Seminar Schedule for 2024

All seminars for 2024 will be on Zoom.

“God Wants To Heal So Why Doesn’t He?” Seminar on Saturday March 16 from 9am – 3 pm (This time is flexible depending of where the participants are around the world). The majority of the content of this seminar is not included in any of the modules in our Cutting Edge School modules. The demonstration will focus on the physical healing of long term injury related to specific remembered trauma. God Wants To Heal So Why Doesn’t He? Seminar Content

“Active Listening and Conflict Resolution” Seminar will be held in September over eight evenings spread over four weeks on Mondays and Thursdays, from 7 – 9pm AEST. NOTE: These start and finish times in the evenings are fixed. Sept 2 & 5, 9 & 12, 16 & 19, 23 & 26

Conflict Resolution Seminar Content.