Updates for 2011


Individual ministry is the main stay of Anazao’s ministry. When we are not teaching schools, we are ministry. All of our teaching arises from the chalk face of daily ministry. Counselling eight hours a day, five days a week for a minimum of thirty weeks a year means we have amassed more than twenty thousand of hours over the last thirteen years. Hence our teaching is always grounded in experience that has been tested and proved effective time and time again.

October 2011

The first two weeks of the Cutting Edge school in Dunedin, NZ, again highlighted how dissociative ministry and deliverance so often go hand-in-hand. The student who received ministry as part of the demonstration accessed a trauma she has no idea had happened to her. It was a trauma with significant physical abuse but accessing the abreaction (feeling right here and now what she was seeing in the memory) was blocked. It is important to abreact to break denial that the memory is real. For example, if in a memory you see someone slap your face and at the same time your face, right now, becomes red and tingles, it confirms that the memory is real because it is impossible to manufacture the symptoms to such a degree pyschosomatically. Demons blocking the abreaction had about ten reasons or legal rights that had to be nullified before the abreaction was released. It illustrates the need to be competent in dealing with demons before attemption dissociative ministry.

September 2011

We are in NZ in Dunedin running the first two weeks of our Cutting Edge School and a week on active listening and marriage. We have a number of pastors attending the school which is always encouraging.

John is a missionary in China who attended our school in Brisbane in July/August. This is an excerpt from his latest newsletter sent to friends and supporters.

In July and August I spent five weeks in Australia on a course outside Brisbane on the east coast, and it was an amazing experience.The course – run by Peter and Heather Toth at Anazao (www.Anazao.com.au) – was intense and packed with cutting-edge teaching in specific areas of ministry to others. I have come away with greater confidence and a deeper understanding of how to minister to others, as well as more freedom from issues I have struggled with and a better understanding of how to walk more intimately with Jesus.The overall focus of the course and teaching was to help people to become more intimate with Jesus, and it has certainly set me on a more intentional path to be more purposeful in seeking this. My intention is to become more actively involved in ministry to others … another reason why I am eager to get back to Chengdu.
Peter and Heather, thanks so much for your passion and your heart to see people released into more freedom and intimacy with Jesus.The teaching was amazing … I have rarely attended a course where the material each day was so gripping and absorbing, and of such huge value in today’s spiritual climate. Never a dull moment … truly!

August 2011

As the second week of the school concluded, most students had their presenting part systems removed. One participant noticed that her eyesight had significantly improved and her ability to concentrate on the teaching was so much easier. In other words, dissociative parts exercised some control over the eye muscles linked to her lens stretching and contracting. Parts can affect both physiological processes and psychological issues.

Another participant had two different situations where people who knew her well commented that she was different, that something had changed about her (in a good way!) and these people rarely make such comments.

During the third week, the SRA week, others discovered part systems linked to ritual abuse that they never realised existed. Bringing resolution to these systems has resulted in a marked reduction in complusive behaviour in one participant. Another student has noticed how eerily quiet her head is now that all the parts are gone. When you have known nothing else, it is not uncommon for people to realise that the ‘background static’ in their heads that they consider ‘normal’ is actually abnormal.

However, aside from the healings and changes noticed following the removal of parts, the biggest thrill of all is that students achieve greater intimacy with Jesus. He is always the star. Counselling a person with well-developed dissociative parts allows the participants to see Jesus move, heal and interact with parts in a manner that is truly miraculous. It is such a priviledge to see Jesus intervene so powerfully.

July 2011

We are running a four week school over the July/August period in Brisbane and we have people from Rwanda,China and USA attending. There is always a paradigm shift that happens in people’s thinking as the school underfolds exposing the deeper issues linked to both personal healing and the global agenda of the kingdom of darkness. All this within the context of intimacy with Jesus and the Holy Spirit playing a starring role in the school. In September the first two weeks of the school will be held in Dunedin, NZ.

June 2011

Here is an e mail from a student who attended the school during our last trip to the USA.

“My life will never be the same!  I so appreciate what happened in my life as you presented truth.  I have been to so many amazing conferences, meetings and services but have never in all my life had anything bring such a shift in my being.  It was like a total shaking (good one), a literal undoing of so many unhealthy and wrong beliefs I’ve dragged around for so many years.  I now find myself feeling a little anxious when I go back into the norm, knowing I will be making major changes in my actions and choices.  At the same time, I feel excited to see what this new freedom looks like.  I can say, It feels like a huge stone has been rolled away from the place I had escaped into (religion),  like the grave clothes were ripped off, and the “Son” is streaming in, warming me as He shines into my eyes.  I feel Him encourageing me to come out of the tomb and into the light.  Wow!  It’s true.  Although I have taught others, had amazing times with the Lord Jesus, watched Holy Spirit work through me setting others free, I had never realized the prison I was personally in.” Janice, North Carolina, USA

April-May 2011

We’ve completed the two USA schools. At one of the schools, a highly dissociative client had exhausted the resources of well-meaning believers who were using models of ministry to DID that had little real impact on the person. Literally hundreds of hours of ministry time had been spent on trying to bring freedom to this person. Using the Anazao model, with the school watching, we were able to resolve all the client’s parts in 7 hours of ministry. Many of those observing the process were also those who had invested so much of their time and care in trying to help this client.

What was the most beautiful part of the ministry was, once again, observing Jesus do what only he can do. Jesus showed himself so appropriately to the part in charge of the whole part system. Jesus was lighthearted and relaxed in contrast with the part who was very cautious and reserved. If you have read “The Shack”, you’ll have some idea of what we mean. The interaction between the part and Jesus is purely supernatural because the person is no longer a conscious participant in the process. It is always a tremendous priviledge to witness such supernatural encounters. Words can’t adequately describe the way heaven comes into the classroom in these situations.

The school was fortunate to witness another similar occurence later on in the week with a participant from the school and again Jesus did in an hour and a half what would have taken many hours of ministry. The way he met the needs of the controlling part and showed her the power of his kingdom in contrast with the kingdom of darkness was just so special.

It is such a blessing for Jesus to count us, mere humans that we all are, worthy to participate with him in this delicate spiritual ‘brain surgery’ that brings the deep freedom that so many severely traumatized people ache for.

March 2011

The Dissociation Seminar in Brisbane was well attended and will provide the catalyst for the Brisbane school in August. In NZ, the “God wants to heal so why doesn’t he?” seminar challenged the participants to consider a new paradigm for healing. Rather than the haphazard “Signs and Wonders” approach that dominates the Christian church, a far more effective way of approaching healing is to systematically remove the blockages that prevent God from healing. God is still supernatural and still does the healing but the ‘blockage removal approach’ not only vastly increases the probability of healing but results in far greater intimacy with Jesus. ‘SIgns and Wonders’ gives us healing without understanding. Blockage removal gives us healing with understanding. Demonstrating our approach in Dunedin and seeing physical healing happening on stage confirmed to the attendees that this approach we use is much more than theory.

February 2011

Brief Schedule Summary for 2011: We will be ministry on the Gold Coast till mid March, when we head over to the USA for two schools. Before that, there is a Dissociation Seminar in Brisbane on Saturday Feb 26 and a seminar in Dunedin, NZ on “God wants to heal so why doesn’t he?” on March 5. Returning to Australia at the end of June, we will be recommence ministry on the GC and run a four week school in Brisbane in late July and August. In Sept we are in NZ for the first two weeks of the four week school and a week of communication and marrriage.