August 2023

Someone recently asked the main reason behind Anazao’s success.

Because I have a tendency to over explain, the person stopped me part way through and said, “Could you summarize it in two or three sentences.”

In other words, ‘Cut the waffle, give me the guts.”  The KISS principle. “Keep It Simple, Son!” Not so easy to do. I thought about it a lot. This paragraph below is what I came up with.

Why we are so successful is largely due to recognising that most problems, mental and physical, have a strong spiritual component, usually 80% of any problem. It is in understanding how entities and factors within the spirit world operate and interlink that is the key to more efficient, incisive, and scapel-like precision in removing blockages preventing God from healing.  The interaction between personal sin, demons, dissociative parts, and generational iniquity must be understood to clarify the roles both the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light have in the healing process. This foundation is crucial in resolving traumas from the past to bring healing to current physical and mental ailments.  

If you want more detail, read the tab “We’re different.”