God wants to heal so why doesn’t he?

Are you tired of

  • Going up at altar calls?
  • Being disappointed?
  • Being told to ‘have more faith’?
  • Being told to ‘press into Jesus’?
  • Feeling guilty?
  • Haphazard healing?
  • Powerless Christianity?

Then this seminar is for You

This seminar answers the hard questions:

“Why is there so much healing in the New Testament but not much in the church today?”

“Why do missionaries talk about healings in underdeveloped countries but not much is happening in established Christian countries?”

“Why do people with cancer and other terminal illnesses still die when many others pray and fast for them and have words of knowledge about their healing?   Is God deaf?”

“How much difference does eating the right food, watching my cholesterol, doing exercise, taking vitamins really make in preventing heart attacks?”

You will learn

An approach to healing that is not hit-and-miss but really works

An approach to healing that doesn’t require a ‘special anointing’

How to partner with the Holy Spirit in your healing instead of being passive

The difference between true healing and symptom removal

What can I do to reduce the chance of you getting cancer or heart disease if you parents and ancestor suffered from these ailments?

You will see

A demonstration of healing on stage with a volunteer from the seminar

A clear explanation, with PowerPoint slides, of the teaching

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