Updates for 2020

December 2020

Last year in our December blog we gave six reasons why the star of Bethlehem wasn’t an actual star but rather the Shekinah glory of God. The same light that guided Israel in the desert centuries before now guided the wise men to Bethlehem.  But why did the wise men call it a star when in reality it was probably a bright luminance that hovered less than 100 feet above them?

The Shekinah glory of God would have been  dynamic, hovering, constantly changing, almost personal. Not a still white light.

The book of Daniel was written in Babylon when Daniel was in captivity. Dan 9:24-27 contains a highly accurate prediction of exactly when the Messiah would be born.  Since Daniel was made head of the Babylonian school of Astrology by King Nebuchadnezzar (Dan 2:48) they would have been aware of the prophesy and passed it down the generations. No doubt, during Daniel’s term as head of the astrologists he would have talked about the one true God and some would have stopped worshiping the stars and turned to the God of Daniel. The wise men were likely the descendants of these believers and eagerly anticipated the coming Messiah.

A few centuries before Daniel, when Israel was capturing the Promised Land, the king of Moab paid Balaam to utter curse over Israel.  God hijacked Balaam’s mouth and he uttered a blessing instead,

     “I see him, but not now; I behold him, but not near; A star shall come forth from Jacob and a sceptre shall rise from Israel, and shall crush through the forehead of Moab and tear down the sons of Sheth” (Num 24:17)

Balaam was from Pethor, a city in Babylonia (Num 22.5) and most likely from the astrology school of Babylon since astrologists were considered ‘priests’ or ‘diviners’ capable of blessing or curse.  Hence the ‘star of Jacob’ would have been well understood as a reference to the coming of the Jewish messiah long before Daniel arrived. Daniel simply told them exactly when to expect this ‘star.’

When the Shekinah glory of God appears to the wise men in Babylon, they immediately interpret it as the star of the Messiah, or ‘his star’ which they were expecting.

         “Where is the baby want to be the king of the Jews? We saw his star when it came up in the east and we have come to worship him.” (Matt 2:2)

November 2020

Communion and the Lord’s Prayer

Continuing on our Communion theme. Why take Communion daily? Where is the Scriptural basis?

Communion was so important to Jesus that it gets a strong mention in the Lord’s prayer although over the centuries it has been lost in translation. Shocked?! Read on.

It may have occurred to you that the line of the Lord’s prayer “Give us this day our daily bread” (Matt 6:11 & Luke 11:3) contains a redundancy; it unnecessarily repeats itself. It makes more sense to say “Give us this day our bread”  or “Give us our daily bread.”

The reason this redundancy occurs is because the word ‘daily’ is mistranslated. If you look at the 12 other times the word ‘daily’ is used in the New Testament (NASB Translation), 11 of these times the word ‘kata’ is used and one other time ‘ephemeros.’  In both Matt 6:11 and Luke 11:3, neither of these words is used for ‘daily.’ The word used is ‘epiousios.’ “Give us this day our epiousios bread.”

If it doesn’t mean ‘daily’ what does it mean? Interestingly enough, ‘epiousios’ only appears once in the entire New Testament; here in the Lord’s Prayer. Since the word does not appear in ancient Greek or modern Greek, it has no other equivalent.  Breaking it down into its possible etymology: epi-     means ‘super, above, on top of,’ not unlike its use in the word ‘epidermis’ meaning the top layer of skin or an ‘epidural’ injection that comes from outside or above and into the dural sac. Ousia means ‘true being, essence, substance, substantial.’

Putting this together

“Give us this day our supersubtantial bread”

“Give us this day our essential bread from above”

“Give us this day our bread which has true being from above.”

Matthew and Luke are clearly not talking about ordinary bread because if they were there is no need to include such as strange word.  They would simply have said “Give us this day our bread.” The only possible explanation is that it refers to Communion; the Eucharist, the bread Jesus blessed at the Last Supper. It refers to daily receiving the resurrected body of Jesus in the form of unleavened bread. Because this is such a unique bread, it needed a unique word, and it is possible Matthew and Luke collaborated and Luke, as an educated Greek Jew, made up a composite word to encapsulate as succinctly as possible this miraculous bread.

Further evidence that this is the correct translation is the fact that every other line in the Lord’s prayer talks about things that are supernatural. “Give us this day our daily bread” is out of place with the clear spiritual tone and requests of the rest of the prayer. If however it means “Give us this day your resurrection life through Communion,” it makes much more sense.

If this is the correct interpretation, then taking Communion is not just an optional, once-in-a-while event but a strong directive to do so daily from the Lord himself. It is no wonder then that the early  Church ‘broke bread’ daily (Act 2:46)

October 2020

Here is a recent testimony we received regarding our book “Communion Resurrected.”  

Hey I just wanted you and Peter to know that I got the book, “Underestimating Satan” in the mail today. I also bought “Communion Resurrected” last week off Amazon. I’m almost finished with that. What an amazing read! I even dreamed about it last night! I even recommended it to my Pastor. I want you and Peter to know how blessed I’ve been since I read his book on Communion. I take it now every morning as soon as I get up and feel the presence of God in a renewed and powerful manner. Thanks for reintroducing me to this practice (I was raised Roman Catholic) which I had long misunderstood and had taken for granted! Thanks.

Steve, USA

Anazao would definitely not be as successful as we are in setting highly invested captives of an SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) agenda free if it wasn’t for a correct understanding of power and place of communion as a tool that efficiently aids in unravelling the hold of the KOD (kingdom of darkness).  While the immediate impact is most evident in SRA ministry, particularly on satanically oriented dissociative parts, taking communion daily is a practice we strongly recommend to all our clients and we would not start a ministry day without taking communion.

It really is a no-brainer. Why would you not start the day if you had the opportunity to have the resurrection body of Jesus and his precious blood physically inside you to complement the continual presence of the Holy Spirit. That is an amazing power pack combination and, after taking communion in manner Jesus intended, we have the greatest presence of God within us that is possible on this side of eternity.


Because we believe this book is so important, we have a Christmas special;  For every two actual books purchased from our website, we will include one copy of “Communion Resurrected” for free


September 2020


There is a prisoner you would like to contact who is in a large penitentiary. You don’t know in which cell the prisoner is in. You study the blueprints of the prison. You carefully plan your assault. Up over the outer wall, then the inner wall with the barbed wire along the top, and across the main recreational area, avoiding the guard towers. Eventually you encounter guards along the way who are obviously hostile to your plan and either they neutralise you or you neutralise them. Assuming you win, you now have to disable the electronics that operate the series the automatic closing doors. You do that. You are now in the area where the prison cells are. There are several hundred and you don’t know which cell your prisoner is in. After a lot of searching you eventually manage to find his cell. But you can’t get in. You have to either hack through the bars or pick the lock to gain entry. You get in but you have another problem; it is risky because the prisoner is known to be violent. As you enter the prisoner beats you up leaving you bruised and bleeding

If the prisoner represents a dissociative trauma memory in which you endured excruciating pain, then the cell represents the neutral circuits that shield this memory. The corridors, the electronic doors, the protective walls and the whole penitentiary represent your brain. The guards represent alters that have keys to the memories. You must get through all these barriers before you can get to the cell.

The scenario above is the secular world’s approach to getting in touch with dissociative memories. You need to use drugs, hypnosis or EMDR (controlled rapid eye movement and/or cross lateral tapping) to get over the walls and into the compound. When you encounter alters (guards) that are hostile, you have to convince them to let you gain access to the cells (neutral barriers) where the memory is held captive. It takes a lot of time. Often the guards are stubborn and they triumph. End of story.

Assuming you convince the guard, there are so many cells with so many memories, it is hit-and-miss whether you get the memory you are looking for. Reluctantly, you take whatever memory you can get. After many attempts you eventually get to the cell with the memory you are looking for but when you enter and relive the memory, the trauma is so intense that it overwhelms you, leaving you emotionally and physically devastated.

How does Anazao do it?

We use a TOP DOWN approach. No need to know anything about prisons and how they are  structured.

We simply talk to the Prison Superintendent (Jesus) who knows every prisoner in every cell. We make a request to engage with a particular prisoner. The superintendent tells the guards in that sector to open up the cell. The prisoner is removed.  If he is violent, he is appropriately shackled so that interaction with him is safe. Done.

All over. Usually in less than an hour. No retraumatizing of the client. No need for a safe place. No drugs. No hypnosis. No random access via bio-mechanical manipulation.

Two world views clash profoundly and there is absolutely no comparison.

August 2020

We have just completed modules 3 & 4 of our Cutting Edge School. The topics were on satanic ritual abuse and generational iniquity. These are always hard weeks both before, during and after the school, especially for us as presenters but also for the students. The kingdom of darkness is obviously not at all happy and we come under a lot of spiritual attack.

Once again the demonstrations, taken from students who volunteer, were not only graphic and chilling in the ritual nature of the abuse that these students’ recovered, they also reinforced to everyone just how prevalent the SRA agenda is. The students attending our schools are all high functioning, mature Christians, frequently with positions of authority within the established church structure. That such a large proportion of mature Christians can be SRA is, quite frankly, deeply disturbing.

This was the first school where we simultaneously ran Zoom (remote viewing and participation) for students who couldn’t attend because of Covid.  It worked out well. In fact very well. One of the demonstrations to the rest of the class was from a student who was attending via Zoom. It was as though she was physically in the room, and on a large monitor it was easy for everyone to see her facial features and reactions.  In fact, in some ways, easier for others to observe than if she was at the front of the classroom receiving ministry because oblique angles and soft voices are eliminated.

It now opens up the possibility of people attending our schools from around the world without leaving their living rooms. And yes, they are still being able for volunteer for demonstrations and receive healing, as though they were physically present.


July 2020

There is a need to clarify the assertion that I made in the introduction to our latest book, “Dissociation & Ritual Abuse.” I mentioned that Joseph Mengele, the CIA, the KGB, MI5, MK Ultra, the Monarch program, Bluebird, Spellbinder,  Bohemian Grove, the Illuminati,  PSI warfare, Super Soldiers etc are essentially MTA (Manmade Trauma Abuse) and have nothing to do with Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA).

There are many books on these topics advertised on the web (available through Amazon and other sites) that purport to be books on SRA because within these fields of deliberate physical and psychological abuse there exists worship of Satan/Lucifer including rituals involving incantations and often child sacrifice.

To clarify…

That these organisations can often involve overt worship to Satan is incidental and not the primary purpose or reason these organisations were set up.  Such organisations are created by a variety of intelligence, military and psychological departments within the government or private sector, usually covertly, with the express purpose of ‘engineering’ people over which they have complete control.  Their modus operandi more commonly involve highly unethical experiments on humans, frequently children, using sensory deprivation, torture, drug abuse, hypnosis and extreme psychological stress, all of which is carefully recorded and annotated via brain scans and detailed stimulus-response observations.

Such activities are total antithetical to the Christian worldview and consequently those who partake in such organisations are not only not Christian but are morally bankrupt with seered consciences that make them ripe for the picking by the Kingdom of Darkness. Their field of exploration primarily involves the sophisticated control of the dissociative process. Satan is waiting with open arms because that is exactly what he has perfected over the last 2000 years. In essence these programmers have walked right into Satan’s backyard without him needing to expend any effort in doing any recruiting! He fills their spiritual vacuum by default and worship him directly and overtly. Once in his kingdom, he simply dissociates them, using the very trauma they use on others, and now he has control of them without their knowledge. Hence the blurred boundaries and the existence of SRA within these ostensibly non-religious, non-spiritual  organisations.

These organisations are merely the icing on Satan’s cake; a free gift. They are no more than a flea on the elephant. It is the elephant that Anazao is all about exposing.

June 2020

I love mathematics.  

Quite narrow-minded, very black and white, it has the subtlety of a sledgehammer.

With the basic optical microscope that was available to Charles Darwin, a single cell looked like a blob of homogenous cytoplasm, something he could imagine possibly forming randomly. Without a doubt, had he had access to the electron microscopes of today, Darwin would have immediately recognised the fallacy of his assumption and discarded his theory. The highly specific language DNA uses to create a protein with its four letter alphabet can’t have a single ‘spelling’ mistake.

The probability of randomly choosing each of the four letters in the correct sequence to produce the simplest single protein of only 50 amino acids is so small as to be virtually zero. It is akin to a blindfolded person randomly choosing, with only one attempt, just one single marked atom out of 10 billion universes our size.

Oh, I forgot to mention that amino acids can have a ‘left handed’ orientation or a ‘right handed’ orientation. All biological amino acids are ‘left handed.’  The probability of randomly choosing 50 consecutive amino acids that are all left handed is around 1000 trillion to 1.

So to randomly form just one simple protein, our intrepid blindfolded person now has to choose a single atom out of a trillion trillion universes.  

And how many proteins are there in a single cell? 42 million.

May 2020

We have constantly been asked over the years whether or not we do Skype ministry. We have steadfastly refused for a variety of reasons.  Because of the global pandemic, and people being unable to travel to us, we have tentatively explored ministry via the Internet; in particular using Zoom. Over the last two months, we have found that such an approach has been more effective than we first thought.  This even includes ministry those who find themselves to have been ritually abused. Provided both parties have a clear image of one another’s face, we have noticed no real disadvantages.

While such ministry would not be suitable for some clients, it is suitable for the majority of the clients we see.

At the suggestion of tech savvy clients and the recommendation of Zoom, we have purchased an independent camera and mic that easily mounts on the computer and connects to a standard USB giving us a much better picture and sound than the built-in camera and mic. My biggest reluctance in doing web ministry previously has been the need to see my client’s eyes because a large proportion of our ministry is dealing with demons and the presentation of dissociative alters, both of which require careful observation of subtle changes in the person’s facial features.  However, with the person’s face less than two feet away from me and with a clear image it hasn’t been a problem

Since there is no extra cost to us, we have decided to keep the same fee structure in place (including overtime rates for hours outside of 9am-5 pm AEST ) as if you were visiting us personally. The only change is the ministry day is now 5 ½ hours instead of 6 ½ hours. 

A significant advantage of internet ministry is that it eliminates a lot of essentially wasted time regarding late arrivals because of traffic delays, introductions, small talk, settling in, client comfort, spiritual hygiene and taking communion, distractions, waiting for cups of tea/coffee, unnecessarily extended break times.  Effectively, at least ½ hour per day of ministry time is saved. This saving, and the obvious need to avoid too much time staring at a screen are the reasons for reducing our ministry day by 1 hour.  Effectively a Zoom client loses ½ hour compared to being physically present.

So there is hope for all of you who are overseas and have expressed a desire for ministry but the collective cost of travel, accommodation and the ministry fees have been prohibitive.  You can make an appointment with us without travelling to Australia without all these additional costs and time lost in travel.  All from the comfort of your living room!

The only down side is that you do miss out on our amazing cappuccinos!

April 2020

Marie has given us the first official feedback we have received in ‘written’ form on our new book. “Dissociation & Ritual Abuse: The Hidden Factor in Healing.” Other spoken feedback has been that the book is “a page turner,” “I read it in a day,”  “The testimonies at the end of each chapter were a real highlight for me,” “Very easy to read even though it is like a textbook full of information.”

Here is what Marie said

Before reading “Dissociation & Ritual Abuse: The Hidden Factor in Healing,” I was equal parts curious and skeptical. Having read it now, though, I can say without a doubt that it is one of the most important and enlightening books you will ever read. Thank you, Peter and Heather, for such a mind-blowing read and an absolutely stunning paradigm shift.”

— Marie, Australia

March 2020

As the corona virus variant covid19 is ravaging the world, we once again have a raft of conspiracy theories related to Big Pharma, the agenda of the pro-vaccination lobby, one World government and the deliberate destabilisation of the financial system to name a few.  All of these are distractions from the foundational truth that the world is not controlled by superficial man-made ‘hidden’ agendas but by the interplay between the Kingdom of Darkness and the Kingdom of Light. The Kingdom of Darkness (Satan and his demons) influence every aspect of every human’s life on a daily basis.  Add to that the enormous, extensive, intrusive SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) agenda that directly or indirectly affects everyone – no, YOU are not an exception – and the eye-popping magnitude of this subversion will become apparent.  All this is outlined in our freshly minted book “Dissociation & Ritual Abuse: The Hidden Factor in Healing.”  Read this book and you will see why our focus on these side issues is totally misguided.  You will be faced squarely with the uncomfortable reality that we are all merely actors in the Truman Show; eight billion unaware Jim Carreys, puppets of a bigger agenda, furiously blaming one another for the things that are happening in our staged world.

Can we do something about that?  Of course!

But admitting that the problem is predominantly spiritual and the Kingdom of Darkness is a potent force to be reckoned with is likely to be your greatest hurdle.

February 2020

Here is an excerpt from a chapter on dimensions in our upcoming book “Dissociation & Ritual Abuse: The Hidden Factor in Healing” due to be published in a month.

A Proof for the Existence of God as an Infinite, Supremely intelligent, Self Aware, Independent Creator of Everything.

Follow the logic

  1. Today the ‘Big Bang’ explanation for the origin of our universe has more scientific evidence than any other theory in science.
  2. All scientists unanimously agree that at the instant of the ‘Big Bang’ (Creation) all matter, energy, space, time and the forces governing the universe came into existence. Nothing, no empty space, nothing existed before that.
  3. Everything that has a beginning is an effect and therefore needs a cause; eg. you had a beginning (‘effect’) and your parents are the ‘cause.’ The painting (effect) had an artist (cause)
  4. The cause is independent of the effect. eg my parents are not me. The artist is not the painting.
  5. Since the universe had a beginning, it is an effect, therefore it must have a cause.
  6. The cause must be independent of all the factors mentioned in point 2. In other words, this cause must exist outside of space and time.
  7. For a cause to exist outside of time it cannot have a beginning or an end because the terms ‘beginning’ and ‘end’ only make sense within the passage of time. The cause is therefore infinite.
  8. An infinite cause has no beginning therefore it is not an effect (point 3) and doesn’t need a cause.
  9. Hence the cause of the universe is the First Cause and every other effect and cause originates from this First Cause.
  10. Increasing intelligence always means increasing self-awareness and the ability to entertain a bigger perspective. eg. compare an insect to a human.
  11. It is accepted by all scientists that the instant of the Big Bang and the time afterwards was an incredibly intricate and highly controlled event. Nothing random at all about it. This First Cause therefore has an intelligence and abilities way beyond our understanding.
  12. This First Cause being or group of beings exists independent of what was created (point 4). Hence New Age and Animistic beliefs that “God is all and is in all” cannot be possible.

Conclusion: An infinite, intelligent, highly self-aware being (or a community of infinite beings) with a big picture perspective that we cannot even begin to comprehend, produced something out of nothing and caused our universe and everything in it. This First Cause being exists distinct from what has been created.

January 2020

We receive e mails from people who have read and been challenged by our books. Every author no doubt receives compliments from people that have enjoyed their work. What pleasantly surprised me in the e mail below is that the person was so riveted that they couldn’t put the books down. I can imagine that being a regular comment that John Grisham receives for any one of his thrillers, but not books of Satan, Dissociation, Communion and Healing!  

So if you haven’t read our books, maybe you are missing out on a thrilling ride! 

Hello Mr. Toth,My name is Jordan and I am a recent fan of your books. A friend of mine showed me two of your books and I couldn’t put them down for the next 72 hours. I recently purchased them myself so I could go back and re-read the information. I am intrigued and enjoying your work. Thank you for putting thoughts out there that challenge me theologically but also carry a weight of truth. …I appreciate and enjoy the content. It’s stretching for me, but I embrace the possibilities of what it means. I think you’re on to something that the church has missed and I am willing to follow the trail.