What makes us different?

One reason is that whatever we teach, we demonstrate! We don’t ‘talk’ what we can’t ‘walk’!

Why choose to come to us? Why attend our training schools? What sets Anazao apart?

There are lots of people and organisations with theories, but the bottom line, where the rubber meets the road, has to be people who are set free. Long term freedom. People healed. People healed physically. People healed mentally and emotionally. Jesus didn’t quote the Scriptures when John the Baptist asked him to verify his credentials, he simply said people are healed.

Benny Hinn, Bethel (&Sozo), Charles Kraft, Christian Healing Ministries (MacNutts), Cleansing Streams, Desert Stream Ministeries, Elijah House, Ellel Ministries, Freedom Encounters, Freedom in Christ Ministries (Neil Anderson), Healing Rooms (John G Lake), Heart Sync, Henry Wright, Jubilee Ministries, Living Waters, Restoring the Foundations, Restoration in Christ, Theophostic, The Immanuel Approach, VMTC, Vineyard, are examples of ministries and organisations that specialize in one or more of the following:

  1. developing an intimate, relaxed relationship with Jesus.  
  2. facilitator exercises the gifts of the Holy Spirit (GHS) during the ministry. 
  3. GHS not used to direct but supplement the client hearing from Jesus.
  4. a correct understanding and use of communion as an important healing tool.
  5. a correct understanding and use of anointing as an important healing tool.
  6. finding Jesus in historical woundedness: physical, mental and emotional.
  7. identifying specific sins that apply to specific mental and physical conditions.
  8. non-dissociative trauma healing.
  9. deliverance, in particular deliverance with a legal rights emphasis.
  10. dissociation.
  11. encouraging clients to receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit via  the baptism in the Holy Spirit.
  12. understanding the structure of the kingdom of darkness.
  13. comprehensive database of satanic rituals to enable thoroughness in SRA memories.
  14. freemasonry.
  15. sexual sin, dysfunction, brokenness, identity.
  16. addictions.
  17. emphasis on the importance of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit in 1 Corinthians 14
  18. confront irrational thinking patterns.
  19. family dynamics, conflict resolution, boundary setting, marriage issues.
  20. healing a wide variety of physical dysfunctions.
  21. understand the importance of effectively remove generational iniquity.
  22. expecting and seeing miraculous healing.

Anazao acknowledges the contribution these and others ministries make in bringing healing to the body of Christ and we are in no way minimizing the impact that many of these ministries have made in furthering the Church’s understanding of healing the complete person. Important aspects of Anazao’s model have been gleaned from some of these ministries. People are frequently completely healed by the Holy Spirit because of the ability of these ministries to remove blockages in the areas that they specialise in. What sets Anazao apart is that we don’t specialize but combine all of the above into a seamless, comprehensive model that is theologically sound, relatively simple, Christ-centred and very efficient in bringing healing. 

IMPORTANT: None of the ministries above has the knowledge and ability to completely resolve SRA systems. This requires a comprehensive understanding of satanic rituals, the structure of the kingdom of darkness, and the nature of, an interplay between, satanically oriented dissociative alters and demons.
Since the prevalence of all types of dissociative SRA trauma in society is high, and a component in a multitude of mental and physical dysfunctions, Anazao ministers to many people from all of the above mentioned organisation for whom the dissociative agenda of the kingdom of darkness has either not been identified or not thoroughly resolved.

Dealing with Dissociation: In most instances of dissociation (DID and subclinical DID), that is 90% of cases, we are able to bring complete resolution to a system of dissociative alters (or ‘parts’) in less than 4 hours of ministry. Often less than 2 hours. However, because most people have several layered part systems and because demons frequently interrupt this process, we suggest that when clients see us for the first time, they book a minimum of 3 days, preferably a week. The principle reason for our healing success is our thoroughness, extensive knowledge & the high involvement of Jesus and the Holy Spirit throughout the process.  Correcting errors in some of the fundamental assumptions regarding the nature of dissociation is a crucial factor as well. This is outlined in our book “Dissociation: The Forgotten Factor in Healing”. We have over 20,000 combined clinical hours of experience dealing exclusively with dissociation.

SRA (Satanic Ritualistic Abuse): Following on from our knowledge of DID, we are highly successful in bringing resolution to individuals under dissociative satanic control. but resolution of the layering effect of 10 to 30 SRA part systems will usually take a week or longer. This includes removal of all access cues. Over 10,000 hours experience.

Understanding the Satanic Agenda: As part of our experience with DID and SRA, we have encountered demonic interference of a highly sophisticated nature. This has led to a comprehensive understanding of the nature of demons and the structure of the kingdom of darkness and how it operates. Through our ministry experience, we have accumulated an extensive database of occult rituals; their meaning, why certain actions are performed and their impact on the body, soul and spirit. This understanding has led to greater effectiveness in many other areas of ministry and healing. Knowledge is always power. To gain a comprehensive understanding of satanic ritual abuse and the accompanying satanic agenda, read our book “Dissociation & Ritual Abuse; The Hidden Factor in Healing”

Deliverance: Streamlining deliverance has been an obvious consequence of many hours dealing with demonic presentation in highly dissociative individuals. Most ministries are locked into a pre-resurrection approach to deliverance. We use a post resurrection model. It is faster, more efficient, goes deeper, does not compromise the dignity of the person and is never out of control. No more screams and embarrassing behaviour.

Masturbation and Pornography: This is a huge issue for many Christian men. Some studies indicate that it affects more than 70% of church-going men. These men are riddled with guilt, have no where to turn and when they seek help it is often ineffective or only a partial solution. Men come to us having tried other ministries and had deliverance, frequently with little change. Our combined expertise in understanding addictive behaviour, the role of dissociative parts, effective highly specific deliverance and frank confrontation of sin means we have a very high success rate.

Homosexuality: People with same sex attraction have often made inner vows before they were consciously self-aware (under the age of 2) and/or they have endured repeated anal abuse from a very early age (held in dissociative state) and consequently believe that homosexual attraction is inherent with who they are rather than linked to trauma, accompanied with a strong skewing by their dissociative alters, and often reactive sins. Frequently these vows and abuse events can only be accessed by connecting with dissociative alters. Hence Anazao has success where other ministries fail because of our knowledge in this regard as well as addressing specific high-up demonic entities over this sin area.

NOTE: In addition, compared to heterosexuals, there are statistically abnormally high rates of dysfunctional relationships between the homosexual – both male and female – and the significant male parent figure, often the father, in his/her life. Those with extensive experience counselling homosexuals over decades1,2 indicate that this is as high as 95%. In addition to these facts, and the strong biblical injunction not to practice homosexuality, there are numerous other reasons why homosexuality, in Anazao’s opinion, should not be considered an equal alternative to heterosexuality.

Freemasonry: Many people have received ministry for freedom from Freemasonry. This usually involves reciting many pages of renunciations. There is value in doing that and some people have experienced considerable release. While this communal approach will help some, for most people the demons related to each vow level need to be addressed for deeper release. This can only be done on a personal level since each person will have a unique set of legal rights. In addition, there are rituals not found in any book on Freemasonry, accessible only through dissociative trauma, that need to be addressed. Sadly, these rituals mainly affect women whose fathers, uncles, grandfathers are – or were – Freemasons. Read “Dissociation & Ritual Abuse; The Hidden Factor in Healing” for more in depth explanation. 

Facilitating Physical and Mental Healing: Christians are often passive in their approach to sickness and healing. They will attend a healing meeting at church and go up to the front for prayer, hoping that someone with a gift of healing will lay hands on them and they will be healed. The reality is that this approach seldom works. The majority of people who go up to the altar will return to their seats without being healed. God wants to heal but unfortunately there are significant blockages in our lives that prevent him from healing. Identifying what these blockages are and working out a methodical and effective way to removing them is what Anazao has spent a lot of time doing. The healing flows, almost automatically, once the barriers preventing healing are no longer there. Many people have been healed by understanding and removing the factors preventing healing. Being healed at an altar call is ‘feeding a man a fish’. Understanding and removing blockages is ‘teaching a man to fish’.

Migraine Headaches: We have very high success rate with curing migraine headaches. Dealing with the spiritual causes of the headache is the key and these can be taught and changes adopted with immediate improvement in most cases.

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