Updates for 2010

December 2010

Our SRA school in North Carolina was again an eye opener for the students at the extensiveness of the infliteration of the kingdom of darkness into the life of Christians who have had nothing to do with anything occultic. As always, our schools are all about the demonstration that accompanies the teaching and when participants see the immediate impact of the teaching on those sitting next to them, it brings home the relevance and urgency of this school. After a year of extensive travel in Australia, NZ and two trips to the USA, we are looking forward to a relaxing time over Christmas and the New Year.

November 2010

Every school is different and the four week school in Melbourne was certainly that! Students were fortunate to experience ministry to people who were highly dissociative and the way Jesus appears and what is does and says in such cases is truly miraculous. The complexity of alter systems mapped and the intricate manner in which the kingdom of darkness attempts to hide deceptive and meticulously crafted systems was an education to all participants. The thrill, of course, is watching Jesus so effortlessly demolish these systems that have takens decades to establish in a matter of a few hours. There is no detective story that compares to the tension, twists and turns that takes place when navigating the labyrinth of mind. Everyone would agree that at the end of such experiences, all one can do is weep tears of gratitude for the way God loves and sets the captive free.

We are now in Oregon, ministry and running a seminar on Sat Nov 6th. We move across country to Raleigh where we will run the third week of the school and do more ministry, returning to Australia in late November.

October 2010

We have just finished the four week Cutting Edge school in Dunedin, NZ and, as all of the participants would agree, the phrase ‘cutting edge’ is an understatement regarding the paradigm shift in thinking required to absorb the revelation God has given the students. Deeper healing requires a shift in thinking that is both challenging and liberating. We had four ordained ministers attend the school and it is great to see ‘shepherds’ gaining more insight into healing. One of the participants started the school with braces and walking sticks and finished walking freely. Another student had decades of memory loss linked to a vow made when 3 years old. Breaking that vow has resulted in memory recall that the student and his wife describe as ‘astonishing’. Participants who had their parts removed noticed a deeper calm and peace, one describing it like being ‘born again’. Comments such as these are common when people talk about the effect of part removal. One mentioned specifically the greater sexual intimacy with her husband she has noticed. Again, this is not an unusual comment once parts are absent and memories have been worked through. The potency of generational iniquity was demonstrated as the roots of generational patterns of accidents and early death were quickly and dramatically revealed. Students saw how simply saying pages of renunications regarding generational Freemasonry is woefully inadequate in setting people free from the grip of Freemasonry. One participant who struggled with aching eyes in glaring sunlight noticed an immediate positive change to light sensitivity when she dealt with the legal right linked to the first degree of Freemasonry. This legal right was specifically connected to the hoodwink placed over the head of her ancestral participant in Freemasonry. Another participant reported healing of a back problem and a hand injury.

August 2010

Release of our latest book.

The seminar, “God Wants to Heal So Why Doesn’t He?”, held in Melbourne was well received with almost 100 people attending. The demonstrations illustrated the deeper aspects of healing that are often overlooked. We released our latest book, of the same name, at the seminar.

This books takes healing out of the hands of a random event that may or may not happen when someone lays hands on me. It is still about God being sovereign and miraculous but it adopts a methodical approach to eliminating blockages that prevent deeper healing from happening. If you apply the principles of this book, you will be teaching yourself how to fish. If you passively go up to the front of the church and expect to be healed by someone with a healing anointing, then you are simply asking to be fed a fish. The former option is far more satisfying and the probability that healing will happen is greatly increased.

Modern medicine focusses on the elimination of symptoms. The comprehensive model outlined in the book focusses on the causes behind the symptoms and teaches you to address these. Once the causes are addressed, cessation of symptoms will follow. The model can be applied to all diseases, mental and physical. It considers the biological component of illness and the spiritual component. It is the spiritual aspect that is overlooked by the medical as well as the Christian community. Yet this component demands the greatest consideration when approaching healing. Of the spiritual component, personal sin is the biggest factor, usually accounting for 40% of the reason the person has the illness. The book includes the specific sin profiles of almost 50 illnesses and anyone purchasing the book and applying the personal sins for a particular illness can make a big impact on the ailment without any further training or understanding.

July 2010

We return to Australia in the middle of July. We were impressed with the maturity of the participants that attended our schools and we are confident that the comprehensive Anazao approach to emotional and physical healing will be established in North Carolina and eventually radiate throughout the rest of the southern states. Students and clients are already reporting positive changes resulting from the removal of dissociatlve parts. Greater intimacy with Jesus is always our goal and a consequence of this has been definite improvement in intimacy in marriages, progressive back healing, fears relieved, deep seated emotions contacted and physical pain locked up in severe trauma released. An Anazao support group is being formed and will meet monthly, with smaller subgroups meeting weekly.

We are in NZ during September to run the four week school in Dunedin click here for details. In October we are in Melbourne to run a four week school. click here. We are returning to the US to run a dissociation seminar in Oregon click here in November and then back to North Carolina to run the SRA week click here immediately afterwards.


June 2010

The first two weeks of our four week school run in the USA have just been completed. People are noticing positive changes as their part systems are removed. Those whom we ministered to in November continue to experience changes in broader areas than they expected. A relatively short amount of ministry can produce long term changes when dissociative parts are addressed..

People here are well grounded in the basics of inner healing, such as Theophostic, Elijah House, Cleansing Streams, Neil Anderson etc, and are eager to add the next level of freedom that Jesus wants for them through a greater understanding of the role dissociation plays in healing and the importance of dealing with demonic interference more efficiently, thoroughly and non-dramatically.

What thrills us the most is when people get excited about their relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, describing it as more relaxed, casual and non-legalist than before and that they have greater confidence in hearing his voice.

May 2010

Frequently we counsel people who are highly programmed, through dissociative parts of their minds, where the person is physically accessed by the occult without realising that this is happening (See FAQ No 7 for more info). Unfortunately, no one can help these people unless all the dissociative parts are identified, introduced to Jesus and each part surrenders their role to him and then Jesus takes them all away. The interactions between Jesus and the dissociative parts is truly supernatural. Without the direct involvement of Jesus, right there in the ministry room, there would be no resolution to the person’s problems. The church has many people like this, like Karen. Here is the testimony of Amanda, who accompanied Karen during her ministry time and in whose home Karen was staying.

“It is amazing to watch the difference in Karen.  After the difficult couple of months we have had in our home, she slept beautifully last night and today in church her face was so peaceful.  She was really excited about it.  Seeing what I seen in your ministry with Karen, I am very keen to come to the Melbourne school in October this year.  I have done Theophostic training and would love to see the sort of freedom I have witnessed last week available to others.  Amazing.”  Amanda NSW

Three weeks after Amanda wrote this e mail, Karen continues to show a peace she has not experienced before and much closer relationship with Jesus.

March 2010

For our USA readers, click here to see the schedule for schools run in the USA. Click here to see seminars on dissociation run in the USA.

We regularly get e mails from people who have received ministry from us. Here is a recent one:

“Just to let you know, I have been doing really well. Since eliminating the parts system, the panic attacks have gone, I feel more relaxed and ‘myself’ than I have ever felt. I notice the difference in my working life especially. Thank you so much for your help with this. I feel like I have finally gotten the answers about my life that I have not been able to find anywhere else”. Julia T, NSW

FREEDOM IN FOUR HOURSThe”Dissociation Plus” Seminar in the USA

In early October, we completed a three day seminar (two evenings and one full day) in Raleigh, North Carolina, talking about a comprehensive approach to healing that examines the spiritual roots behind most ailments, physical and mental. Focussing on the dissociative component, we did two demonstrations of how resolution to the alter (part) system can be achieved very quickly, in a matter of hours.

In the first demonstration, a lady was suffering from a phobia that debilitated her when driving at night. We contacted the two alters responsible for making her feel so anxious and fearful and we visited the dissociative portions of the memory that formed these alters. After removing some blockages, she was able to find Jesus in the memory. We checked with her the next day and the resulting peace that Jesus had brought into the memory, coupled with shutting down the function of these two dissociative parts, meant that travelling at night no longer held any fear and tension! PTL! All this in one hour of ministry.

The following day we mapped her complete part system and Jesus supernaturally removed it. This took an hour and twenty minutes!

Another person also had their part system system mapped and removed. The parts were highly differentiated; the person having no awareness of anything that was happening when the parts were out interacting with us. Because this person had been ritualistically abused (SRA) over many years, the parts were often resistant to interacting with Jesus. In addition there were almost 1000 of these highly functional parts that had been influencing this person’s behaviour. However, after four hours of on-stage ministry, the complete part system was introduced to Jesus and he once again removed them all! Alleulia!

It is important to add that this person had been receiving ministry and ministry for several years with little real breakthrough regarding gaining the co-operation of the alter system.

There is still a strong belief that freedom for severely abused people with complex part systems takes many hours, if not years.. That is simply not true and this kind of thinking removes the hope that Jesus wants all victims to hold onto. He can and does undo in a matter of minutes or hours what the kingdom of darkness has taken decades to establish. Anazao believes that the topic of dissociation has been made unnecessarily far more complicated that it should be and we are trying give people confidence in ministry in this area by showing them who straightfoward it really is.