Updates for 2014

December 2014

This month’s blog continues from October’s blog when we begin to look at why homosexuality is a dysfunction.  You can read the first two points by reading October’s blog

(3)  There is no evidence whatsoever that homosexuality is genetically linked.   If this were ever true, that homosexuals had a gene determining their sexual orientation, then over the millennia this gene would have been rapidly eliminated because homosexuals can’t reproduce to pass on this gene. From a Christian worldview, God would have never created a gene for same sex attraction, since that is against his will. From an evolutionary worldview, same sex attraction would have to be a mutation because it is completely counter to the objective of evolution which is ‘survival of the fittest’ and passing on genetic advantage to the next generation. Hence the mutation would be eliminated as soon as it was formed. Logically then, from either viewpoint, it is impossible for homosexuality to be genetically linked. Furthermore, bisexuality is a clear example of a homosexual choice, not a genetic compulsion. The bisexual can choose to be contented in a heterosexual relationship or can choose sexual fulfillment in a homosexual relationship or can flick between the two options. It is completely related to the person’s freewill choice.

(4) Statistically, compared to heterosexuals, there are abnormally high dysfunctional relationships between homosexuals and the significant male parent figure, usually the father, in their lives. Those with extensive experience counseling homosexual indicate that this is higher than 95%. In other words, it is hard to find a person with male homosexual orientation that does not have an issue with the principle male figure in his upbringing. Consequently, homosexuality is definitely a ‘nuture’ not a ‘nature’ issue. Female homosexuals frequently have similar issues with the dominant males in their lives but not to the same extent as male homosexuals. For lesbians with a more masculine orientation, a dysfunctional relationship with the mother-figure in her formative years can be a pattern.

November 2014

I realise I said in October’s blog that I would continue in this month’s blog talking about reasons why homosexuality is a dysfunction.  My apologies to those who were looking forward to more reasons.  I will continue this topic in December. I hope that this months blog is a satisfying substitute.  

I was asked by a local Christian radio station last week to comment on the Pope’s recent statement talking about the compatibility of evolution with Christianity and Creation.  Below is a transcript of what I said.

The Pope’s Comment and Evolution

Firstly, the Pope’s comment that evolution is not incompatible with creation is simply theologically unsound. Romans 5:12 makes it very clear that sin entered into the world first and that death was a direct consequence of sin. As a result of Adam’s sin, death and decay has entered all creation. God created everything perfectly, Adam sinned, death entered. Theistic Evolution, which is what I think the Pope is talking about, reverses this and says death entered first and after a number of dead end pathways over millions of years, we eventually evolve a man and God called him Adam. Not only is this viewpoint in direct contradiction to scripture, it means that God uses death as a creative agent. That is a contraction in terms. God never intended death to be a feature of his creation when he made the world, just as he never intended to sin to be a feature. God is the Way, the Truth and the Life, God is for life and eternally we will live in a world that has absolutely no death whatsoever. 

Now to the theory of evolution. Humans have selectively bred Chihuahua for smallness and hence Chihuahua have lost the genes to be big and tall. Great Danes’ have been selected genetically to be big and tall so that now, no matter how many times you breed two great Danes, you won’t ever get a small tiny dog like a Chihuahua. The Great Dane has lost the genetic ability to be small and tiny. The original ancestor of both the Chihuahua and the Great Dane had the genetic variability to produce both kinds of dog. To produce a Great Dane or Chihuahua means a loss of genetic information. Here is the really important point. All selection genetically, whether it is done by humans artificially or in nature, called ‘natural selection, such as Darwin’s finches on the Galapagos Islands, always results in a loss of genetic information. Rather than being ‘evolution’ it is ‘devolution.’

As God clearly said in Genesis chapter 1 plants and animals were created to reproduce after their own kind. God created animal kinds with enormous genetic variability. He created several dog kinds, cat kinds, horse kinds, plants kinds etc knowing that with natural selection overtime, there would be a wide variety of cat-like animals,from the big cats in Africa to your moggy. Dog-like animals from wolves, coyotes and foxes to your golden retriever. All evolutionary processes therefore involved a loss of information not a gain of information. Evolutionists cannot produce a single event to show that genetic information is added through natural selection. Genetic information is always lost, never created hence the whole idea of starting with an amoeba and ending up with a man, starting with goo and ending with you, has never been observed in nature. Evolution is the biggest lie of of the last 150 years. Personally I would rather believe in the creative act of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit than Mother Nature, Father Time and Lady Luck.

October 2014

Why homosexuality is a dysfunction

Homosexuality is increasingly accepted as a normal form of behaviour. In fact, to suggest otherwise is to be vilified as homophobic.

The term, ‘homophobic’ is a misnomer. This is simply not true and it doesn’t make sense.   If I disagree with Islam or Hinduism, I am not labelled an Islamophobe or Hinduphobic! If I disagree with communism, I am not phobic or fearful of communism. I disagree with homosexuality as a sexual practice but I am not fearful of homosexuals or in anyway threatened by them. Why do we allow the gay agenda to get away with such an exaggerated, inflammatory label?

Lets get down to reasons why homosexuality is a dysfunction. I am going to be graphic because these are the facts.

(1) The anus was not designed for the containment of a penis. The colon is designed for water absorption to harden faeces. It doesn’t have the same robust muscular makeup as a vagina. Hence infection is easily spread through the thin permeable colon walls, which is why AIDs spread so rapidly via homosexual contact.

(2) The anal sphincter muscle contracts to pinch off your faeces when you defecate. It is designed to operate like a one-way valve. When you push the valve in the opposite direction to which it is designed, it eventually loses its function and hence older homosexuals frequently have incontinence problems.

To read more reasons why homosexuality is abnormal, visit us in November and read the blog!

September 2014

A letter we have just received from someone who has read “Communion Resurrected”.  

“One of the best things I have ever done is to read “Communion Resurrected”. I mean it!

It was sitting on my shelf for 18 months gathering dust.  I really struggled to bring myself to pick it up.  Having read it, the reason is obvious.  Communion is an incredible story, an even more incredible gift.  I can see why the kingdom of darkness has sown so much confusion and dissension about this truth, leaving most of the church wallowing in a hollow ritual, bereft of the life support Jesus so wants us to have – himself.  Himself physically present in us, complimenting the Holy Spirit whenever we take communion.  

I cannot stress enough what an incredible comfort and life changing experience this new understanding of communion has been. It becomes an oasis of security, reassurance and intimacy with Jesus every time I take it”

F Percival,  QLD 

August 2014

One of the teachings in our “Cutting Edge” school concerns alternative medicines such as acupuncture, kinesiology etc and we explain in detail why such practices play into the hands of the kingdom of darkness.  One such practice that surprises students is Chiropractic.  It is beyond the scope of this blog to explain the reasons why but we have proved many times in our healing ministry that chiropractic is significant blockage to true healing.  However, people become so dependant on the chiropractor that when they fix their focus afresh on the Holy Spirit, the kingdom of darkness is often quick undermine their confidence through attacking them with pain.  This pain is, of course, demonic in origin.

Here is an e mail we have received a week ago.  This person received healing from many years of chronic pain.  Part of her healing involved repenting of her involvement in chiropractic.

“I have cancelled my appointment with the Chiro, and have had many attacks in my mind since!  Like, “You’ll regret this”, What will you do when the pain comes back, eh?”  “Are you being reasonable?”, “You can’t do without it…you will be in pain and then will have to go back!”, “How can you be sure they [Anazao] are right anyway?” “Come on, it’s only physical [scientific] stuff, nothing to do with Taoism!”   I had a trial about two weeks ago [return of pain]  when I very nearly phoned the Chiropractor , but decided that I had promised not to go, so I told the demons to leave and asked God to keep me and thanked Him for my healing.  No further pain….whoopi!”

July 2014

The world’s largest pencil

A psychologist who has begun using our ministry approach in the US is having success:

“Yesterday, in my session, a client was healed from scoliosis. We are all totally excited. He was born with the disease.His back and neck started popping and shifting. He is totally straight and all pain is gone. Praise the Lord. I was using your methods.

I think word is going to spread quickly. I am scheduled tomorrow with my 5th client of two day sessions. I have two others scheduled.

The results have been great.”

Dr Steve Jackson, Casa Grande, Arizona, USA

June 2014

GOD HEALS IN THE “God wants to heal so why doesn’t he?” SEMINARS.                                                                    The world’s largest pencil

We have completed two seminars in Denver, USA and La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland.                                                                                      

In both the Holy Spirit healed a person, on stage, from chronic long term pain, both in 2 & 1/2 hours or less ( and this included translation!) .  For one person, the pain was daily, intense and had lasted for 18 years and the other it was strong, intermittent and had lasted for 12 years.

While the commencement of ongoing pain in both cases was linked to a car accident, a foundational source was connected to trauma at birth.  This trauma was held in dissociative state.

This meant that neither person knew about the trauma associated with their birth.  Once the dissociative alters (parts) holding the pain released it, the person was back in the womb and experiencing the incredible pain and stress on the neck, shoulders and back as they were mechanically twisted and pulled out strongly by the head.  Instead of the person experiencing these feelings and emotions at the time of their birth, the alters absorbed the pain and have held it in tension in the neck and back.

While the person is young and supple, this tension is not noticeable.  As more stress develops in living life, there comes a time when an event becomes the last straw; such as a whiplash from a car accident. The neck and back can no longer hold all the pain, the threshold is exceeded and this results in continuous pain.

Part of the solution is to access the alters holding the pain and, ironically, it is the person consciously experiencing the pain for the first time themselves that releases the locked up tension in the back and neck and enables the healing.

It is not the only factor in the healing.  It is also necessary to explore the emotions around these traumas and associated misbeliefs.

Our book by the same title, “God Wants To Heal So Why Doesn’t He?”details all the steps we use in progressively deconstructing the blockages so that Jesus can heal.

April – May 2014

The two week school in Denver, Colorado has just finished.  For 14 of the 15 students, the school exceeded their expectations.  Every student would highly recommend the course.  Here are some of their comments:

“It has changed my life.  I will never be the same again.  I see the journey of sanctification is so much more than I ever imagined.  Intimacy with Jesus was accomplished and I expect it to continue.” Wayne P, North Carolina

“Wow! My new favourite word! The course brought such a great connection to Jesus for me, more than I have ever experienced before.  Truly opened up my way of thinking and is moving me to go deeper.  Thank you.”  Michelle S, Denver, Colorado

“Amazing to see such  complex content taught so thoroughly and simply.  Thank you for keeping things real, deep and understandable at the same time.  The freedom that came from understanding communion is beyond words” Julie , Denver, Colorado

“Extremely helpful.  Less fluff than most courses.  Information well organised.  The daily hygiene prayers and communion teaching alone would have been worth the cost of the course!”  Sue E, Denver, Colorado

“Powerful!  This course woke me up to the nature of the spiritual battle, the depth of love Jesus has for us and communion.” Bob M, Denver, Colorado

“I’m coming away with so MANY things it is hard to pick just a few. Communion teaching was so powerful, as was daily hygiene.  Also our authority and how much authority Satan still has.  A huge impact was through the demonstrations, seeing and realising how much Jesus loves us and is continuously protecting us.” Jackie T, Denver, Colorado

“Very Amazing!  So appreciated the depth of thinking that went into these concepts. Especially enjoyed communion, ministry tips, boundaries, and seeing the demonstrations.  It has set me free to think differently about healing and deliverance.” D.M  Colorado. 

March 2014

Here is an e mail we received from a client this month.  During the ministry her dissociative alters were removed.

“On the two-hour trip from Melbourne airport back to our town, I kept exclaiming to Bruce how amazingly blue the sky was – I was sure it had never looked so blue before. Logic demands that I acknowledge that it wasn’t the colour of the sky that was different, but the eyes through which I was seeing it ! 

I am continuing to push away denial of the incestuous sexual abuse which was revealed during my ministry. I’m finding this openness to acknowledge the truth of what happened, leads to a lot of uncomfortable emotions and feelings of sadness- and physical discomfort in the tummy, too. However, any and all feelings are infinitely preferable to the dazed detachment with which I approached life and relationships before.

I googled adult survivors, and found that I have all the typical symptoms. One site even mentions exactly what I have been finding- that the symptoms get worse as you get older. I found this very encouraging, not least because it adds weight to the case for accepting the truth of what happened to me. Words can’t express my thankfulness to you both for stepping out into this area of ministry/ministry.”


February 2014

We had a mature Christian couple spend a week with us as we removed dissociative parts in both of them. Each time we exposed a layer of dissociative alters, we visited a memory associated with that system. Once again, it was a privilege to watch how exquisitely the Holy Spirit chose memories that answered issues and questions each of them had been puzzled about all their lives! From womb memories to memories related to orchestrated satanic abuse, this kind of ministry answers questions no other kind of ministry or ministry can achieve.  It introduces the client to an intimately passionate and committed Jesus that they haven’t really considered before.  The couples conclusion:  “The best week of our lives”