Updates for 2012

Dec 2012

Around this time of the year we receive e mails from Christians warning us about the pagan origins of Christmas; that Dec 25th was for worshipping the Roman Sun god, that the tree, holly and mistletow are all fertility symbols with sexual connotations. As a consequence, we should all boycott Christmas.

Anazao strongly disagrees.

Jesus loves it when we celebrate his birthday; trees, tinsel and all. Although he wasn’t born at that time of the year, that doesn’t matter to Jesus. He just really loves us remembering his entry into the world and celebrating it however we like. That the day itself was originally a pagan day also doesn’t matter to Jesus. Quite the opposite. Christianity is all about reclaiming for the Creator that which has been dedicated to the created. That which was dedicated to Sun is now rededicated to the Son! God quietly chuckles at the irony and juxtaposition!

Regarding the trees, holly, mistletoe etc. Who created these? God did. Why do we let pagans recharacterize these wonderful aspects of his creation as though this is now the official and only way these things should be viewed? If I put a Toyota logo on a BMW car, does it now make the BMW a Toyota?

If these people don’t celebrate his birthday at Christmas, when do they celebrate it? If they don’t celebrate it at some other time during the year, then Jesus is extremely disappointed. He is so sad that you don’t put aside time to join with him and celebrate the most amazing birthday of all.

You may think it is an exaggeration to say that Jesus is extremely sad and disappointed. Imagine this: your best friend, the one you love more than anyone or anything and who reciprocates that love in even greater measure, has a birthday and, of course, it goes without saying that you are invited. You say to him, “Sorry, your birthday celebration coincides with an ancient pagan worship day so I won’t be able to attend! How would your friend feel? Gobsmacked, dumbfounded, dismayed, deeply rejected. Do you think it might strain the friendship?

Nov 2012

Just finished an SRA week here on the Gold Coast. We had a large number of repeat students who were active in applying Anazao’s principles and those that were new coincidentally all had first hand experience with highly dissociative DIDs. Hence the questions were informed and probing and consequently we were able to go into more detail than usual regarding the operation of the kingdom of darkness. Crucial to success in this kind of ministry is understanding thoroughly how the KOD operates and, by and large, the church is bereft in this area. Anazao’s teaching is always confirmed by demonstrations and, once again, Jesus did not disappoint but showed his amazing tenderness through powerful word pictures that left us all in tears. The eyesight of one participant was partially healed as a result of nullifying the impact of a particular ritual.

October 2012

The impact of generational iniquity was graphically illustrated with a client who had suffered an insect bite. The bite started to fester and got worse and worse, despite a number of medical attempts to heal the wound. In this particular case, there was a demonic component to the problem. The legal right revealed was a curse, made by a previous generation, that the client’s body would rot, decompose and die. The curse was nullified and the next day the wound was healed. Literally. The reduction in inflammation and infection was miraculous.

NOTE: Because generational iniquity was the principal factor in this instance doesn’t mean it is a factor in other instances when insect bites fester. When demons are the primary cause of an illness, the healing can be dramatic. Secondly, the application of the curse is at the discretion of the demon. In other words, because a curse is made, it doesn’t mean that every time the client has had an insect bite or injury in the past that it festered and became infected. This hasn’t been the case. In this particular instance, for reasons known only to the kingdom of darkness, they chose to activate the curse. Now that it has been nullified, the curse cannot be used again against this client.

Anazao encounters frequent denial among pastors and churches that generational iniquity is a factor in healing today. The misconception is that it is automatically dealt with at the Cross. That is definitely not the case. In our extensive one-on-one ministry experience, generational issues are, on average, 25% of any problem, whether it is a mental, emotional or physical problem. While the Cross has provided the grace and means to deal with the impact of the sins of our ancestors, it doesn’t happen automatically. It must be appropriated. Generational iniquity is as alive today as it was before the Cross, whether you are Christian or whether you are not.

If you would like to know more about the various components to consider in healing, we suggest you purchase “God Wants to Heal so Why Doesn’t He?

September 2012

September has seen the launch of our book on communion called “Communion Resurrected”. Communion has been an important and sometimes crucial component in setting people free. Clients and, particularly, past students who have heard our teaching on communion will find that this book not only summarizes what was taught in the schools, but contains more information and further challenges to stretch you.

The revised and expanded version of “Dissociation: The Forgotten Factor in Healing” is also now available. With 50% more content, it will give greater confidence to any minister reading the book to tackle DID in their clients by follow the comprehensively explained steps outlined.

See our specials when buying more than one book.

August 2012

In our ministry practice, in the last month, we have had a number of clients in chronic pain resulting from compounding injuries ranging from car accidents and falling down stairs to domestic abuse. In every case, aside from the known injuries, there have been events that were unknown to the client, that were held by dissociative parts, and contributed significantly to the overall pain profile..

What has been a little unusual is that In several instances, accidents that the client remembered were revisited when dissociative parts the client didn’t realise she had released their portions of the trauma. The amount of energy and pain held by the parts through the trauma was a surprise to the client because she thought she had remained self-aware throughout the trauma. As the client experienced the emotional and physical pain that the parts had absorbed for her, her overall pain levels reduced dramatically.

In every case, Jesus’ comforting presence in the midst of the each trauma not only completes the healing but also reinforces the client’s relationship with Jesus.

I can’t describe how deep the satisfaction is when you can facilitate healing for someone and Jesus is front and centre as the star. It takes the guess work out of the process when you have a model for healing that works. Progressively removing the blockages that prevent the Holy Spirit from healing means that deep lasting physical and mental restoration is no longer in the realm of the haphazard.

June-July 2012

The four week school in Dunedin NZ built on the foundation of the past four years and the SRA week, in particular, consolidated the teaching with demonstratons that illustrated both the prevalence of this kind of abuse and the power of the Anazao model to bring quick resolution without compromising thoroughness. It cannot be over-emphasized what a major paradigm shift takes place when students see for themselves fellow students being counselled at the front of the class and then the unfolding of a huge hidden agenda. The kingdom of darkness has a strong agenda against these people and the students being counselled have no knowledge whatsoever that this ‘double life’ in dissociative state has been occurring. Prior to the ministry demonstration, there is a measure of skepticism regarding the information shared because it seems too fantasticial and ‘matrix-like’ to be true. Could the kingdom of darkness really have that much influence in the life of believer? That is not what we are taught in church on Sunday? Yet it is the truth and it is brought home strongly through the power of demonstration.

In addition to the four week school, we ran two one-day healing seminars in Balclutha and Gore. The theme was based on our book, “God wants to heal so why doesn’t he?” In the demonstrations on stage, Jesus healed both people who came up with issues linked to previous accidents and trauma that had never healed. It is such a priviledge to partner with Jesus in not only watching Jesus heal but in teaching people to be pro-active in their own healing. The passivity that characterizes the Church’s approach to healing need to be challenged.

The scenery in Queenstown was ‘remarkable’ and the skiing was exhilerating and the visual eye-candy intoxicating. If our senses can be so filled with what earth has to offer, I can’t begin to imagine what heaven will be like.

April-May 2012

The Ipswich school on deliverance and dissociation resulted in physical healling for two students, reduction of anxiety for another student, academic confidence for other students and a unanimous sense of freedom from stereotypes regarding Jesus as he presented in his usual miraculous out-of-the-box manner.

In our personal ministry, a client was set free from 50 years of debilitating asthma. Another client with pronounced psychotic symptoms had several important break-throughs regarding what is reality and what is not. These break-throughs are biggest first step to healing because hallucinations and delusions can appear so real to the client, due to demon and dissociative part mimicry, that accepting that what they directly ‘see’ and ‘hear’ is an illusion is a massive shift.

Feb-March 2012

Migraine headaches cured, deeper freedom from the impact of Freemasonry, proxy deliverance through the mother to deal with generational ini-quity and set young children free, increasing freedom for a sufferer of schizoprehenia, marriage ministry and communication issues have all be part of the private ministry component of our ministry. Our first school for the year commences mid March.

January 2012

Holidays! Sun, surf, sand, relaxation. Heather gave Peter a skydiving voucher for his birthday. Exhilerating. 35 seconds of free fall from 10 000 feet. The beautiful aqua colours of the coastline with the surf and sand rapidly expanding like a zoom lens and then floating gently down to a ground. Coupled with skiing down the Tasman glacier in NZ earlier in 2011, that’s two more ticks off the bucket list!