The Anazao Healing Model

The diagram above is the fundamental structure that we apply to almost all ailments, both mental and physical. There are of course exceptions where the genetic component is higher than 20%, or where the environmental component is also higher, such as malaria. However for most of the common elements that afflict most people, such as heart disease, cancers, depression, fears and phobias, these percentages hold true.

What many people find surprising is that the biological component is so low. For example, with heart disease, we tend to think that if we exercise a lot, eat low cholesterol foods, watch our weight, etc, we will be relatively safe from a heart attack or heart disease. The reality is that this only accounts for 20%. The spiritual component is 80%. Hereditary factors, specific sins that impact the heart, emotional  trauma  as well as physical & emotional trauma held in dissociatives state, these three componets are by far the most potent factors.

There are four major sins that everyone who has a history of heart disease in their generational line will have a susceptibility towards committing.  Their ancestors committed these sins and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!  There are  11 sins that everyone who has cancer will have in their lives. This is 40% of the problem.  That is a huge percentage. It explains why people who get cancer still die despite the church declaring, having words of knowledge, fasting and praying for healing.  All this spiritual effort usually isn’t enough if these 11 sins are not dealt with by the person with the cancer.


If you want to find out the four major sins that contribute to heart disease and the 11 sins for cancer, including a comprehensive explanation about each sin, as well as the sin profiles for 60 other mental and physical disorders, purchase our book, “God wants to heal so why doesn’t he?”