The Anazao Ministry Model

Explanation of the Model

The power that drives a wheel comes from the hub. The hub is the Holy Spirit, who indwells, leads and directs every believer. It follows then, that Christian ministry must be Holy Spirit directed.

The spokes transfer the power from the hub to the rim. The Holy Spirit uses each of these spokes or therapy tools for one end; greater intimacy with Jesus. In this context, we use “Jesus” in the collective sense meaning the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The rim is literally where the rubber meets the road. It is the constant focus and main evaluative tool of success in our ministry. If people have a deeper relationship with Jesus, a greater connection with the Father and the Holy Spirit, then the ministry has been a success. The fact that a person may have been physically healed, experienced emotional release, had his alters removed, is all secondary to greater intimacy with Jesus.

In fact, if people make their healing the focus, they have missed the point. Each of the spokes represents an important ministry tool or therapy approach that used separately or in conjunction with other spokes enables Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, to bring his healing to the client.

The five spokes dealing with Inner Healing, Deliverance, Dissociation, SRA and Accident Healing are the major therapy tools that involve direct supernatural intervention for the tool to be successful. This means that the person ministering is often the last person to know what exactly is going on. There is an expectation that the Holy Spirit will lead the session through supernatural intervention, speaking directly to the client. This builds confidence in the client’s ability to hear Jesus and in turn increases intimacy with him and brings healing, both physical and mental, to a deeper level. Truth spoken by Jesus directly to theclient in these situations will have a greater impact than truth spoken by the minister. Jesus, through the action of the Holy Spirit, is the ‘star’ of this type of ministry.

The six spokes dealing with Self-Differentiation, Personal Sin, Cognitive Behavior, Spiritual Hygiene, Generational Sin and Body, Soul and Spirit are predominantly minister directed. These are situations where the person doing the ministry is directing the process entirely, imparting knowledge with understanding. Using these tools is just as important in the overall ministry approach as the more “Jesus directed” approach. If the facilitator is sensitive, the Holy Spirit is just as ‘present’ through what s/he is saying directly to the client as when the Holy Spirit speaks directly to the client as outlined in the first five spokes.

Understanding the Eight Core Conditions and using the Gifts of the Holy Spirit refer primarily to minister’s qualities. The Eight Core Conditions include warmth, respect, empathy and attending skills conveyed through the powerful tool of Active Listening. Appropriate use of self disclosure but not overuse. The ability to draw together disconnected strands and bring the problem to a succinct focus is called ‘Concreteness.’ Challenging is the most underdeveloped of the eight core conditions, in Anazao’s opinion. Unfortunately too many Christian pastors and those involved in personal ministery rescue their clients and don’t challenge them regarding the personal sin component that is present in almost every sinful reaction to someone else’s sinful action. Immediacy, the last of the eight core conditions is the ongoing frank evaluation of the personal relationship between the client and the minister.

The single unifying concept that connects all of these thirteen spokes is legal rights. Understanding what legal rights are, how they layer, how sickness and health are linked to a thorough legal rights understanding cannot be over emphasized.

This model is a truly eclectic model. Using all thirteen spokes provides a balanced approach that ministers to the total person; body, soul and spirit.

Anazao is not a dissociation ministry, although we deal with dissociation as necessary. Anazao is not a deliverance ministry, although we deal with demons as necessary. We are not a ministry to victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse, although we deal with highly programmed individuals and complex alter systems. We are equally at home running parenting courses, doing marriage therapy and pre-marriage preparation as we are doing the ‘heavy stuff.’ Anazao provides ministry for the whole person; spirit, soul and body, with its focus always on intimacy with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.