April 2023

Healing of Accident and Trauma

We recently ran a zoom “Healing of Accident and Trauma” Seminar with attendees from around the world.

Following on from last month’s explanation of the theory behind the healing of accident & trauma injuries, we will look at the practical evidence that confirms the theory. We always demonstrate what we teach.

Two students had horse related injuries that were creating physical issues. Time only permits us to demonstrate the model on one student. The student chosen was experiencing quite acute pain in the lower back, pelvis & hips in particular and also the upper thighs. As a serious horse rider in the past, she had several falls and the cumulative impact of these falls was now being expressed as both acute and chronic pain. 

We worked through each of the 11 steps outlined in the theory,being as thorough as we could with each step. Important components include confession of carelessness, presumption & pride, the breaking soul ties, dealing with demons attached to the traumas and bringing resolution to the reasons they had to still remain, and resolving generational iniquity. A significant generational component related to a direct recent ancestor who had a serious fall from a horse causing amnesia with life-changing consequences. The process of working through these steps took 1 & 1/2 hours. There was a noticeable release of tension and no pain at the end of the demonstration. 

However, initial relief of symptoms is not necessarily a sign of long lasting healing. Chiropractors are a good example of immediate symptom removal but no long term healing. This is why people often visit their chiropractor many, many times, often for years for the same issue: symptom removal but not deep healing.

I am pleased to report that I recently caught up with the student who received the ministry five weeks later and she has been totally pain free since the ministry time! She will share more with us in all in a couple of months in terms of why the ministry at that time, with the wisdom of hindsight, was God’s perfect timing.

Our book outlining the 11 steps involved is “God wants to heal so why doesn’t he?” and is available from our bookstore at our site www.anazao.com.au  Purchase it directly as an e book at https://anazao.com.au/store/God-Wants-to-Heal-so-Why-Doesnt-He-e-book-p22119740