Updates for 2019

December 2019

The Star of Bethlehem

There are at least six indicators that the star at the Wise men followed was not a literal star.

In the account of the birth of Jesus in Matthew to 2:1-12, the star appears, guides the wise men from the east in a westerly direction and stops at Jerusalem and disappears. After the wisemen have talked to Herod, the star reappears and moves in a southerly direction towards Bethlehem. Once at Bethlehem the star specifically hovers over the exact place where Jesus is born.

  1. Stars don’t move in the heavens, they maintain fix positions. Planets move but they don’t move in an erratic manner: east to west and then change direction north to south.
  2. Relative to the earth, stars ‘move’ based on the rotation of the earth on its axis and its rotation around the sun. Your movement from one position on the earth to another can be determined by using the the stars (via a sextant), but the traveller determines his direction of travel and uses the star to confirm how close he is to his destination, not the other way around. Stars can’t guide.
  3. Stars don’t disappear and reappear over the course of a day or two.
  4. The light from a star has no more directionality than the light from a lightbulb has directionality. It can’t pinpoint anything anywhere.
  5. The fact that the star hovered over the stable indicates extremely close proximity, in which case I wouldn’t be here to write this and you wouldn’t be reading this!
  6. This star has a highly personal aspect to it. It is referred to as “His star.” No one star can be referred to as “the Lord’s star” any more than the next.

The only possible explanation for the star is that it was the “Shekinah” glory of God, the same light that went ahead of the children of Israel when they left Egypt and guided them to the Promised Land. It was personal to the Lord (“His star”), it could move in any direction and change direction, it could appear and disappear, and it could hover over a specific place. It fits the facts.

The Shekinah glory of God was not limited to only guiding Israel. In an event of such importance as the birth of his Son, God could easily use it to guide others as well.

Why did wise men use the word ‘star’? We will answer that next Christmas!

Merry Christmas


November 2019

Each year for the last 10 years we have spent between 2 and 5 months in the USA.  We love America and Americans and over the years we have identified strengths and weaknesses that this country has that are more obvious to outsiders than the people themselves. This time we will focus on a weakness that I believe is a blind spot to many Americans. The USA has the highest incidence of Bipolar 1 in the world.  Bipolar used to be called Manic Depression and describes a mental condition where the person fluctates between a high energy, euphoric state and an unmotivated, often bed-confined, depressive state.

Bipolar in the US is four times as high as most other Western countries. What is about America that makes it so bipolar?

A legal right, as part of the sin profile for bipolar, is that the person entertains and comfortably reconciles extremes in their life. As a nation the USA does this more than most other countries.  Many of these are foundational or ‘first occurrence legal rights’ which gives greater potency to their impact for succeeding generations. Let’s look at seven of these we have observed.

  • The Dollar note has ‘In God we trust’ on one side and strong satanic Freemasonry symbols on the other side.
  • George Washington, first president, was a Freemason, so too John Hancock and Benjamin Franklin, who signed the Declaration of Independence.
  • Supposedly the land of the free but, along with Japan and Sth Korea, take the least vacations days per year. The rest of the Western world takes more than double the US. ‘The land of the free and the home of the slaves’
  • Strongly Christian but encourages Halloween.
  • Declaration of Independence talks about the equality of all men yet the Supreme Court (Dred-Scott) decided 80 years later that Negroes were chattel.
  • The Founding Fathers talk about the unalienable rights of all men to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness yet kept slaves. Thomas Jefferson, the principle drafter of the Declaration of Independence owned over 600 slaves and Washington over 200.
  • The first unalienable right of the Declaration of Independence is Life. Yet over half a million abortions are performed per year in the US and since Rowe vs Wade almost 50 million humans have been killed or 1/7 of the current US population. NOTE: While other countries have higher abortion rates, they don’t explicitly state the right to Life and this is the bipolar component for the US.

Food for thought.

October 2019

In the SRA component of our Cutting Edge Counselling School, people are understandably shocked when they recover a memory of ritual abuse.  In the last school, as already mentioned in August’s blog, a student recovered several memories of ritual abuse.  Because we have a data base of over 200 rituals, each aspect of each ritual is carefully recorded, along with the purpose and the invocations uttered, these can serve as an excellent source of confirmation when a person is working through a ritual memory that they think they are making up.

The student at the school recovered one ritual memory where she was repeatedly pushed under water to the point of almost drowning.  This ritual involves a specific number of times that she was pushed down. It is a large number, between 15 and 30 times. I know the exact number linked to the ritual she was experiencing, and the probability of guessing the exact number is very small. When I asked her how many times she thought she was pushed under, she said the exact number.

Abreaction, the concurrent physical and emotional reactions the person feels as they are experiencing the memory, is an important confirmation that the memory is real. Coupled with the fact that she has worked through each step of the ritual and said the exact number of times they pushed her under, removes a lot of wriggle room to deny that the memory is real. 

When I showed the class, there and then, the printed version of the ritual, they were astounded at how accurate her recall was.

September 2019

We have just completed the Generational Iniquity module in our “Cutting Edge School.” It surprises people to find that approx 25% of any ailment, physical and mental is generational iniquity. It is difficult for many people to believe that the sins of our ancestors could have such a profound impact on us today. However, on occasion it can account for 100% of an issue.

A mother came to me for ministry regarding her 6 year old boy who was suffering from encopresis. This is a condition where children cannot control their bowel movements, and continue to soil their clothing long after the expected age of bowel control, which is 4 years or younger. By dealing with the demons linked to this condition, it was revealed that the primary legal right was the boy’s great grandfather’s involvement in Freemasonry. More specifically, the third vow of Freemasonry, linked to a curse on the bowels. The mother stood in the ‘gap’, spiritually, for her son, and forgive her grandfather, broke soul ties with him, and the territorial spirit over Freemasonry, and nullified the vow. From that point on, her son no longer soiled his pants.

August 2019

We have just completed another two module school which focussed on SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) and Generational Iniquity. The two most important issues affecting the Church today and the two most neglected.  

As usual, the person who volunteers for the demonstration has no idea that they could possible be SRA; someone who has been satanically ritually abused. Most attending Modules 3 and 4 are high functioning members of  society and the church, often pastors or in roles of authority within the church. It is always a shock when the dissociative memories that they uncover reveal they have been ritually abused. In almost all cases these people have never had any involvement whatsoever in anything satanic and are perplexed as to how this could have happened to them.

When these memories are recovered, the person experiences the trauma in his/her body right there and then, in the seat, as they are seeing it in their mind, even though it happened decades ago. This is called abreaction and confirms the reality of the memory.

The person abreacted strongly through the memory she recovered, which was important for two reasons: to break through her strong denial, as well as release pent up energy locked up in her central and lower torso. Jesus was found in these memories and brought the necessary peace and calm that only he can bring. Two days after the demonstration, she said she noticed an internal settledness and lack of tension that she hadn’t had before. 

This is the beginning of her healing journey. Now she has hope that as she visits more dissociative memories true freedom, spirit, soul and body, is at last possible.

July 2019

As many of our readers know, Communion, taking blessed bread and wine, is an important part of our healing model. Along with daily communion is our daily spiritual hygiene prayer. This is a 60 second prayer that spiritually protects from the intrusion of the kingdom of darkness. Here is a recent testimony:

“For years I have suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome and have tried many different approaches to relieve the tiredness. When I started saying your spiritual hygiene prayer, along with taking communion daily, in the manner you recommended, I noticed, for the first time in years, that I had more energy.  That was several years ago now and my chronic fatigue is no longer an issue.”

Jen, NSW

It is important to state that while this worked for Jen, it is not a recommended solution to CFS. Like all ailments, a systematic approach brings the most consistent results. Such an approach considers the impact of dissociative and non-dissociative trauma, generational iniquity, lifestyle choices, and the specific sin profile for CFS. In this particular case, God used communion and the spiritual hygiene prayer to heal the CFS without needing to do the other steps. Why does God sometimes bypass or shortcut the normal healing process? There are a variety of reasons. I will suggest a couple. The person could have been struggling with the validity of communion or saying prayers on a daily basis. Alternatively, she may have been desperate for healing of her CFS and losing hope, and so the Holy Spirit healed her immediately to encourage her.  In Jen’s case, as a consequence of her healing, she has continued to pursue a deeper understanding of factors blocking healing for other issues in her life.

June 2019

You may have seen “60 minutes” on Channel 9 two weeks ago, which focussed on dissociation.  If you didn’t, here is the summary:

Jeni Hayns, a woman in her 50s, has over 2500 distinct dissociative parts. These parts were formed during her childhood, as a result of the constant physical and sexual abuse of her father. The program showed the psychiatrist talking to some of her distinct parts. What is unique about this case is that her parts were allowed to give testimony in court, and each testimony was treated as though it came from separate witnesses! This was a first worldwide.  As a consequence of these testimonies, her father admitted his guilt. Bringing her father to Justice has been Jeni’s lifelong goal.

Unfortunately the program finishes by implying, through her psychiatrist, that Jeni’s dissociative parts are normal and not a dysfunction in her case.

Here is the letter I sent to 60 minutes.  

I haven’t had a reply.

Letter to 60 minutes

Dear Liz Hayes

I congratulate 60 minutes on the sensitive treatment of a controversial topic: DID. Like the Cathy Folbigg case, you are not afraid to tackle topics that challenge and extend our comfort zones.

I am a minister who specialises in DID. Together with my wife, we have been bringing resolution to DID cases, such as Jeni Haynes, and worse, for 20 years. Our ministry practice is fully booked six months in advance, and 80% of our clients travel from interstate and overseas. We are based on the Gold Coast. I have written a comprehensive book on DID entitled, “Dissociation: The Forgotten Factor in Healing.” This is available on Amazon. We travel overseas each year, for several months, predominantly the United States, teaching on DID, demonstrating and ministry.  We also travelling around Australia and New Zealand doing the same.

While DID is a necessary defence mechanism to cope with unbearable trauma, it nonetheless becomes a liability in the person’s life, once that person has been removed from the traumatic circumstances that necessitated the formation of these dissociative parts. In Jeni’s case, her parts now become an interruption and hindrance to Jeni, herself, living a seamless life, fully under her control.

Completely resolving dissociative parts from people like Jeni, in a relatively short period of time, more commonly a week or two of full-time ministry, is what we been doing for the last 20 years. 

If Jeni wanted to have her parts resolved; no longer present in her life whatsoever, and for the first time in her life experience normality, then it is just a matter of her getting in touch with us.

If you are interested, we have many long term testimonies from people of the differences before and after their parts were resolved, some more complex than Jeni, that we could send to you.


Peter Toth B Sc, Dip Rad Chem, Dip Ed, Dip Couns, Dip Fam Thry.

May 2019

The Death of the Word ‘Tolerant’

If you use the word, ‘tolerate,’ it implies you disagree with the behaviour you are allowing. If you embraced the behaviour, you wouldn’t be using the word ‘tolerate’.

Seems obvious.

Collins Dictionary agrees: Tolerance is the quality of allowing other people to say and do as they like, even if you do not agree or approve of it.”

Not anymore.

If you disagree with, but honour the laws of the land that allows a behaviour or practice, such as Islam, abortion, or homosexuality, you are now considered intolerant.

The new unspoken definition of ‘tolerant,’ that is gaining momentum in society, and pervading our education system, is  ‘to agree with and embrace.’

RIP  Tolerant.

April 2019

Following on from last months blog, we said that epigenetic maladaption is proof of the physical transmission of the generational sins, dysfunctions, and traumas of our parents and grandparents.

At a molecular level what is happening?

The process principally involves methylation of cystocine.  What on earth does that mean?  It is relatively simply so don’t give up reading!

There are four bases that make up the DNA strand that form your genetic code.  These are Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine and Thymine. AGCT are the letters of the code.  These letters, in various combinations, make up genes. These letter combinations code for the production of proteins. The letters are a template for making proteins. For instance,1500 of these bases in a row, in a specific order, will code for a small but specific protein. Proteins are important in every aspect of cell function and each cell has 1000s of them, all different.  eg ACCTAGATCCTCAGG…(1500 in total) will form a protein consisting of 500 Amino Acids. Enzymes are proteins, and enzymes are crucial in catalysing almost all biological reactions.

When a methyl group (a carbon atom with three hydrogen atoms attached) attaches to the any of the bases, but particularly cytosine, it has ability to alter the expression of the genes, but NOT THE ACTUAL CODE itself, and turn off the production particular proteins and enzymes. This often involves shutting down the production of functional enzymes, such as dopamine.

In other words, if your parents or grandparents had a particularly traumatic childhood; famine, war, domestic violence, etc., and the ‘feel good’ hormone dopamine is turned off as a consequence of methylation, there is a heightened chance of depression and anxiety in the offspring. Studies with holocaust survivors confirm this trend. 

But it is a lot more subtle than that. Suppose you were a binge drinker in your late teens and stopped in your early 20s, and were responsible with alcohol thereafter, got married, and had children. Your sperm will be affected for the rest of your life, and your children will have a susceptibility to alcohol abuse because of the methylation that occurs affecting a range of enzyme functions. If you are female, your eggs are already formed and unaffected by your teen binging, but when you conceive, the eggs of your daughter will be affected, and these will be passed down to your grand daughter.


“Be not deceived your God is not mocked, what you sow is what you reap.”

Gal 6:7

March 2019

Epigenetic Maladaption.  Sounds like a mouthful.  It is.  So what is it?  It is the fastest growing field in the study of our genetic makeup and how it is expressed directly in our daily lives.

We all know that our genes are made up of DNA, and these genes determine everything about us: how tall we will be, the colour of our eyes, hair, our shoe size, our IQ and whether or not we are likely to get diabetes when we are 50.

Sometimes genes mutate, and there is a change in the DNA sequence.  Not a good change, and as a result diseases, mental and physical, are handed down to the following generations.  Still nothing new.  We have known about this for a long time.

What is new, and exciting, is that we now know that, without changing the DNA sequence, actions I do today, right here and now, can actually physically affect my DNA, and therefore the sperm or eggs I produce. This means that, for the first time ever, we have proof that what my father did when he was alive was physically passed down to me and I will have the propensity, the desire to do the same.  

Such a direct link has never been made before. It gives actual quantifiable support to concept of the sins of my father being directly inherited by me. Generational iniquity is not just a spiritual concept but is a physical reality.  

More about this next month.

February 2019

Weekly people have their dissociative parts removed. Frequently we never hear about the changes until sometime later.  Here is one e mail.

“I used to be obsessed with gardening but this has diminished significantly.  One of my parts was a ‘fantasy writer’ and since CPR I don’t fantasize like I did before.  I no longer use fantasy as an escape.  I am not as anxious as I used to be.  I would wake up in the morning and have a low level anxiety.  That is now gone.  I am a lot clearer in my thinking.”

Rachel, NZ

 January 2019

Someone recently asked the main reason behind Anazao’s success.

Because I have a tendency to over explain, the person stopped me part way through and said, “Could you summarize it in two or three sentences.”

In other words, ‘Cut the waffle, give me the guts.”  Not so easy to do. I thought about it a lot. This paragraph below is what I came up with.

Why we are so successful is largely due to recognising that most problems, mental and physical, have a strong spiritual component, usually 80% of any problem. It is in understanding how entities and factors within the spirit world operate and interlink that is the key to more efficient, incisive, and scapel-like precision in removing blockages preventing God from healing.  The interaction between personal sin, demons, dissociative parts, and generational iniquity must be understood to clarify the roles both the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light have in the healing process. This foundation is crucial in resolving traumas from the past to bring healing to current physical and mental ailments.  

If you want more detail, visit our website at www.anazao.com.au and read the tab “We’re different!”