Updates for 2015

December 2015

Christmas is around the corner. Another year is almost over. More time spent overseas than at home. Thirty-five take-offs and landings and one more to go before the end of the year. Whew!

Seriously, it is not chore. We both enjoy travelling and take plenty of time off in between teaching and counseling. From Trinidad to Alaska, it is a privilege to bring the deep healing that Jesus has taught us over the years. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing people who have struggled with issues for years finally receiving healing.

Particularly when they are often exasperated, having tried so many different ministry approaches to healing and being disappointed time and again. I know I sound like a broken record but the Church’s haphazard and, for the most part, superficial approach to healing means most people are disappointed. Expectations are raised and dashed. Frequently there is more chance of winning a lottery than getting healing for whatever the issue is. But it doesn’t have to be like that. A methodical approach to healing, that systematically eliminates the blockages that prevent God from healing, means that healing happens. Frequently. Almost all the time, with almost every person, there is a measureable difference and frequently complete physical and/or mental healing of the issue in question.

It’s not rocket science! But it does mean taking a fresh approach to old ways of thinking and doing things. One important aspect is the nature and character of God. The biggest shift in the last 15 years of counseling has been my understanding of who God is. My world has been turned upside down. God is so humorous, spontaneous, flexible, unpredictably refreshing, a non-directive true friend that will challenge me, help me think laterally, encouraging my giftings but not violate the instinctive uniqueness, determination and creativity he loves about me. Far different from the first 40 years of my Christian journey which was more about pleasing him from a performance orientation, with a myriad of self-imposed disciplines. Very impressive – at least to others.

Ahh…. Isn’t it great to finally relax and experience that peace that passes understanding! Promised by Jesus but sadly not often attained by many Christians.

Peace on earth! Goodwill to all mankind! We could certainly use some of that right now. Thank you Father for sending your Son to provide hope for our hopeless condition. I’ll close this year’s blog with the lyrics of the Christmas hymn some of you may know. It is not as popular as I think it should be.

Mary, did you know

Mary, did you know

that your Baby Boy would one day walk on water?

Mary, did you know
that your Baby Boy would save our sons and daughters?

Did you know
that your Baby Boy has come to make you new?
This Child that you delivered will soon deliver you.

Mary, did you know
that your Baby Boy will give sight to a blind man?

Mary, did you know
that your Baby Boy will calm the storm with His hand?

Did you know
that your Baby Boy has walked where angels trod?
When you kiss your little Baby you kissed the face of God?

Mary did you know.. Mary did you know

The blind will see.
The deaf will hear.
The dead will live again.
The lame will leap.
The dumb will speak
The praises of The Lamb.

Mary, did you know
that your Baby Boy is Lord of all creation?

Mary, did you know
that your Baby Boy would one day rule the nations?

Did you know
that your Baby Boy is heaven’s perfect Lamb?
The sleeping Child you’re holding is the Great, I Am. 

See you again in February

Merry Christmas from Peter and Heather

November 2015

We love New Zealand. We are kiwis.  It is our fourth trip this year.  We have spent the last three weeks in New Zealand running a training school but it is the first time we have been here over Halloween for a long time.   What a change.

Really disappointed at the extent of infiltration into our country from media attention, child care and school celebrations & office parties. If people could be given a brief glimpse into the heavenly realms, they would see the enormous demonic energy generated not only from coven sacrifices happening in secret but from every person participating in every party, dressing up in costumes or going from door to door for trick & treat.

Talk to doctors and nurses working on Halloween and they will tell you how they don’t like that shift because of increased accidents and strange injuries. Apart from accidents, Satan uses this energy and the accompanying legal rights in a variety of ways from increased aggression and dissension within relationships, particularly parent-child tension and rebellion. The kingdom of darkness has greater ability to disrupt Christian meetings by scrambling the ability to hear clearly from God,hindering movement in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and increasing internal demonic activity in participants.

Participating in trick & treat, even giving the children who knock on your door a biblical tract, will give legal rights to the kingdom of darkness. The origin of trick and treat is that people would knock on your door and demand you give them something of value (treat) and if you didn’t they would put a curse on you (trick). Participation in the exchange means you agree with the terms of the transaction and this give legal rights to the KOD. The best response is to say, “No thank you” or go away for the evening if you live in a neighbourhood where there are lots of children doing the lounge.

October 2015

As they say in America, “It is a no-brainer.”

 If you go to pat a dog and the dog shies away and cowers in the corner, you conclude that at some stage in the dog’s past it has been abused. If you notice that the dog is okay when women pat it, you conclude that it was a male that abused the dog.

Yet why don’t we apply the same logic with humans? When a person has a phobic fear of bugs, so much so that they are scared to go outside in summer, there will be some traumatic event in that person’s past involving insects. There are three possibilities: (1) The person remembers the original event clearly and always has. (2) The person may have remembered the event initially but repressed it so it isn’t easy for the person to recall the event. (3) The event may have been so traumatic that it caused the person to dissociate so s/he has no memory whatsoever of the event. 

Yet why do so many ministry professionals and most prayer ministers fail to address the obvious and get to the original trauma? 

As they say in America, “Go figure.”

September 2015

A few days ago I had the opportunity to speak on Vision Christian Radio, a part of United Christian Broadcasters (UCB). With 600 relay stations all over Australia and a combined listening audience of 300 000, it was an awesome opportunity to share some of what Anazao does. There was someone in England who heard the interview. Amazing. How did they do that? There is a UCB app you can download on your Smart phone which means you can listen to Vision Radio anywhere in the world.

I was very impressed with the relaxed and efficient way the station operated, and in particular, how multi-tasking Matt, the DJ, has to be handling music, phone calls, the interview and talking casually to me in between.

I look forward to further opportunities to talk on a variety of topics. The next time I will put the interview date on the front page of website.

A reminder to all readers that we are running the first module of our four module ‘Cutting Edge’ on Oct 8,9 &10. The school takes place on the beautiful Gold Coast, at the Isle of Palms resort.

August 2015

The day before our seminar on    Saturday August 1st in Warkworth, NZ on the property where the seminar was to be run, a man was run over and pinned under the back wheel of a tractor. It was a freakish accident. The rear wheel was on his head and chest and he was under for some time before he was found. His head and chest were visibly compressed. To remove the tractor, it had to be backed over the man again! The man was not conscious and blood was coming out of his mouth and ears. Reversing back over his head and chest was a gut wrenching sight for those watching. Police arrived and when the Westpac Rescue Helicopter arrived, the victim was Code zero. Not breathing, no pulse, no other vital signs and it was debatable whether he was dying or dead.

Two women who had read Anazao’s books had son’s involved in the discovery of the man under the tractor and when they found out, the y immediately declared that this man would be miraculously restored and healed. They recognized that this was an attack of the enemy to prevent the seminar from going ahead the next day and it would not prevail. God would be greater and the man would be healed. That takes some faith when the brutal reality is that the man had his skull and chest run over twice by a large rear tractor wheel and for all intents and purposes was dead.

He spent overnight in ICU and, remarkably, the next day he was virtually fully recovered, perfectly lucid, with only three broken ribs. No other internal or external injuries to his chest or head. The seminar went ahead and the people involved gave testimony of God’s miraculous healing regarding this man.

Satan hates what Anazao does and it is not unusual for the kingdom of darkness to try to sabotage our seminars and schools. This was the most potent attempt to date and had the man died we would have had to cancel the seminar.

Two days later he was out of hospital.

By the way, the seminar was a great success, the demonstration powerfully confirming the teaching and we will be returning to run a school in October.

July 2015

Half the year is over and I thought a summary of what we have done and where we have been would give our readers a broad overview of our travels and how God has moved.

In January we ran the first two modules of our Cutting Edge school in Casa Grande, Arizona.  We came to the area the previous year to do ministry and as a result of that ministry, we returned to run a school.  As is now almost a  standard for the school, students are surprised at the extent and depth of hidden trauma in their lives. A full time professional is now using the model and others are beginning to reach out and counsel as well.  

Following this we went to Trinidad & Tobago, in the southern Caribbean, in response to a pastor who read our book on Dissociation and was applying the principles from the book and was getting stuck.  Trinidad is an ethnic melting pot of Indian, Caribe, Chinese & African influences and the students at the school represented this mix.  Our teaching was well received, the people eager for the bigger picture.  The generational iniquity linked to the ancestral practices of these various cultural groups is potent particularly the impact of slavery and Hinduism. The mix of African animism with Christianity creates a fusion that  can easily lead to confusion.

We returned to the US and ran a school in Raleigh, North Carolina.  From there we returned to Casa Grande for more ministry.  The generational effect of SRA on clients is enormous and such an important component in healing.  I can’t over emphasize just how much healing has resulted dealing with demons linked to sins of our ancestors.  

The last school in the US was in Denver and focused on modules 3 & 4.  These are always hard schools for us and the students because the content and demonstration attacks right at the heart of the kingdom of darkness and exposes their agenda. The emotional impact of the revelations and the intensity of the abreactions would be overwhelming without Jesus’ presence.  As a result, there was a strong bond with the students and those who attended were hand-picked by Jesus.  Despite the emotional rawness, the freedom that results can’t be achieved in any other manner and truly makes everything worthwhile.

Finally we travelled to a few hundred kilometres outside the Arctic circle to Anchorage in Alaska to run a seminar on Dissociation.  We have a large attendance and once again the people were eager to receive what we shared and it is likely we will return next year to run the first two modules of our school.

We returned home after 5 months of travel overseas.  Teaching and ministry around the world is such a privilege and helps us see the bigger picture of the strength and weaknesses spiritually in each region and country.      

The beautiful mother-of-the-bride

June 2015                                                                                                                   

Yesterday, June 1st, Bill Shorten, leader of the opposition introduced a bill to Parliament in  Australia, proposing  to legalize gay marriage. This month the nine US Supreme Court Justices will be voting on the same issue.  The timing is perfect for this last segment on why homosexuality is a dysfunction.  Regular blog readers will have read the 12 points, over the last six months, on this topic.  This month we finish, appropriately, with why Homosexuals should not be allowed to marry.

(13) Anal Cancer: Male homosexuals are 17 times more likely to develop anal cancer than heterosexual men.

 (14) Unique STDs: In 2012, men who have sex with men accounted for 75% of primary and secondary syphilis cases in the United States. Diseases, not usually considered to be sexually transmitted, now accompany male homosexual activity. These STDs, unique to gay men, are shigellosis, salmonellosis, giardiasis, and amebiasis. Shigellosis results in acute diarrhea as does salmonellosis (salmonella poisoning) whereas giardiasis and amebiasis are parasitic infections. Gonorrhea is probably the most common bacterial infection in gay men. Carriage rates as high as 50% have been reported. In other words, in some regions, half the homosexual men have gonorrhea.

(15) Staggering STD Statistics: In 2013, a comprehensive study of anal HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) in 94 gay men from the Seattle region, between the ages of 16 and 30, found that 70% carried the infection.

While STDs are also a consequence of heterosexual activity, the point of these statistics, in items 12,13 and 14, is the incredibly high percentage of disease and sickness in comparison to the relatively small percentage of male homosexual activity in society. Without doubt, these statistics confirm the obvious; that homosexual sex is a dangerous activity biologically, with viral consequences that last a lifetime.

(16) Anal Sphincter Compromise: The anal sphincter muscle contracts to pinch off feces when you defecate. It is designed to operate like a one-way valve. When you push the valve in the opposite direction to which it is designed, it eventually loses its function and hence homosexuals frequently have incontinence problems.

Arguments against Homosexual Marriage

(17) Myth of Monogamy: As has been stated, the large number of partners per homosexual means that the concept of ‘faithfulness’ or ‘monogamy’ as understood by those in heterosexual relationships generally don’t apply, particularly to the male homosexual community. Those working exclusively with helping male homosexuals leave that lifestyle, with decades of experience (eg Payne, Cominsky), report truly monogamous homosexual relationships were so rare as to be virtually non-existent. With the push towards the legalization of homosexual marriage, the general public will believe that a homosexual marriage will mean ‘forsaking all others’ but this is not the case. In reality, it is likely to mean, ‘you will be my main partner’. While 40% of heterosexual relationships report unfaithfulness, most of these relationships were not entered into with the intention of unfaithfulness. The same can’t be said about homosexuality.

(18)  Flawed Statistics: The claims by lesbian and male homosexual groups that studies show that children parented by gay couples are not disadvantaged compared to children from a heterosexual union is simply not true. The more than 50 studies used by these groups to support their case are all statistically flawed because not one compares a large, random, representative sample of gay parents with a large, random, representative sample of heterosexual parents. All had significant statistical bias. However, the two major studies done where these factors have been taken into consideration, based on the US 2000 Census figures and the Canadian census of 2006, indicate that 35% of children from homosexual parents are less likely to make normal progress through school.

(19) “Better” Parents: The claim that same-sex parents make better parents than opposite-sex parents is fundamentally flawed. Intuitively, the best parenting environment is a low conflict, married, heterosexual couple. Children of both sexes have a parent to identify with, who naturally understands them and a parent of the opposite sex that contrasts with them and consequently helps further define and clarify their own sexuality. Aside from the obvious physical differences between the sexes that a child from a heterosexual union observes, there are enormous fundamental differences between males and females regarding thinking, processing information, motivations, priorities, emotional needs, etc that are well established through a plethora of books and studies. These subtle interactions, modeled by parents and assimilated daily by children provide an intuitive blueprint of the nuanced male-female relationship paradigm that children with same-sex parents are intrinsically deficient in.

(20) Repercussions of Gay Marriage: The agenda to recognize same-sex marriage as equally valid to traditional marriage brings with it a host of other follow-on problems and dilemmas that legislators may not necessarily foresee. Here are four examples:

(a) Since same-sex and opposite-sex marriages are now equal, it means that there can be no discrimination against a same-sex couple applying to adopt/foster a child in favor of an opposite-sex couple who are also applying to adopt/foster that same child.

(b) It means that those seeking baby-sitting services can’t object to two married males applying to look after your child. A gay couple can apply for married couple positions in your church, school, kindergarten, organization and you could be sued if any discrimination was proven during the selection process.

(c) It means that sex education classes in schools now must include descriptions of male homosexual and lesbian sexual acts in marriage as equally legitimate alternatives to heterosexual intercourse.

(d) Health insurance policies frequently cover married couples, as a unit, giving cheaper premiums than two distinct individuals. However, if homosexual relationships are recognized as ‘marriages’, they will also qualify for the cheaper premiums. Since the health cost of male homosexuality is much higher than heterosexuality, as outlined above, heterosexuals will be penalized by all premiums increasing.   Whereas if homosexuals are still considered individuals, their premiums will be higher, as they currently are and should continue to be, because the added cost of their dysfunctional behaviour to the health system warrants greater contribution. That’s fair. User pays.


Homosexuality is a disorder. Because of dissociative trauma from the womb onwards, a realignment of sexual attraction occurs. Consequently the person can’t remember ever feeling otherwise, and concludes erroneously that homosexuality must be genetic. Homosexual behaviours are dysfunctional from a physical/biological standpoint as well as any standard psychological assessment of the relationship dynamics. The growing range of STDs and the high percentages within the homosexual community of these diseases, linked to oral-fecal-anal-penal penetration, reinforces not only the dysfunctional nature of this condition but the impact on the rest of society, particularly in an era where disease can establish and spread so quickly, becoming a pandemic.

Since it is a disorder, from every perspective, why elevate such a dysfunction to the status of an equally healthy alternative to heterosexual marriage? Currently homosexuals in most western countries can live together as a couple and some states/countries allow these couples to be parents. Let’s leave the stop sign here. If we legitimize homosexual marriage, we necessarily diminish the importance, normality and special nature of heterosexual marriage and parenting, and this will have dire consequences.

We all recognize that smoking is detrimental to a person’s health and we also recognize a person’s free will choice to engage in such activities and society allows them to do so. However, it is quite another issue to raise smoking to the level of an equally healthy alternative to non-smoking. That doesn’t make sense.

Closing Comments

It is easy to come to the conclusion that Anazao is just as judgmental as other Christians regarding homosexuals.  The opposite is true.  A number of homosexuals have been healed through our understanding of the role dissociation plays in the formation of homosexual tendencies. God loves every homosexual, every adulterer, every sinner (oops, that includes you!) and he has the amazing capacity to separate the sin from the sinner and love the sinner inspite of their sin. He wants us to do the same.  With correct knowledge, understanding  coupled with compassion, free from condemnation, homosexuality can be cured.

There is more! To download and read all 27 points, Dissociation and the Formation of Homosexuality

May 2015

This month’s blog continues from October, December, January, February March and April’s  blog where we have looked at why homosexuality is a dysfunction.  You can read the first nine points by going to the Previous Blogs tab

(10)   Diseases continue to spread with such activities as ‘rimming’ where the tongue is used to circle around the anus, with decreasing circles, until it is thrust deeply into the anus. ‘Golden showers’ involves being urinated on and there is more depravity involving defecation. The graphic nature of this content is disturbing but needs to stated if we are to move away from the sanitized version the homosexual agenda wants the public to believe and face the truth about practices that are common place within the homosexual community.

(11)    The Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM) is the psychiatric ‘bible’ used by psychiatrists to classify and describe mental disorders. The fifth edition, DSM V, of this manual has been recently released (2014). In the first three editions, homosexuality was listed as disorder for some of the reasons listed above. In the fourth edition, DSM IV, homosexuality was removed from the manual. It was not that any of the original reasons were incorrect or had changed, it is merely because of political pressure.   

Students from our recent school in May in Denver, Colorado. People travelled from Germany, Alaska, Arizona and, of course, Colorado to attend Modules 3 & 4 of the school. From psychologists with doctorates to untrained individuals keen to learn more,  everyone was very supportive during teaching and demonstration that was challenging but liberating

April 2015

This month’s blog continues from October’s, December’s, January’s, February’s and March’s blog where we have looked at why homosexuality is a dysfunction.  You can read the first eight points by going to the Previous Blogs tab

(9) The ability of the male mind to compartmentalize is a significant factor in male homosexual sex being totally transactional with little or no emotive content. Homosexual sex can be so devoid of any human connection that it is not uncommon in Gay establishments to have a thin wall with holes in it through which a penis is pushed and on the other side another homosexual will give oral sex to that penis without seeing the person who owns the penis at all! Such scenarios encourage the spread of all kinds of diseases, including AIDS.

March 2015

This month’s blog continues from October’s, December’s & January’s and February’s blog where we have looked at why homosexuality is a dysfunction.  

(8) The average number of partners for heterosexuals is far less than the average number of partners for homosexuals. Anecdotally, clients in the 30-60 yrs of age who are heterosexual will typically have between 1 and 50 partners with a mean around 10 partners. Practicing homosexuals typically have between 100 and 2000 partners, with a mean of around 500. Prostitutes excepted, if I counseled a heterosexual, who had 500 partners, I would say they had a problem in one or more of the following: inability to commit, romance addiction, lack of boundaries, low self esteem, a mind/heart disconnect, core beliefs based on irrational thinking, misogyny/misandry issues, manipulation/predation, OCD, early childhood abuse. The fact that such numbers are typical for homosexuals reinforces the belief that homosexually is highly dysfunctional on any relational scale.

February 2015

This month’s blog continues from October’s, December’s & January’s blog where we have looked at why homosexuality is a dysfunction.  

(7) With more than 20 000 clinical hours dealing with childhood sexual abuse, we have noticed it is extremely rare to find a child who has been abused just once. Unfortunately, having been abused once, children are abused repeatedly, from that point on and throughout their lives, without any knowledge of the abuse. The dissociative barrier keeps these events completely hidden from the person. For example, it is not unusual for a 10 year old boy or girl to have been comprehensively sexually abused (vaginal, anal and oral rape) over 30 times without having any knowledge whatsoever of ever being abused. This abuse typically began when the child was under two years old and continues from that point on until the dissociative aspects are fully resolved.

If the abuser, who is usually male, grooms the child, this progressively realigns the boy’s attraction away from females. Each abuse event reinforces muscle memory and creates a layered effect of similar emotional responses. To repeat, the victim has no idea whatsoever of any kind of abuse.

In the case of comprehensive dissociative abuse of females by males, it can re-orientate attraction away from males toward females because females are the only gender that is safe. In addition, each abuse event will result in the formation of more dissociative alters that can increase this same sex attraction. Hence, a pre-pubescent boy, who thinks he has never been sexually abused, may find himself sexually attracted to other boys, without any knowledge whatsoever of the dozens of time he has already been abused and how his spirit, soul and body have be reprogrammed to be aroused by males instead of females. A pre-pubescent girl may be attracted to other girls more than to males because her dissociative parts know about comprehensive male abuse and protect her from further abuse by turning her attention to other females.

January 2015

This month’s blog continues from October’s and December’s blog where we have looked at why homosexuality is a dysfunction.  

(5) From Anazao’s extensive work over 15 years with dissociation, the reason homosexuals cannot remember a time they weren’t attracted to the opposite sex is because of vows made in the womb or soon after birth. Because your soul and spirit is as alive in womb as it is in you today, as a baby in the womb you could and often did make choices or vows, even though you can’t recall doing so. The choice to reject the significant male person in their lives, usually the father, is foundational to the establishment of the homosexual orientation for both male and female. The vows reject masculinity. “I won’t be like my father and all he represents” is one such example. Once masculinity is rejected, the only remaining option is to align with his mother, with femininity. This is why some men have more feminine mannerisms. They subconsciously choose to be like women. Like a female, as the boy matures, he necessarily has to sexualize the males and their masculine characteristics. Hence same sex attraction.

(6) Another reason for early childhood sexual re-orientation in males is early childhood sexual abuse by a male. This abuse, usually when the child is under 3 years of age, is always held in dissociative state (the person has no memory whatsoever). Since the first sexual experience can serve as a blueprint the child’s later sexual expression, a re-orientation away from healthy heterosexual expression can occur. These dissociative parts formed as a result of the abuse can be an additional factor in reinforcing that re-orientation. The parts can send strong messages into the person‘s thinking that accentuate same sex attraction. In addition, the parts can affect hormones and biochemistry affecting the person’s arousal to same sex thoughts.