Updates for 2018

December 2018

As we review the year, like in any job, Heather and I can sometimes take it for granted that seeing Jesus do miracles on a weekly basis, is what we do. It is an enormous privilege to partner with Jesus, watching him do the most amazing interventions. Healing people that the church, psychiatrists and psychologists, the New Age alternative approaches, and the medical profession cannot help.

A highlight this year was running our first training school within the Catholic Church. It happened to be in the US. This is the second year we have spent time ministry exclusively within a Catholic context.  After 6 months of ministry in Nebraska and Missouri, here are some observations that we, as protestants, could benefit from.

Because Catholics have a stronger appreciation of the suffering of Christ, it makes it easier for them to quickly and intimately connect with Jesus in the midst of the trauma.

Many went to Mass daily, receiving communion, and this makes a noticeable difference in the ease of ministry. Breaking bread daily, as the early church did in Acts 2, is something the catholics just don’t talk about but have the formal structure available to allow  believers to put it into practice.

Awareness of personal sin is another advantage they have over us protestants.  Some went to weekly or monthly confession. James exhorts us to confess our sins to one another. The catholics do it, us protestants don’t. The hyper grace movement within the protestant church de-emphasizes dealing with personal sin on a daily basis.

As protestants we must not make the mistake of believing that Catholics are not Christians and need to be converted.  It has always been clear to me, but it was re-emphasized during this time in America, that many Catholics have a deep, vibrant and personal relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and this relationship has a depth that contrasts with our sometimes more shallow  protestant approach.

Merry Christmas

November 2018

“This is mainly to say thank you again for coming (as hard as it was to minister here I am sure).  My life, however, will never be the same!  I so appreciate what happened in my life as you presented truth.  I have been to so many amazing conferences, meetings and services but have never in all my life had anything bring such a shift in my being.  

It was like a total shaking (good one), a literal undoing of so many unhealthy and wrong beliefs I’ve dragged around for so many years.  I now find myself feeling a little anxious when I go back into the norm, knowing I will be making major changes in my actions and choices.  At the same time, I feel excited to see what this new freedom looks like.  I can say, It feels like a huge stone has been rolled away from the place I had escaped into (religion), like the grave clothes were ripped off, and the “Son” is streaming in, warming me as He shines into my eyes.  I feel Him encourageing me to come out of the tomb and into the light.  Wow!  It’s true.  

Although I have taught others, had amazing times with the Lord Jesus, watched Holy Spirit work through me setting others free, I had never realized the prison I was personally in.  This has naturally helped me see the frustration my husband has had as he relentlessly pushed away (in self protection I am sure!) from my “god”.   

Wow!!!   Love you,  Clare

October 2018

David Berlinski is a secular Jewish scientist and author. Below is the blurb of his book, “The Devil’s Delusion: Atheism and Its Scientific Pretensions”

“Has anyone provided proof of God’s inexistence? Not even close.

Has quantum cosmology explained the emergence of the universe or why it is here? Not even close.

Have our sciences explained why our universe seems to be fine-tuned to allow for the existence of life? Not even close.

Are physicists and biologists willing to believe in anything so long as it is not religious thought? Close enough.

Has rationalism and moral thought provided us with an understanding of what is good, what is right, and what is moral? Not close enough.

Has secularism in the terrible 20th century been a force for good? Not even close, to being close.

Is there a narrow and oppressive orthodoxy in the sciences? Close enough.

Does anything in the sciences or their philosophy justify the claim that religious belief is irrational? Not even in the ball park.

Is scientific atheism a frivolous exercise in intellectual contempt?

Dead on.”

September  2018

Here is another illustration of the differences people report when their parts are removed. J functions in a high demand position within one of the big four banks.  

Hi Peter, Heather,I’d like to give an update on how I’m feeling, two weeks on.  Firstly, people who know me well are hardly able to fathom the difference in the feeling they get from me now.  Everyone tells me I am “so peaceful, and GROUNDED”, they’re remarking how my ability to speak is more focused, calm, and intentional.  My life is dramatically different; my work life is hugely improved.  People at work are relating to me so differently!  There is peace, respect, and this unspoken level of calm in all my interactions now.  Gone is the subtle undercurrent of tension between many people I interact with, or the need from my end to drive myself so hard with intense energy.  The level of cooperation I am enjoying from work colleagues is markedly improved due to this.  I’m thinking so clearer, with intentionality, and my mind is effortlessly thinking accurately and powerfully for much longer.   Whereas most days I would finish the day feeling drained and exhausted, and I thought this was just the job.  The level of noise and ‘chatter’ in my mind is gone – not reduced – GONE, this is something I never thought would happen.  When I decide not to speak, there is a deep calm and quiet I am still surprised by.  I was not aware of how much energy I was spending keeping a lid on all the mental chatter, and how much willpower I was exerting to focus and perform.Not to mention my private life!  I have much more energy!  The improvement in my emotional state in my personal life, is allowing me to relate to the people I love with a freedom I never thought achievable.  They are loving it, I am loving it, my life is transformed.  Thankyou Peter, Heather, and thankyou JESUS most of all!  I am free – truly free – and I wish this for everybody!Bless you,J

August 2018

Queensland is about to decriminalise abortion.  Interestingly, it is still a crime to have an abortion in Queensland and in NSW.  They are proposing legalising abortion whereby women are able to procure an abortion up to 22 weeks. Abortions after 22
weeks require the consent of two doctors. The bill will be introduced into Parliament today and it is expected to be debated until the end of the year. 

It is interesting that the earliest surviving premature baby was 22 weeks gestation! Here is a picture of the baby 22 weeks old.

Below is a copy of a letter I sent, two days ago, to each of the 93 MPs in Queensland.  It is the first of several letters I will send over the next few months, each emphasizing a different pro-life perspective.  I have already received some positive replies.

Dear Member of Parliament

It is important, as you consider liberalising Queensland’s abortion laws, that you give due consideration to the following  two points and the recommendation that follows:   

(1) If you accept the argument that a woman has the right to control her body, then she deserves this right no matter where she lives, even if she’s still living inside her mother’s womb.

(2) From the instant you were conceived, nothing has been added to that single cell that you once were, from that point on until the day you die, except for two things: food and oxygen. At no stage in your development were you more or less human than you are now. You never were a potential human being, you were, and are always, a human being with potential. 

Recommendation: That every woman seeking an abortion have a mandatory ultrasound prior to the proposed abortion. In addition, pictures of the development of the baby in the womb be presented to her without the influence, positive or negative, from a third party. This will allow her to make to decision with greater awareness of the actions she is about to undertake. 

Thank you for considering these points in the important decisions that you will make on our behalf. 

Yours sincerely 

Peter Toth

Elanora, Currumbin Electorate, QLD

The experience in the US, regarding women having to undergo an ultra-sound and look at pictures of the child at various stages of gestation, before going ahead with an abortion has had a significant impact in women changing their minds.

July 2018

At a recent Anazao school, a participant volunteered for deliverance ministry. 

Pauline had been chronically sick for the last three years, spending weeks at a time in ICU. So much so that the doctors doubted she would live out the year.  She has extreme thyroid issues, vacillating from hyperthyroidism, with a super fast metabolism and heart rate of 180-200 beats per minute to hypothyroidism, leading to weight gain, puffy face, slowed heart rate. She has spent a lot time and money seeking out the best medical help, including the Mayo Clinic, with little improvement. She is in forties with a large young family.

I commanded the demon linked to thyroid issues to present.  Immediately she had a pain in her stomach.

The first reason, or legal right, the demon had to affect her thyroid was rejection.  I pressed the demon for more information and it said rejection in the womb.  Her mother had told her the only reason she was here was because the condom broke. Further questioning revealed that her life was a Cinderella story without a fairy godmother.  She was deprived of food, had to serve the family and was physically and sexually abused within the family. Never thanked or complimented, bullied at school. Nothing she did was ever enough.

It is easy to be sympathetic to Pauline, but that doesn’t deal with the reason the demons are there. She has been sinned against but she in turn has sinfully reacted. She had already done work on forgiveness and resentments but one obvious sin was that her mother, who had been a very toxic presence in her life was still very much a part of her daily life and abusing her verbally, constantly putting her down and still highly manipulative. Pauline needs to set clear boundaries and remove her mother from her life. Very hard for Pauline to do.  Further discussion revealed that Pauline was a rescuer, rescuing her children from the consequences of their actions and frustrating her husband.

I then alerted the class to the sin profile for thyroid problems

  1. Overfunctioning
  2. Childishness
  3. Failure to be appropriately assertive
  4. Adopting the effects of the words of curse that others have spo-
    ken over you
  5. An imminent feeling that you co-habit with, that says, “I will
    never be able the grade, to change enough to be acceptable”
  6. Self-depreciation
  7. “I cannot keep control of things in my life therefore, I have an
    excuse to not do well”
  8. “If I can get away with it, then I will”
  9. Stealing – time, character qualities, etc
  10. A lack of application and follow through
  11. Rescuing rather than bearing the consequences

She identified each of those sins in her life and she repented, broke soul ties and made appropriate declarations.

We then visited a crucial memory held by dissociative parts involving significant physical abuse, Jesus showed her where he was in the memory and brought his peace and calm. We mapped the part system and Jesus removed it.

Total demonstration time over two days was three and half hours.

One month afterwards, she is a different woman. Huge improvements in her health, her mobility and her husband is amazed at the changes.  No visited to the hospital despite having spent two weeks in ICU just prior to the school.  Still more work to do but it shows you how so much of a physical problem is rooted in soul and spirit issues and how quickly these can be addressed.

If you want the sin profile for 60 other ailments, and instructions on how to use these profiles, they are included in our book, “God wants to heal so why doesn’t he?”.  You can purchase the book from our facebook pages, “Trauma and Dissociation” or “Anazao Australia” or go to our website: www.anazao.com.au.  Available as a hardcopy or e book in all formats.

June 2018

Processing the grief of losing a child                                                                                                      

We have finished the first two modules of our latest training school in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Jesus once again did some amazing healing, physical and emotional, through a combination of deliverance and dissociation.

This month we will look at an emotional healing. Next month, a physical healing.

One of the school attendees, Diane, lost her teenage son, Cody, in a car accident 15 years ago. On numerous occasions, over the years since, Diane has surrendered her son to the Lord. As a mature Christian and minister, she has done her best to work through the grief, which at times can be excruciating. She thought she was in a relatively good place, in this regard.

She volunteered for a demonstration of processing a dissociative memory, mapping the part system, and watching Jesus remove all the parts.

Watching Jesus remove the dissociative parts is always miraculous. There is no other way parts can be removed. Here is what she said:

“Jesus is gathering all the parts in a circle. Jesus is telling them all that they’ve done a really good job. All the parts are holding hands, and Jesus is in the middle of the circle, slowly turning and looking at each of the parts, one by one.” A long pause.

“It has stopped nothing more is happening.”

“My arms are feeling really heavy, right now… very heavy… like I have been carrying someone.” Then a realisation, “I have been carrying Cody and Jesus has his arms out but I am puzzled because I have handed Cody over to him before.”

Diane then began to shed lots of tears, sobbing as she realised there was still more surrendering to do.

The parts have opened up the circle and made a way to get to Jesus… I am putting Cody in the arms of Jesus. Cody is dead but Jesus is kissing him all over his face and has pulled him really close to himself. He is lying in Jesus’ arms. Jesus is calling me, beckoning me to come back because he knows it is hard to let Cody go, even with Jesus holding him. He’s letting me say goodbye one more time. He is really gentle with him.”

“Jesus turned and he is leading the procession, all the parts are following him. They are all walking towards this unbelievably bright light over the hill. I see the brightness on the back of Jesus. They are gone.”

There was barely a dry eye in the school. This was the last day of the school

We received this email from Diane the next day.

“I just wanted to tell you what happened this morning as I went back to what Jesus was doing last night. After all that I saw over the hill with Jesus taking Cody into the Light, along with the parts, I  continued to look in that direction. Then I saw Cody alive with Jesus, both were waving to me, happy, laughing, telling me it is ok. He was dead in the arms of Jesus until they passed into the Light over the hill. Cody is not dead but alive and having fun with Jesus till I get there. I am crying but good tears. I needed a final good bye but I also needed to see how happy and safe Cody is now.

Blessings on your journey of rest these coming days.”



May 2018.

Noah’s Ark and the Myth of Evolution

Aside from my interest in trauma healing and dissociation, I have always been interested in Creation Science.  Teaching Math/Science in senior high school for 17 years, in both secular and Christian High Schools, I have mathematically and scientifically shown why evolution is unscientific and that a Creation worldview is the best fit for the facts.

Heather and I have recently visited a full-size replica of the ark in Williamstown, Kentucky.  Built by the Creation Science Organisation, “Answers in Genesis”, it was refreshing to catch up with some of the latest research.  I was impressed with all the detail they brought to every aspect of the ark, from reticulation of air, distribution of food & water and removal of waste for so many animals, for over a year of floating.  The dimensions, of course, are huge: 510 ft (155m) long, 85 ft(26m) wide & 51ft(16m) high. With three decks, it could hold 447 big rig truck payloads! 

Contrary to popular belief, Noah didn’t have to take every species that we see today or that existed back then.  He took up to 7 pairs of animals of each ‘kind’. By ‘kinds’ we don’t mean species.  Speciation happened predominantly after the flood, when continental drift began and the ‘earthscape’ was no longer uniform.  By ‘kinds’ we are referring to ‘family’ and ‘genus’.  For example, he would have taken the parent ‘dog’ kind of the family ‘Canidae’ that later gave rise to coyotes, foxes, wolves, dingoes and our domestic dog.  These ‘parent dogs’ had all the genetic variability to give rise to these other species over time.  Each of these ‘derivative dogs’ have less genetic information than the original parent pairs on the ark. In other words, they ‘devolved,’ not evolved, and became more specialized.  For example, a chihuahua has lost the gene for tallness and a Great Dane has lost the gene for smallness. Both genes were possessed by the ancestors of these dogs. Specialization, by definition, means a reduction in diversity.

Christians believe in the mechanism of Natural Selection but the observational facts show that the process ALWAYS, without exception, results in a loss of information, not a gain of information as evolutionists would have us believe. An evolutionist cannot give you a single example of an animal that has ADDED information to its DNA; moved from simple to complex. Even a bacteria that is now resistant to an antibiotic has lost the ability to digest the antibiotic, which is why it survived. Mutation always results in LOSS of information, not a gain, and therefore loss of capabilities.

But what impressed me most was the meticulous breakdown of every category of animal that would need to be taken on board. They included the animals that are now extinct (including all the dinosaurs) as well as the animals still in existence today. There were 1,398 animal ‘kinds’ and all of these are listed, with the appropriate range of cage sizes and food requirements. Note: juveniles of all animals would have been taken onto the ark, including dinosaurs, since these have the greatest reproductive potential.

So few animal ‘kinds’? Of the 1.8 million documented species, 98% of these are fish, invertebrates, plants and bacteria. There are fewer than 34,000 land dependant, vertebrate species in the world today. Including extinct vertebrates, 1400 kinds covers all the land dependant species, both extinct and present.

Yes, dinosaurs existed alongside man (Job 40 contains a description of two dinosaurs) and all were predominantly herbivores before the flood.  Including T Rex.  Sharp teeth doesn’t always mean meat eaters.  Bears have sharp canines and incisors but eat mainly plants and berries and Panda teeth are incredibly sharp and they exclusively eat bamboo. After the flood God gave Noah the injunction to eat meat and animals became more carnivorous.

Another impressive feature was the reconstruction of animals based on those found in the fossil record, which were the actual animals Noah would have had on the ark, the proto-types of all our animals today. All the fossils we have today resulted from the flood. The uniform distribution of marine fossils across the continental land masses of the world can only be explained by a global flood. Fossilization only happens in catastrophe, with rapid burial, not the gradualism of evolution where the bones would have long since decayed before being covered.

Here are just another three of at least a dozen insurmountable problems with the theory of evolution:

  1. The first living cell.  So incredibly complex.  Impossible to randomly occur.  A mini -city exists in the simpliest bacterial cell. Darwin would have thrown out the theory if he had an electron microscope.
  2. DNA is a language.  Four bases or ‘letters’ arranged in a highly specific sequence, 1500 letters coding for a small protein. Definitely not random.  Highly complex.  Intelligence is necessarily the pre-condition for a language. Evolutionists search for any kind of code from space (SETI program) to indicate intelligent extra -terrestrials yet deny that DNA coding is a sign of intelligence.  Intellectual hari kari.
  3. No evidence in the fossil record for any transitional animals. There should be millions. Darwin admitted it was a problem but hoped some would be discovered in the future.  More than 150 years later, still nothing. I mean NONE, not ONE.

We have a theory that cannot explain the origin of life, has no mechanism for adding information to go from simple to complex, and has no evidence for any transitional forms.

Yet we are expected to believe that non-directional, random, chance events, with no intelligent input or guidance, created ‘us’.

Molecules to man!  Goo to you! 


I mean, Really!

April 2018

In one of the dissociative demonstrations at our recent training school in March, a participant went to a memory where she was taken, minutes after her birth, by one of the nursing staff into a small side room and penetrated vaginally and dedicated to the kingdom of darkness (KOD).

Unfortunately, such dissociative memories related to ritual abuse in hospitals are all too common.  Think about it.  If you were Satan, you have a perfect opportunity to get direct access to newborns when they are separated from their mothers.  All Satan has to do is make sure he has doctors and nurses who are committed to the KOD to work in such settings.  It couldn’t be easier. Once traumatised, the dissociative parts formed in the newborn can be accessed by the KOD at a later date. So the rest of the life of this little child, from this point onwards, can have a strong measure of satanic control.

It is important to note that some of these doctors and nurses that Satan is able to use, may not know that they are being used by him to traumatise these newborns in this manner.  If they themselves have been ritually abused, in dissociative state, when they were younger, they wouldn’t be aware that demons can activate those dissociative parts to come out and take over the person and abuse the newborn.  In other words, the doctor or nurse could be a Christian who loves Jesus and would be horrified to find out that the kingdom of darkness is using them in this manner.

Quite frightening really.

It shows you the immense power and leverage that the KOD has through creating dissociative trauma and using the resultant parts that are formed to their advantage.

Hospitalizing the birth process has played right into the hands of the kingdom of darkness. In the past, when children were born at home, there was no third party with direct access to the child and so the mother-child connection was almost continuous. It was harder for the KOD to gain direct access to that child.

So what can be done to stop this happening?  If the mother or father daily pray for the child, from conception onwards, asking God to cover themselves and the child spiritually with his blood and surround them with his ministering angels, it will provide the necessary protection to stop direct access to the child in such situations.

March 2018

We have completed another Cutting Edge School, Module 1 dealing with deliverance and understanding the kingdom of darkness and Module 2 focussing on dissociation.  Participants travelled as far as Perth and Tasmania and there was an attentive maturity and an insightfulness in the questions asked, that meant the school hummed.  

Demonstrations, from among the students, illustrated once again the prevalence of demons in Christians.  Where there is sin, there will always be demons.  Although it is impossible, if it were possible to remove all the demons from a person, and that person returned a month later to receive further ministry, there would be another large group of demons to be removed because of the daily personal sin of that person, the sins of others against that person, ungodly soul ties as well as four other significant points of entry.  

Yet there are so many churches where the issue of whether or not Christians can have demons is still a hot topic of debate. So sad that so much of the church is still on breast milk and hasn’t moved on to solid food and facilitating healing at a deeper level.  Deliverance is a ministry of the church for believers.  Deliverance ministry is not, with rare exceptions, for unbelievers.  Hence Christians must have demons!

The dissociative demonstrations confirmed that a particular recalled memory (a memory that the person has always known about) is often the tip of the iceberg in terms of what really happened in that particular event.  For instance, I may have always remembered the sexual abuse event when a baby-sitter touched my genitals, thinking that this was the full extent of the abuse. The reality is that, more frequently than not, the perpetrator did a lot more than I remember and I simply dissociated during the rest of the abuse.  Students (and clients) find it really hard to believe that anything more could have happened because they truly believe that their recall was complete. Can’t beat live demonstrations to confirm a point!

More next month

February 2018

Hello Peter & Heather,

I want to give you a further update on my progress since August 2016 when I first received 5 days ministry with Anazao, and now almost a year since my second session of 3 days ministry with you in February 2017

My previous feedback still stands and I continue to flourish. Family and friends who know me have seen a different person emerge through the last year (2017) with friends remarking on the change in me. My siblings are relating to me differently; only one of them is aware that I have received ministry. I am moving on, not standing still.

It will be helpful to use the format I used in my first feedback, building on what I noted then.

1. Memories: I previously mentioned a marked difference in memories which began occurring about a month after my first five days of ministry. This continues with the reviving of my childhood memories, increasing the awareness of my ‘worth’ as a person. Both my parents are no longer alive, however I can now think on them with love and gratitude. I am able to recall pleasant memories and express heartfelt affection for them … even now. I feel good and grateful to be able to engage in the memories.

2. Self Acceptance: This continues and increases my stability for decision making, giving an opinion on different issues that arise, even defending my position on certain matters. Previously I might have argued a point but would fall short of standing my ground. I also find it easier to receive compliments; previously I would become uncomfortable and remain silent. In the summer at a friend’s wedding I was approached by a person in authority who I had previously found intimidating. I was amazed how undaunted I was when approached. I might be mistaken, but I think they were uncomfortable in my presence!

3. Peace: This has really grown giving me much food for thought! The substance of the peace I am experiencing encompasses ‘soundness’, something akin to fruit when it is ripe for picking. It reminds me of the phrase ‘in the fullness of time’. I sense the peace developing within me, steady and strong, not from circumstances outside. It reminds me of the words … ‘the peace I give you is not like the peace of this world’. This has been a wonderful experience.

4. Stability & Self Determination: These are picked up in the previous comments above, suggesting the changes occurring are bringing unity. The fear, doubt and confusion previously so prevalent in my life from a toddler through to my mid 30’s and then to a lesser degree through to my mid 60’s is diminishing, making way for a firm foundation and a ‘soundness’ I have never known before!

5. Physical Changes: My nails continue to grow and are a constant reminder to me that I am ‘new’ inside. The past is no longer a shameful burden I carry with me; it’s gone! There seems to be a type of release that allows me to ‘venture forth’, as the Hebrew scripture says ‘Lekh Lekha’ – Go Forth yourself … God telling Abram to go forth to the land that He, God would show him (Gen 12:1) 

I continue on in life with its usual ups and downs. The trials and difficulties no longer bear down and overwhelm me; I feel the reins are definitely firmly in my hands. I recognise the past habits when they arise and recognise they no longer have substance in my life. There have been occasions when it has taken me a little longer to trust the ‘newness’ within me but I press forward gaining strength and am able to step into the ‘new’. I am learning, nothing is ‘on a plate’, we are required to engage.

‘The New’ for me in this last year:

*After a time thinking things over I decided to embark on the adventure of becoming an Airbnb Host. It has been a wonderful experience which is ongoing. I have enjoyed the guests and look forward to the spring and summer season this coming year. I never would have believed that I could do this, much less enjoy it!

*This past year I have travelled to three new countries on my own; one of which I did not meet up with anyone I knew, totally on my own. Although I am used to travel I have never ventured out without family being at the destination. This was so new and amazing …. I survived each journey and enjoyed it! This is progress on another level!

*Finally, last September I enrolled as a student with The Israel Institute of Biblical Studies learning Biblical Hebrew. I have not opted for a Degree, not wanting the pressure, preferring to enjoy the course and embrace the discipline it requires ….. I am loving it!

 …..Out of Justice comes peace … quietness and confidence….

Isaiah 32:17

Thank you again Peter and Heather for helping me BE where I am.

EG England

January 2018

This year marks the 20th year of full-time ministry. After 17 years of secondary school teaching and two years of retraining, January 1998 was the first time I was sitting in chair for 40 hours a week instead of standing in a classroom.

Here is a brief summary of these 20 years. 

The first defining moment was a year later when I moved away from structured ministry models we were taught to use and instead invited clients find where Jesus was in traumatic events in their lives. With Jesus as the ‘star’ and focus of the counseling, mental and emotional healings were happening far more quickly and the ministry relatively effortless because Jesus was speaking directly to the client instead of me!

The second defining moment and the most pivotal in my ministry career to date was almost two years later in November 2000. A client had symptoms that were completely puzzling. Nothing like I had seen before. Nothing I tried helped. None of the standard counseling models touched the presenting issue. Neither did deliverance make much of a difference. Not even finding Jesus in memories. I was stumped.  

The answer: the function of dissociative parts of the mind. What on earth are dissociative parts of the mind! Never heard of them. Not taught about that in my counseling courses. Actually, not much helpful written advice anywhere. Fortunately, the person who demonstrated the impact of these parts on my client gave me sound advice that formed the foundation for the rest of my ministry.

Dissociation is where the secular worldview clashes with the Christian worldview and falls painfully short. Without Jesus appearing directly to parts it is extremely difficult, no impossible, to navigate the part system and bring complete resolution. Consequently, the counseling practice was now booking three months in advance as people were having their dissociative parts removed quickly and often noticing dramatic changes in a wide variety of mental and, surprisingly, physical dysfunctions as well. Rather than a rare occurrence, I soon realized that everyone has dissociative parts and that included me!

The next five years were the biggest learning curve of my career to date as the extreme importance of dissociation in understanding the satanic agenda was progressively revealed. The revelation of the high frequency of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) held in dissociative state amongst my ‘average’ Christian clients was confronting to say the least. During this period, Heather joined me both as my co-counselor and wife. With her amazing Holy Spirit-led insights, people started booking from around the world and bookings now were six months in advance. Our first book, “Dissociation: The Forgotten Factor in Healing” was the result of this period although without any focus on SRA.

The importance of the ‘legal rights’ or reasons that the kingdom of darkness has to cause mental and physical illness led to the development of a more realistic Christian worldview and ministry model as opposed to the hyper-grace theology predominant in the charismatic Protestant church today. Our book, “Underestimating Satan” confronts the inconvenient truth that the satanic kingdom is still a very potent factor in everyone’s life today.

There has been no third single defining moment yet in our ministry. Instead an increasing understanding of the complexity of the kingdom of darkness, which has enabled the streamlining of deliverance through addressing specific demonic Princes. Realizing that every pathology has a specific sin profile, we have over the years determined the profiles of 60+ pathologies, mental and physical. If these sins are addressed, improvement or complete healing frequently happens. Our book, “God wants to heal so why doesn’t he?” explains in detail our counseling model and includes the 60 sin blueprints.

The books have generated increasing international demand and over the last 10 years we are spending between 4 and 6 months each year overseas counseling, running seminars and training schools. Predominantly USA and NZ but also England, Scotland, Switzerland, South Korea, Trinidad.

Over the last five years, the importance of generational iniquity as a significant component in healing has been reinforced. Commonly 25% of any dysfunction has a generational component. Anazao is currently exploring the origin of genetically inherited dysfunctions and the possibility of minimizing, perhaps eventually nullifying the impact through neutralizing legal rights and effecting a chromosomal change. Early days yet.

Who knows what the next decade will bring?