Updates for 2016

December 2016

The end of another year. With training schools in Alaska, New Zealand, Australia and England, it has been a privilege once again to see God healing, enlightening, and freeing so many people. What can I say. I pinch myself. There is simply nothing on earth I would rather be doing.

Should Christians Celebrate Christmas on December 25?

This question has gathered momentum over recent years and is the source of considerable confusion and misinformation.  It is a question that Anazao answers each year from well-meaning clients who are confused about whether they should celebrate Christmas on December 25 if it has pagan origins.  The reasoning behind this thinking is that the early Church chose December 25th as a replacement for an existing Pagan festival.  In particular, the three Pagan festivals; Saturnalia, Sol Invictus and Mithras. 

Not true.

December 25th was mentioned as the day of Jesus’ birth by Hyppolytus c 204 AD 70 years before Aurelian instituted Sol Invictus as an annual worship day and 150 years before Sol Invictus is first recorded anywhere! Sol Invictus and Mithras are the same festival under different names.  Saturnalia was never celebrated on Dec 25.  It was Dec 17. 

Calculating Dec 25 independent of any pagan celebration can be easily shown through John the Baptist’s birthday.  John’s birthday is celebrated in the Roman Catholic, Coptic and Orthodox churches on the same date:  June 25 and has been since the third century AD.  Because Mary conceived Jesus when Elizabeth was six months pregnant with John (Luke 1:26), that makes the conception of Jesus March 25, three months before John was born.  Add 9 months and you get Dec 25. 

There is no logical reason why Christians would want to replace a pagan celebration with a Christian celebration. In fact, the opposite was true.  Christians refused to honour the Emperor as God and celebrate pagan festivals which is why they were persecuted and killed in the arena.  The last thing the early Church would do is purposefully choose a Christian celebration to replace a pagan one.  That would create the very confusion the early Church gave their lives to avoid.

Just three of seven reasons we list in our article of the same name.  In addition we look at whether Dec 25 is the actual birthday and whether the origin of Christmas is pagan.  A FREE DOWNLOAD from our Online Store on our website www.anazao.com.au

Wishing everyone blessings for the season of Christmas.  It never ceases to fill me with awe that God, the creator of everything, would become man and dwell among us.

Talk about love.

November 2016

STOP THE PRESS: New Article to read: It is not unusual for us to encounter strong opinions among mature believers who genuinely have issues with people using or quoting from anything other than the Authorised Version, the version authorised by James 1st of England in 1604, also known as the King James Version. We have seen billboards outside churches in the USA stating that “God gave the world the KJV and all other translations are apostate”

Despite earlier manuscripts being discovered since the KJV was written, including the famous Dead Seas Scrolls, and greater scholarship and collective understanding of Hebrew and Greek, there are still too many people who believe the KJV is the only truly God-Inspired version of the Bible.

Consequently we have written an article to objectively compare later translations with the KJV and point out the errors made by these translators in the early 17th century.  We look at the four major manuscripts discovered since the KJV was written or that weren’t available to the translators at the time. This article systematically looks at the various errors in the KJV and compares the KJV with more modern translations.

You can download the article “Why Later Translations are preferable to the KJV” by Clicking Here or by visiting our Online store and clicking on Short Articles.

October 2016

As we travel the world, we still find a strong conservative element of believers who do not believe in the baptism in the Holy Spirit or think it is no longer relevant.  They use one or more of the following arguments.  

(1) There is no scriptural distinction to say that Baptism in the Holy Spirit (BHS) is different from Baptism in Water (BW).

 (2) Ephesians 4:5 says ‘One Lord, one faith, one baptism,’ implying that there is only one baptism and therefore it must be BW because when the Ethiopian eunuch was saved he was only baptized in water.

(3) The Holy Spirit we receive through BW is one and the same Holy Spirit so there is no need to make a distinction. You either have the Holy Spirit or you don’t. You can’t have more or less of the Holy Spirit.                                                                                                                                                                                   

(4) BHS is distinct from baptism in water but it is not applicable today because it was only given to the early church to get it established.

 (5) When the apostles spoke in tongues in Acts 2, it was in the language of the people listening. Speaking in tongues today is just gibberish.

Such believers are wary of people telling them about their experiences related to baptism in the Holy Spirit because experiences are personal and subjective and there could be an element of deception.  This, of course, is always a possibility.  If you are to make headway with those believers who are more cautious about ‘experiential Christianity’, you need to convince them strongly from the Word that there is a Scriptural justification for this ‘baptism in the Holy Spirit.’

We have done that.  We have answered each of the questions above using only the Scriptures to establish a strong argument for the relevance and necessity of this baptism. You can purchase this 9000 word article (17 A4 pages) as a PDF and download for the price of a cup of coffee.  Go to the Online Store and click on ‘Foundation Series.’ 

There is also a shortened, less in-depth treatment of the topic at the back of “Communion Resurrected”.

 Almost all conservative evangelicals who have come for ministry have responded well to these Scriptural arguments and been baptised in the Holy Spirit there and then in the ministry room and most have spoken in tongues immediately. 

September 2016

This is our third ministry trip to England.  Previously we have come over to do personal ministry and run one-day seminars in Cornwall and Scotland.  However this was the first school in England and the first step in establishing Anazao in England. Of course there are other healing ministries that do a great job in bringing the healing presence of Jesus into the lives of many people.  The comprehensive nature of our model means that there is now an opportunity for people in the UK to expand their understanding of healing and experience deeper release from the impact of dissociation, which affects ailments in just about everyone, mental and physical. 

To illustrate:  A student volunteered for a demonstration of the impact of dissociation.  She had spent 100s of hours attending training and receiving ministry from a well known UK Christian Deliverance and Healing Ministry that does a good job with the knowledge they have and have brought God’s healing to many people over the years.    

I talked to dissociative parts that Jesus brought forward.  On introducing them to Jesus they stepped aside and revealed a powerful womb memory that they had been shielding from her. This involved an incident in which her pregnant mother almost died. Needless to say, as a baby in the womb, she experienced this event as though it was happening to her as well.  Unfortunately, she made a series of six inner vows as a result of this incident. Yes, babies can make vows in the womb!  The outworking of these vows were very evident in the student’s life. These vows were renounced and Jesus was found in this memory, bringing his unique tactile comfort and words of affirmation resulting in peace and calm to what was a defining life-changing traumatic event.  Total ministry time: One hour.

The point is that the principle of first occurrence means that unless we bring resolution to the first time a trauma happens, subsequent attempts at ministry frequently only address the symptoms of the dysfunction, not the cause of the dysfunction. The person might get mild improvement but not deep healing because you are trying to treat the smoke and not put out the fire.

Later in the week, as part of the teaching, we mapped her part system, which consisted of 35 dissociative parts and Jesus supernaturally, as only he can, removed the parts.  Gone! These parts had a strong influence on the behaviour of the student in various situations.  The behaviours have gone!  Total Time: One hour 10 minutes.  

August 2016

If you go to our online shop you will notice a new category called “Foundation Series”.  In this category you will find individual topics dealt with in considerable depth.  Not the size of a book but usually around 10 000 words or more.  These are topics that we have found consistently recur in our ministry practice.  Topics that cause a lot of confusion among Christians and significantly impact their understanding about God, his character and the way he interacts with us.  The first two topics, available to download as pdf documents, have to do with perhaps the two most important concerns for Christians; accurately hearing God’s voice and the relevance of the Law of Moses to the Christian.  If you download both for the discounted price, it will be the best $7 you will have spent in a long time.  

Later we deal with other less important but no less confusing topics such as whether the gifts of the Holy Spirit are relevant for today’s church, whether Christians should observe Christmas & Easter and whether the KJV of the Bible is superior to later translations.

Stay tuned!

June/July 2016 

The last five weeks, we have been in New Zealand, in the northern North Island, running modules 3 and 4 of our “Cutting Edge” School. Module 3 reveals the extensiveness of ritual abuse in society and exposes the heart of the satanic agenda for the end times. Because this module is a comprehensive and a methodical exposition of how the kingdom of darkness operates, we come under a fair amount of demonic attack during this time. All the students are mature Christians involved in some level of church counseling & prayer ministry, worship or administration. Not only is it a shock to find out the extensive influence of dissociative ritual abuse in society but, even more shocking, how it directly impacts those attending. Because we always demonstrate what we teach, the theory is all the more compelling when highly functioning attendees find that they too can be victims.

The fourth module is on generational iniquity. Over recent years the Lord has been revealing to us the extensive impact of generational iniquity on healing. I am finding more and more deep healing resulting from identifying specific curses and vows, often sealed with blood sacrifice, 6, 8 or 10 generational ago. In addition, sudden death on the generation line compounds significantly the manner of similar deaths and related conditions further down the generations.

The student saw patterns in the genograms they completed regarding their personal family history that they had previously not seen. Sometimes, dysfunctions in our families are so expected or accepted that it isn’t until we take a step back and see the patterns, that the blind spots are revealed.

For example: it is not unusual for a client to have been involved in four or more car accidents and not think it is unusual. In such cases, almost without exception, there will be a parent, grand parent, great grandparent or uncle and aunt that has been involved in one or more serious car accidents, often involving death. Put simply, it is not a coincidence that the client has had so many accidents; the kingdom of darkness had legal rights from the previous generations to affect the client when he or she is driving as well as those around the client to increase the probability of accidents.

 May 2016

We had a great school here at the Gold Coast, with 30 people from all over Australia and New Zealand.  Having students in their 20s is so encouraging because they are the generation that we are passing the baton onto and an understanding of dissociation is crucial to navigating the end-times that lie ahead.  The demonstrations of  dissociative trauma illustrated how easy it is to access such trauma. Literally, from the time a person sits down to be counselled to the time they experience a defining trauma they never knew existed, can be as little as 5 minutes. No hypnotism, no fancytricks. Dissociative parts of our mind are as close to front of our consciousness as a few sentences of encouragement to come forward.  Such a potent tool for healing, so easy to access and so ignored by both the secular and christian world.  Such a shame.

April 2016

We have just completed the first two modules of our training school in Palmer, Alaska. It was well received and we will be returning to do modules 3 & 4 next year. Palmer is a small town nestled in the centre of snow-capped mountains that form a horseshoe around the town. Spectacular.

We saw the northern lights. Here is the picture. What an amazing display of dancing light God has put on for us. An aspect of God’s presentation to us is as light (1 John 1:5). While the light we experience in our 3D world is a dull imitation of the light of God we will eventually see in heaven, nonetheless the whimsical, fleeting, dramatic, dynamic movement of these northern lights is a fingerprint and foretaste of the light hearted, spontaneous, captivating and interactive relationship we will have with God for all eternity. Sometimes we miss that message. We can be too serious. I know I can be. Whether it is a rainbow, exploding fireworks, a deeply red sunset or light beams that break through clouds, there is something about light that just rivets us. We watch in awe. Why? Because it is about ultimately about you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, whether we realise it or not. Thank you, for this bucket-list moment.

In one of the demonstrations, during the module on dissociation, Jesus took a student back to their birth. Coming out of the birth canal, the stresses and strains on the neck and shoulders were felt. Often complete healing of current neck issues takes place as the person feels the pain in the birth process and the energy that has been locked up in the neck and shoulder area for so long is finally released. The student was adopted. As the dissociative parts revealed to her each scene after her birth, she could sense her mother’s dilemma and her decision not to bond with her daughter. As you can imagine, such rejection is hard to cope with emotionally. Jesus walked with the student powerfully through that event and his tangible presence and words of comfort were more enough to overcome these feelings of abandonment and rejection. It is such a privilege to see Jesus re-focus these traumatic events and as a result of the correct perspective, bring deep and lasting changes.

March 2016

Here is a testimony from someone that we counselled over two days. 

“It’s been a long time since I have posted on facebook so here I am to let everyone know that after battling depression all of my life and being on medication for the last 16 years I am finally free!!! No more medication, no more depression!!!  Thank you to Peter and Heather Toth from Anazao for helping me unlock the pathways to revealing the undeniable lifechanging love of Jesus!! For the first time in my life I feel normal!! Thank you Jesus!!”

Dana F, NZ

So often a key component of healing is the correct understanding of God’s nature and character.  Many people, despite being  believers for decades, still have a concept of a God that watches from a distance. This misconception is a significant blockage to healing. Finding Jesus, in the pain of our past traumas and truly experiencing his vital, passionate, dynamic healing presences brings changes that nothing else can.

Jesus is so amazing.  

February 2016

Miraculous Healing

In late January, a client came for ministry and he had his left arm in a brace because it was badly strained with cracked bones and in continuous pain.  The focus of his ministry wasn’t the arm but other significant issues that were constraining her lifestyle.  Intriguingly, he had no recall of how she injured the arm.  It was just really sore without any associated trauma that he could remember. This is a strong indicator that the trauma happened in dissociative state.  During the ministry, we came across the dissociative part that presented when the trauma happened.  Unfortunately, it was deliberately inflicted.  

When dissociative parts present with an injury that the person may or may not be aware of, Jesus ALWAYS, without fail with heal the injury that the part has.  It is simply a matter of touching the affected area and the healing is instantaneous.

Asking the part with the strained arm whether it wanted to be healed by Jesus, it was skeptical initially but eventually said yes.  Gently touching the arm, anointing it with oil and asking Jesus to heal it took no more than 30 seconds. The dissociative part immediately noticed the lack of pain and increased mobility.  When the part retreated, and the person became self-aware again, he immediately became aware of no pain in the arm, no tenderness near the strained and cracked bones and complete mobility.

Completely healed!