About Us

About Peter & Heather

Peter has a BSc in Biochemistry, Cell Biology & Radiochemistry, Diploma in Education, Diploma in Counselling/Family Therapy. A Math and Science teacher for 17 years. Full-time Counselling since 1998. Two years lecturer on Australian Govt accredited Counselling Course – Diploma level (AIFC). International Lecturer on Counselling and Family Ministry topics. Extensive church and youth involvement over many years. Eight years YWAM involvement. Counselling for various govt organisations. Prepare /Enrich facilitator and trainer. Accredited Myer Briggs facilitator. Periodically answers counselling and ministry questions on Christian Radio. Blue Card Holder for ministry to children.

Heather has a Diploma in Education, Dip Counselling, Dip Church Leadership. A Primary School Teacher for 12 yrs. 20 years involvement in children’s ministry co-ordination, and worship/music team leading. Leadership Diploma from Faith Bible College, Tauranga. 18 months full time church leadership work. 6 years clinical ministry experience.

About Anazao

Together they have over 40,000 hours of clinical ministry experience. Over 25,000 hours of clinical experience with dissociation, including 12,000 hours of ministry to SRA (Satanic Ritualistic Abuse) survivors.

The ministry regularly sees Jesus do significant psychological and physical healing. Physical healings include epilepsy, psoriasis, MS, spinal trauma such as back and neck injury, chronic pain, migraines and healing of internal organs and numerous other ailments outlined in their book, “God wants to heal so why doesn’t he?” The success rate for migraine headaches is almost 100%! Mental and emotional problems such as healing for depression, fears and phobias, panic attacks, OCD, anxiety disorders, even schizophrenia have resulted from their ministry.

Peter has lectured extensively around the world including Australia, NZ, South Korea, Switzerland, England, Trinidad, Canada and across the USA. Prior to COVID, Peter and Heather have spent approximately six months of each year, for the last decade, ministering overseas, demonstrating their ministry model through seminars and schools. Peter is a gifted teacher, able to make complex issues simple, and demonstrates the healing principles that they teach.

Their success is due to their thoroughness and broad skill base in removing all the blockages necessary to bring about lasting healing; personal sin, generational sin, demonic activity, historical trauma, dissociative parts of the mind and a person’s poor lifestyle choices. Extensive knowledge of SRA enables quick removal of access cues through resolution of the part (alter) system.

Because of their high degree of success with severely traumatized individuals and the resultant spinoff application to less traumatized people, they are keen to impart their knowledge and skills to others. They run training schools wherever they are invited. These 4 module schools have been run in Australia, NZ, England, the Caribbean and across the USA.