of the first simple cell • SRA and CIA, KGB, Illuminati involvement • The metaphor of releasing a prisoner to contrast the way the world does part resolution and Anazao’s approach • Steve’s comments re “Communion Resurrected • Mistranslation of the Lord’s Prayer • The star of Bethlehem part 2

Updates for 2019

• Why we are different? • Rachel’s testimony • Generational iniquity proved by epigenetics • The death of ‘Tolerance” • Letter to “60 minutes” regarding Jeni Hayns • Jen’s Testimony • SRA School comments • Generational Iniquity and it’s impact four generations later • Why the USA has 4 times the bipolar incidence than other lst world countries • What was the star of Bethlehem