Updates for 2013

December 2013

As we review the year, having spent 8 months this year, traveliing and ministry in NZ, USA, Switzerland, England and Canada, it is clearer than ever that in terms of deep healing, there is no systematic approach to dealing with physical and mental issues within Christianity that is truly Christ-centred. That is so sad. Secular psychological approaches predominate. If Jesus is invoked, he is usually hamstrung; the spiritual tools are usually superficial and don’t allow the Holy Spirit the freedom to move or speak directly.

November 2013

Our Vancouver seminar on “God wants to heal so why doesn’t he?” was well received and the participants were challenged and encouraged by our approach to healing which moves healing out of the randomly miraculous to the methodically miraculous. Removing blockages that prevent God from healing is still a new concept for many Christians. Many were surprised that illnesses, mental and physical, were largely spiritual in origin with only a relatively small biological component. Our demonstration with a participant from the seminar showed how deep the ministry goes in a very short period of time.

Sept-October 2013

We returned to Gore, in the south part of the South Island of NZ to complete the last two weeks of our Cutting Edge school. As usual, the SRA week was an eye-opener to all participants. At every school we have run, at least one of the particpants has unknowning been accessed by the kingdom of darkness in dissociative state. In other words, they have no knowledge of the alternate life that have been living. Needless to say, the revelation is shocking, to say the least! Yet because the person discovers this knowledge for themselves, the impact of this revelation is undenable and paradigm shifting, both for the person and other students observing the ministry. As part systems were carefully mapped and removed, the positive changes in the person’s life, were obvious to everyone. This reinforces the reality of dissociative control by the kingdom of darkness. So many people that churches find difficult to get a breakthrough with are in fact victims of ritual abuse.

Like the SRA week, the demonstrations during the week on generational iniquity once again confirmed the fact that our ancestors have a strong influence on us, whether we like it or not. For further explanation and a specific example of how generational sin affects us, read our comment on October 2012.

July – August 2013

We have returned home after a four month trip around the world, ministry a month each in the USA, Switzerland and England, and a month of sightseeing and relaxing. Being translated into French when speaking to dissociative parts and demons presents its own set of problems, not the least of which is the time it takes. Prior to arriving in Switzerland, we asked Jesus to do something special so that the process wouldn’t take double the time. He didn’t disappoint. We were amazed at the way he short circuited the mapping the part systems and gave grace in circumstances that, back in Australla and English speaking countries he hasn’t done before. Consequently, we frequently achieved in a day of French translation what would have taken two days without translation!

May 2013

This is our fourth trip to North Carolina and we have just completed the condensed four week school. People here are so hungry for healing that works and sets the captive free, both physically and emotionally. It has been satisfying consolidating our previous visits and finding people using this deeper approach to healing with increasing understanding, confidence and success.

In addition to the schools, we counselled a number of people, with students from the school as observers. Here is a testimony from a person who had received ministry for dissociation for 19 years without success and more latterly Theophostic ministry for two years.

“Asounded! 54 years of living with SRA and DID and through the ministry techniques of Peter and Heather’s ministry, Jesus took care of it all in two days” Pat, NC USA

April 2013

The following testimony is from a person who suffered from a variety of physical, social and mental problems. In addition he had a phobia about water and his young 6 year old daughter had an extreme phobia about water. He had a day of ministry initially and six weeks later returned for a week of ministry. The transformation was miraculous. Below is the e mail he wrote us.

“Today we didn’t go to church but rather to the beach (imitation of, the real beaches are in the Gold Coast). When we got there, I ran to the water. It was cold (this is not the Gold Coast). And I jumped into it. I swam. I had no goggles, and I opened my eyes in the water. My daughter walked into the water all the way until it was reaching her neck. We played games. She asked me to pull her, and throw her, and push her. She was excited as her feet were not touching the sand in the floor.

Later we played a game. We dig a hole in the sand, I laid down on it, and my wife and daughter covered me with sand. For lunch we had grilled fish, calamari, some potatoes and a greek salad (it didn’t come from Greece, though). I ate the salad including the tomatoes.

It was the most amazing day on the beach in my whole life.

You see, before last week: I wouldn’t have the initiative to go to the beach, I wouldn’t run because my legs will hurt to the extreme, I wouldn’t be able to run to the water. I wouldn’t be able to go into the cold water (it wouldl trigger an excruciating trauma memory). I wouldn’t be able to swim with such freedom and total lack of fear. My eyes would hurt all the time, and this time they didn’t, even though I opened them under water.

My daughter wouldn’t get close to the water, not to mention that now she will walk on her own towards us in the deep, and to lift her feet of the floor. We haven’t literally done anything with her, there is such a change!

Previously, I wouldn’t like not one bit of sand on me. It would be a trauma. Now I enjoyed being buried in it. I wouldn’t eat salad, and particularly tomatoes because of the textures, colors, and associations. Now I can eat spicy food and drink fizzy drinks (related to snake bite in tongue memory)

I didn’t use sunscreen and I didn’t get burnt one bit. My olive skin worked properly as it is meant to be. My wife said that I was fully aware, and that she was watching me carefully and didn’t see any time that I got disconnected.[Zoning out for several hours a day was a huge problem]

She said that my driving was like sitting next to a completely different person. It was safe, smooth, not in a rush, not aggressive nor passive. Just right and gentle. Not upset when someone undercuts me, but rather giving way. And not undercutting anyone else, just planning and waiting for the safe spot.

So I wanted to say thank you for last week. A lot of work was done and you are extremely effective and strategic. A lot was achieved. Not one bit of time was wasted. Things were in perspective and balance. You spoke the truth in a clear and convicting way, with good empathy and meaning well. Your prayers and drawings (like the pendulum, rejection) concentrate in one or two pages a massive amount of wisdom and knowledge that you would normally gather from a couple of books and years of training. The information is clear and presented in such a simple way, It is amazing.

This is just the next day after I arrived back in NSW last week. I look excitedly to what the next blessings coming my way will be..

Also I wanted to testify to the things that were achieved after our previous one-day meeting. These things followed it:

(1) Cut off communication altogether with my mother. Which I always wanted, but never could do.

(2) Suicide ideation dropped considerably.

(3) Alters came up for the first time ever. After meeting with you they started to come up, release their memories and meet Jesus with no problems.

(4) The door to the spiritual world was opened. I see things now with a different perspective. All of a sudden the bible includes the words “demons”, “angels”, son of god, etc. I have read the bible many times but this info was totally ignored and blocked from me.

(5) I got healed from reflux. I had this problem for 15 years, and tried many times to drop the medicines unsuccessfully

(6) I got healed from lactose intolerance. I can now enjoy icecream, cheese, etc.

(7) I lost nearly 10 kilos without doing anything in particular, my cholesterol levels went back to normal.

(8) I dropped all medicines including the antidepressants.

(9) My wife described out first one day meeting as if she got born again, again. She was awaken, and came back to life. The name “Anazao” certainly honours your results.

Our discipleship with Christ started. It become the number one priority in our lives.


John NSW

Feb 2013

We have just finished the first two weeks of our four week “Cutting Edge” school in Gore, the lower South Island of NZ. The first week was on the Kingdom of Darkness and the second week was on Dissociation. Students are always surprised at the diversity of sin in our lives and the legal rights these sins give to the KoD to impact our lives at varous levels. Many begin to consider, for the first time, actions to be sinful that they previously hadn’t considered as sinful. To confirm that these sins are in fact sins, we demonstrate with a volunteer student and the demons related to these sins are commanded to present, within carefully set parameters. It is hard to argue that an action is not sinful when demons clearly present! We then carefully demantle the reasons or legal rights that the demons have to be there, which is an enlightening exercise for the students. All our students are mature Christians, most involved in Church ministry.

In the second week, on Dissociation, one of the students who volunteered to receive ministry, gained relief from periodic but chronic abdominal discomfort that had been a background presence in her life. Parts revealed important teenage trauma that had been the main source of this discomfort. In addition, once a part system was removed, the participant noticed she wasn’t so reactive and argumentative as before, but was able to respond and relax in what would have otherwise been a confrontational situation. All this after only three hours of ministry.

We will be returning to Gore to complete the last two weeks of the school in September.

Jan 2013

I have had some interesting feedback from my Dec comment. Some people think that you can’t reclaim a pagan day and make it a Christian day. That somehow the Christmas celebration of Jesus’ birth has been irredeemably tainted by the pagan day it replaced.

I will illustrate more clearly what I mean by the following allegory:

Let us suppose that all the Christians in the USA, next year, decided that Halloween, which is pagan celebration, should be challenged. Now three weeks after Halloween is Thanksgiving, thanking God for the harvest. Imagine that there was such a resolve among Christians in America, at a church and political level, that they decided to shift the celebration of Thanksgiving to the same day Halloween is celebrated in an effort to snuff out Halloween. Let’s assume that it was passed by Federal government and now Oct 31 was to be celebrated as Thanksgiving and it is now a public holiday. Initially every person has a dilemma as to which event they choose to celebrate and for the first few years more people continue to celebrate Halloween than Thanksgiving. Let’s say that over time, because of the growing strength of Christianity, more and more people switched from celebrating Halloween to celebrating Thanksgiving. Over the generations, after hundreds of years, so many people (99.9%) were now celebrating Thanksgiving that people forgot that they used to celebrate Halloween on the same day.

Don’t you think that God would be very pleased that Halloween is no longer celebrated and Thanksgiving had completely replaced it? However, don’t you think he would be equally disappointed that two thousand years later,in the year 4012, some Christians started to object celebrating Thanksgiving because it coincided with Halloween?

In this hypothetical situation, what has just happened? A day that was orginally dedicated to Satan has been successfully rededicated to God. The celebrations are entirely different. It is not that Halloween has been christianized or that Thankgiving has been paganized.One celebration has been completely replaced by the other celebration not incorporated into the new celebration. In the same way, what was originally celebrated, on Dec 25, as a day to worship the sun, has been successfully challenged by the early church and replaced with an entirely different celebration, the birth of Jesus. God is definitely pleased that this happened!