Updates for 2017

December 2017

Should Christians Celebrate Christmas on December 25?

This question has gathered momentum over recent years and is the source of considerable confusion and misinformation.  It is a question that Anazao answers each year from well-meaning clients who are confused about whether they should celebrate Christmas on December 25 if it has pagan origins.  The reasoning behind this thinking is that the early Church chose December 25th as a replacement for an existing Pagan festival.  In particular, the three Pagan festivals; Saturnalia, Sol Invictus and Mithras. 

Not true.

December 25th was mentioned as the day of Jesus’ birth by Hyppolytus c 204 AD, 70 years before Aurelian instituted Sol Invictus as an annual worship day and 150 years before Sol Invictus is first recorded anywhere! Sol Invictus and Mithras are the same festival under different names.  Saturnalia was never celebrated on Dec 25.  It was Dec 17. 

Calculating Dec 25 independent of any pagan celebration can be easily shown through John the Baptist’s birthday.  John’s birthday is celebrated in the Roman Catholic, Coptic and Orthodox churches on the same date:  June 25 and has been since the third century AD.  Because Mary conceived Jesus when Elizabeth was six months pregnant with John (Luke 1:26), that makes the conception of Jesus March 25, three months before John was born.  Add 9 months and you get Dec 25. 

There is no logical reason why Christians would want to replace a pagan celebration with a Christian celebration. In fact, the opposite was true.  Christians refused to honour the Emperor as God and celebrate pagan festivals which is why they were persecuted and killed in the arena.  The last thing the early Church would do is purposefully choose a Christian celebration to replace a pagan one.  That would create the very confusion the early Church gave their lives to avoid.

Just three of seven reasons we list in our article of the same name.  In addition we look at whether Dec 25 is the actual birthday and whether the origin of the Christmas tree is pagan.  A FREE DOWNLOAD from our Online Store on our website www.anazao.com.au

Wishing everyone blessings for the season of Christmas.  It never ceases to fill me with awe that God, the creator of everything, would become man and dwell among us.

Talk about love.

October/November 2017

Below is a testimony from a student who has completed our recent school on the Central Coast, NSWs

Dear Peter and Heather,

Thank you for the unique grace you carry in the specialised ministry through ANAZAO. I have had the privilege of journeying with 1000’s individuals who’ve experience the most unthinkable trauma due to a life of addiction and crime in several capacities as a Registered Nurse, Health administrator (Director of Nursing) and as a credentialed minister of the gospel. Dissociation in my experience is profoundly more present than diagnosis rates would indicate (often due lag between awareness / knowledge and practice implementation). In the quest for a comprehensive answer to the complex problems which arise through trauma, pain and generational issues ANAZAO offers a biblically consistent and truly Jesus-centric approach which I have seen transform individuals in the most miraculous and permanent way.

The ANAZAO model combines the practical teaching of daily spiritual hygiene, the comprehensive theology and practice of the application of ministry, the Kingdom of God, the kingdom of darkness, holiness, communion and ministry to bring a complete approach to others wellbeing.

I have been stretched throughout the entire school. It is my opinion that the teaching / ministry / revelation incorporated in the ANAZAO school is urgently needed in this season of reformation in the church. The current season for the Christian church is being characterised by the revealing of the true Sons and Daughters of the Kingdom of God, mature believers who have experienced such cooperation with Holy Spirit that the image of Christ is indelibly etched upon them. ANAZAO is contributing greatly to this end in the life of the believer. I recommend every believer make attending the school a priority in their own discipleship journey.

Craig Stephens

September 2017

A ‘Shack’ Experience  Part 2

(read part 1 in last months Blog under “Previous Blogs”) 

Sometimes, when talking to a dissociative part, they have an injury that can be debilitating for the part. The dissociative part (alter) could be blind, deaf, mute, lame yet the client herself isn’t blind, deaf, mute or lame. Often these injuries have been inflicted on the part when the part took the place of the client in a ritual. It is interesting that in my 18 years of engaging with dissociative parts, Jesus has healed the part instantly, in every single case, without exception, when the part has allowed him to.

In this case, the part had very sensitive eyes because the cornea of the eye had been severely scratched in dissociative state. I said, “Thank you Jesus for healing _________(part’s name) eyes.” Immediately the part’s eyes were healed. Of course, this alter and all other alters in the background watching were very impressed. They haven’t seen the kingdom of darkness (KOD) do this and it further increases the leverage of the Kingdom of Light (KOL). As the counseling with this client progressed, other parts with injuries due to the satanic ritual abuse perpetrated on the client came forward and each time these injuries were healed.

I was now getting more and more parts on board. By that I mean they were no longer choosing to align themselves to the KOD but instead were happy to interact with and listen to Jesus. Contrary to popular belief of those working in the field of DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), parts are not ‘split off’ from the ‘host person’ but are always formed as an addition to the client herself. God never allows the integrity of the soul and spirit of any human being to be compromised at any time. Hence splitting is not possible. Dissociative parts are added to the person and logically need to be removed. Before Jesus removes the parts, the parts always need to know that the role they were doing in helping the person will not compromise the person’s safety. Jesus always assures the parts that he is capable of taking over their roles and that the client will be safe. Once assured, Jesus takes the parts away, out of the person, never to return. [More on the clinical observational evidence to support this belief is found in our book, “Dissociation: The Forgotten Factor in Healing”]

The client was feeling progressively lighter and ‘different’ as more and more parts went off with Jesus. However, we were still a long way from completing the removal of all her parts.

Parts affecting her taste buds, making all food taste bland, often leaving a metallic aftertaste were removed and immediately her enjoyment of food improved. It may seem like a small change but it is actually a huge issue affecting her quality of life.

 Two days prior to seeing me, the client had broken a bone in her wrist and her arm was in a fiberglass sling. She needed to have the sling for about six weeks. She complained of how painful it was. It seemed to be more painful than expected. I asked any part that was increasing the pain in her wrist to come forward. A part came forward. I introduced the part to Jesus and, after some persuasion, the part relinquished its role and was prepared to go with Jesus. When the client returned to full self-awareness, her first comment was that she didn’t have any pain in her arm!

I had the sense that the Holy Spirit wanted to heal the arm completely. So with the client fully self-conscious, I laid hands on the wrist, anointed it with oil, and prayed for complete healing. The client felt ‘heat’ in the wrist area and the next day, when she arrived for counseling, didn’t have her cast on. It was healed completely. Total mobility. Isn’t God good?!

More and more parts continued to switch allegiance from the KOD to the KOL, including part systems responsible for pushing her towards suicide.

Finally the last parts were removed. Over 1000 highly differentiated parts were no longer there and she was totally alter-free in 2 ½ days of ministry. Free from being accessed directly by the KOD, free from a range of debilitating behaviours, erratic responses, and socially awkward mannerisms. Free for the first time in her life to enjoy life as God intended for her. Born again again!

Five years earlier, Jesus had told her, and her supportive friends, that freedom would come in September 2017. I started counseling her on Wednesday, August 30th and all her parts were gone on Friday September 1st.   The Lord was indeed true to his word.

P.S. Some readers may be shocked that there were over 1000 parts. If you have seen the movie, “Sybil” or “The Three Faces of Eve” you’ve been led to believe that dissociative people have a dozen or less parts but not in the 100s or 1000s. Our extensive experience, over 17 years with fully dissociatives as well as those that are dissociatively co-conscious during counseling, indicates that people with less than 100 alters are the rare exception. 1000 or more dissociative parts is not uncommon.

August 2017

A ‘Shack’ Experience

I was overseas and travelled to the home where a client lived and I hired a small cottage where the counseling took place. She arrived with two friends for support. She was a fully-dissociative client.

That means that when I asked the dissociative parts (alters) to come to the front of her mind, the person was no longer aware of what was happening. The part completely takes over the functioning of the person. When I interact with each of these parts, it is just like interacting with a completely different person. For example, a fully dissociative person with 100 parts will have 100 distinct personalities, each with its own name, sex (male or female), opinions, etc. Each part ‘dresses’ differently, each looks different from the next, they are different ages, have different likes and dislikes and function differently in the life of the client. All completely distinct and different from the client herself.

I usually begin by asking the client to read some prayers first. She couldn’t. The whole page was completely blank and it always had been whenever she had to read the Bible or read any prayer. I asked the dissociative part that was making the page go blank to come forward. It did. I introduced the part Jesus but it could not see Jesus. I then asked to speak to the part in charge of blocking visual images of Jesus. The part came forward. It is common when dealing with the highly dissociative parts that come forward for there to be a lot of resistance. This was the case here and it took quite some time to persuade the parts to cooperate.

However, I have a powerful aid at my disposal that makes the process go quicker: angels. Fully dissociative parts can see angels and other spiritual beings, such as Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit, demons and astral travellers easily. I can’t see them but they can. Whenever I ask Jesus to send angels into the room he always does and this was no exception. The whole room is filled with angels. The parts are very impressed with these helpers of mine. They are always male, tall, muscular but not intimidating. Very kind and they smile a lot. I asked this part to describe the angels. It said, reluctantly, “Very buff… and friendly…but why are they smiling so much, there is nothing to smile about?”

Eventually the part agreed to stop blocking the client and all the other parts from seeing Jesus. It receded and I returned to the part that was making the pages go blank. Now it could see Jesus but couldn’t hear what he was saying. I asked for any new part to come forward that affected the client’s ( and the part’s) ability to hear the truth and part came forward. After some persuasion and the presence of the angels, this part agreed to no longer block the client’s hearing.

I called back the part that was blanking the pages of the Bible and other truth. Now it could see and hear Jesus and it was surprised that Jesus said that how much he appreciated the part and how much he loved the client. Jesus said the part didn’t have to blank the truth anymore. The part agreed that it wouldn’t do that. Whew!

Now I asked the part to recede and for the client to come back. I asked the client to read the prayer and for the first time in her life she could see and read the words, and the Bible as well! Hallelujah!

I asked the client whether she could see and hear Jesus and, again, for the first time she had a very clear image of Jesus standing in the room and she could hear the words of affirmation he was speaking to her.

Now we were starting to cook with gas! Soon more and more parts decided that they wanted to meet Jesus. It is important to state that almost all the parts believed that the kingdom of darkness was more powerful than the kingdom of light. That is why they were reluctant to engage with me. The reason the parts hold this belief is because the client was physically taken, in dissociative state, to satanic rituals throughout her life, without her knowledge of any of these events, and these parts were formed in these satanic rituals. They had watched the client go to church and believed that if singing and talking in the church service was the best the Kingdom of Light could do, it was nothing compared to the spectacular supernatural things the parts saw happen in coven rituals. They believed demons were more powerful than Jesus and his angels.

As they saw how big and powerful the angels were and as they watched me bind and remove the demons, they soon began to see that our kingdom was far more powerful than the kingdom of darkness and they felt cheated that they had been lied to by the demons all this time.

The process of the healing for the client requires the client to see what happened to her in these rituals and feel the pain, physical and emotional, of what was inflicted on her in those rituals. When the client sees that Jesus was there at the time and helping her cope in amazing ways, the loneliness, pain and rejection experienced in the ritual is simply lifted off. To confirm that the memories of the rituals the client is experiencing are real, she feels the physical pain in her body, right here, right now of what she sees happening in the ritual, even if that ritual happened when she was 6 years old. It is important that she feels the pain in the present moment of what was a historical event because it breaks denial, which understandably can be quite strong, and it releases locked up energy in her body which would come out in other ways, through aches and pains, if it is not released when she sees the memory.

The parts were watching carefully and were really surprised that Jesus was there.   When they see how compassionate and kind he is, they realize that the demons were lying to them when they told them that Jesus was horrible and not to be trusted at all.

 (to be continued)

July 2017

We have spent three months ministering in Omaha, Nebraska exclusively to the Catholic community. As Protestants, we are inclined to judge Catholics as not saved or idol worshippers or bogged down in tradition. Those who know Anazao or have read our books and articles will know that we have always been strong in our defence of Catholics as Christians.  

Firstly because I was brought up as a Catholic and developed a strong, spirit-filled relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit long before I embraced a non-catholic expression of my Christian faith.

 Secondly, because I believe that Catholics and the orthodox expressions of Christianity have a more complete understanding of salvation process, seeing it as much more than a one-off “sinner’s prayer” event that tends to trip up us protestants. For further explanation on this point, read our article on “Does the Law of Moses apply to the Christian” under the “Foundation Series” tab in our Online Store on our website.

What impressed me in my counseling was the strength of the relationship all my clients have with Jesus and the ease with which they are able to find Jesus’ presence in trauma’s from the past.   Far easier than most of my protestant clients. Because of the strong focus on the sufferings of Jesus, exemplified by the crucifix, which is so prominent within the Catholic psyche, they very easily find Jesus completely connected and melded with them throughout the trauma. This is the engine room of healing and we had some amazing breakthroughs in a variety of ailments.

It is so important that we don’t criticize other expressions of our Christian faith just because they have a different focus or perspective to our own.

Since we are one body, that is self-mutilation. Not smart.

June 2017

“He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother”

We have been in the USA for the last two months, with two more months to go and we are currently in  Omaha Nebraska.  The central midwest is the bread basket of the US with cornfields everywhere. Omaha boasts the No 1 Zoo in the world (according to Trip Advisor) and it really is a great zoo.  But what has touched us the most is that Omaha is the home of the original “Boystown”, started by a Catholic priest, Father Flanagan in 1917, as a place where orphaned and homeless boys, regardless of race or creed, came to from around the country and Father Flanagan looked after them.  In Australia, we know Boystown primarily for fundraising by raffling complete houses.  Boystown in Omaha is now so large that it occupies an entire postal zone, with amazing grounds, schools, facilities and homes for the boys (and now girls).  They have a great parenting model, very successful in turning delinquent children into effective citizens and some of their strategies are including in their book, “Common Sense Parenting”.

In 1918, on a cold, snowy winter morning, in Boystown, Father Flanagan looked outside and saw one of the older boys piggy backing a younger boy with polio. The priest called out and said, “Isn’t (the boy’s name) getting too heavy? Do you think it is time for him to be in a wheelchair?”  To which the older boy replied, “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.”  This touched the priest so much that he had a statue made and it has been outside Boystown  ever since.  As the international reputation of Boystown grew, the Hollies incorporated the phrase into their 1969 hit, “He ain’t heavy he’s my brother.”  

I must be getting sentimental in my old age but I stood by the statue, tears running down my face, really touched by the story. It gives the lyrics of that famous song new meaning.  

The road is long
With many a winding turn
That leads us to who knows where
Who knows where
But I’m strong
Strong enough to carry him
He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother

So on we go
His welfare is of my concern
No burden is he to bear
We’ll get there

For I know
He would not encumber me
He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother

If I’m laden at all
I’m laden with sadness
That everyone’s heart
Isn’t filled with the gladness
Of love for one another

It’s a long, long road
From which there is no return
While we’re on the way to there
Why not share

And the load
Doesn’t weigh me down at all
He ain’t heavy he’s my brother

He’s my brother


May 2017 

Those who read the monthly blog on our website know that dissociative parts of a person’s mind can be a significant factor behind mental dysfunctions and physical ailments. Here is another example of changes a client noticed after the removal of her dissociative parts. Trichotillomania (pronounced trick-o-till-o-mania) is a disorder where the person cannot stop pulling out their hair. Predominantly affecting females, this can considerably thin a person’s hair, even leading to baldness or the need to wear a wig. Highly embarrassing, this condition is more common that people realise.

“Yes I’m in awe actually, for the first time in my life, in 43 years, trichotillomania is not dominating my life. I find my hand still goes to my head sometimes, maybe twice a day, and I have the urge to pull but I simply over-ride it and its not hard at all. Ive tried to stop myself many times in the past but it was too strong to overcome. I’ve had breakthrough with my OCD too. I’m more relaxed with certain things. My social anxiety has either reduced or gone. I’ve been in a small life-group and I noticed I was very calm in the group. This is amazing. Thank you so much”

Grateful, NZ

April 2017

Here is an encouraging testimony from someone who received a total of eight days of ministry, 5 in 2016 and 3 this year

Dear Peter and Heather,

I am writing to feed back changes I have experienced, and continue to experience since receiving Anazao ministry with you in 2016-17.

Firstly, the newfound freedom I am experiencing is amazing and profound. I hope I can accurately describe the changes to do justice to the dedication, detail, skill and professional ministry sessions I received.

  1. Memories Returning: Soon after the initial sessions of ministry, I began to recall childhood memories previously lost to me. The memories pleasant and in colour; I did not expect them! With these regained memories I began to sense an ‘acceptance of myself by myself’, the memories came with the feeling of warmth and affirmation; it was like ‘spring time’ inside me! The flooding back of these memories was a defining eureka moment!
  2. Self Acceptance: The affect of sensing ‘acceptance of me’, and the return of childhood memories helped to validate my existence; prior to this childhood memories were upsetting and only in black and white. As time went on I began to sense autonomy within, this enabled me to believe that I had a right to think and express my identity, not to be ashamed, not hide, or present myself in joking terms. I now am able to be assertive, which I used to fear.
  3. Peace: Ongoing sense of peace within which remains, not ebbing and flowing.
  4. Increase of Stability: Increase of stability within, less angst and scattered thinking.
  5. Self Determination: Increase of strength and determination concerning decisions and choices.
  6. Physical Change: Soon after my last session of ministry, about a week later my nails began to grow! Again this amazed me. I have taken photos of the changes as they develop. I have never been able to grow my nails and they are strong, not brittle as in the past. This change is amazing.

All these changes are enriching my life, I feel like I am in the spring time of my life at 65. Every day I experience a sense of creativity, purpose and a level of wellbeing that has previously eluded me. I am able to ‘bounce back’ from moments and times of difficulty far quicker. Challenging situations no longer perplex me or bring a sense of dread. I have a resilience that enables me to rise instead of sink.

At first, whilst acclimatising to the newness of life within me, that is, when situations presented themselves and the old choice was no longer the default position, I felt a little lost, unsure what to do. In these moments I became aware of the mechanisms I used to use to stay afloat, which were exhausting.

I have moved on from that position armed with the self acceptance, peace, stability, strength and determination I have gained as a result of the Anazao ministry. I am now learning that each day, in moments when old habits present themselves, I have the mindfulness and strength to pause, evaluate and choose. This has enabled me to sustain and build on the new life I have inside, and not to fall back, out of laziness, into the groove of old habits.

This is wonderful for me, change continues, I am able to look forward and not look back. I feel such a quality of life within that all the difficult past, all the loss, all the sadness has fallen away, I no longer feel robbed. I feel that death has been swallowed up by life, and I feel alive in this life.

I am grateful to you both, and want to thank you for your work and your ongoing dedication to this valuable ministry technique which has been so life changing for me.

EG  England

March 2017

The body is a reflector of the soul and the spirit. For example, if you have constipation, the physical problem is being unable to release that which needs to be eliminated. That will also be a soul issue. In other words, when dealing with constipation in a client, we will look at issues and circumstances in the person’s life where there is a reluctance to let go of unnecessary things. It could that the person is a hoarder. It could be that they are unable to release their adult children or unable to move effectively through grief etc.

This is just one of 13 soul issues that are factors linked to constipation.   The rest are outlined in our book, “God wants to heal so why doesn’t he?” If you have constipation and work through the 13 sins, you will notice improvement, often total resolution of your constipation. The book has over 50 ailments, mental and physical, each with it’s own sin profile.

Here is a testimony from a client who came for psoriasis issues and in dealing with the sin profiles (and other reasons the kingdom of darkness had) not only gained healing of the psoriasis but also a much healthier gastro-intestinal tract and greater freedom in what she could eat. This is what she wrote:

“It never ceases to amaze me how connected and networked the sin in our lives is. That dealing with one issue or legal right can have far reaching effects within our spirit soul and body.

 A few weeks on from recent visit to Anazao dealing with psoriasis I realised that I was eating quantities and combinations of foods that previously would have caused immense gastronomical distress and constipation and now was not giving me grief. It was also apparent that I was breathing more easily and my heart seemed more content to pump the blood around. Who would have thought that sorting out issues of my work opportunities and moving ahead in my future plans – issues of flow in direction and purpose- would have would have so affected my gastronomy”.

Chuffed, QLD Australia

February 2017

Edward Gibbon (1737–1794) wrote the book “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” said that the following five attributes marked Rome at its end:

(1) a mounting love of show and luxury (that is, affluence);

(2) a widening gap between the very rich and the very poor

(3)  an obsession with sex;

(4) freakishness in the arts, masquerading as originality, and enthusiasms pretending to be creativity;

(5) an increased desire to live off the state.


January 2017

Wishing all our readers a year of greater connection and intimacy with each other and the Lord.

Been relaxing and reading some great books over the summer holidays, particularly Francis Schaeffer’s book, “How Then Shall We Live?”

Those familiar with our ministry know that Anazao places a great deal of emphasis on the importance of communion, taking the Lord’s body and blood, in healing and intimacy with Jesus.  We know that the early church would not let new believers take communion in their gatherings for several months, often longer, until they had proved themselves worthy of so great a gift of grace.  The residue of this is still celebrated in traditional churches by young people making their first communion.  

So it was intriguing to find the following quote from Francis Schaeffer’s book.

“In the pagan Roman Empire, abortion was freely practiced, but Christians took a stand against it. In 314 the Council of Ancyra barred from the taking of the Lord’s Supper for ten years all who procured abortions or made drugs to further abortions. Previously the Synod of Elvira (305–306) had specified excommunication till the deathbed for these offenses.”

A good wake up call for us all, both our casual treatment of the Lord’s Supper and society’s lack of respect for human life.