What is SRA

To avoid repetition, I will assume you have read the article What is dissociation? Satanic Ritual Abuse is a generic term referring to abuse that happens to people that is deliberately organised and conducted by the kingdom of darkness (KOD). The KOD refers to people who knowingly inflict torture on others for the purpose of giving praise and glory to Satan. It also refers to people who unknowing (in dissociative state) inflict torture on others or who unknowingly (in dissociative state) have torture inflicted on them by others. It also refers to demons who inflict torture on humans. Demons can materialize, take flesh and look just like humans. Of course demons are always aware of what they are doing.

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There will be people who think that demons are not real. You may think that when we hear the phrase, “He is struggling with his demons” it just refers to someone who is troubled and not to be taken literally. I wish that was true! It would make my work so much easier! Demons are very real and must be addressed in the process of setting SRA victims free.

The three main branches of the KOD are Witchcraft, Pure SRA and Hidden Freemasonry.  These account for 99.9% of all SRA activity.

Manmade trauma-based abuse, perpetrated by self aware humans, not necessarily with direct or overt connection to the KOD accounts for the final 0.1%. Ultimately, even this tenth of a percent is still under the control of the KOD. Examples of this latter category are the CIA, the KGB, MI5, MK Ultra, the Monarch program, Bluebird, Spellbinder, Bohemian Grove, the Illuminati, PSI warfare, Super Soldiers, the work of Joseph Mengele. Unfortunately, almost all books on the web that purport to deal with ‘SRA’ focus on this 0.1% which distracts from the main agenda.

By far the majority of people who have been involved in SRA activities are in dissociative state. They are completely unaware that this deliberate and continuous ritual abuse has happened to them, and often still is happening to them, until they recover such memories in ministry. Initially they are shocked, in disbelief, which is entirely understandable. To discover that you have lived a parallel existence that you have been totally unaware of is incredibly hard to comprehend. You may be a mum or dad of a busy family, going to work, living an active life and attending church on Sunday and not in the least bit interested in witchcraft or the KOD. Yet unbeknownst to you, you are also actively participating in a local witchcraft coven, often attending several times a week. This is not a spiritual attendance. This is a physical event where you (or I should say your body) go to the coven which meets at a specific geographical location, more commonly near where you live, and you participate in rituals; sometimes as the victim, sometimes as the perpetrator. If you are the victim, the wounds inflicted on you are demonically ‘healed’ so there is no evidence on any abuse whatsoever when you return home. You, and your husband/wife and children, will have no idea that is taking place.

This dissociative satanic abuse directly impacts up to 20% of western society. That means 1 in 5 people are under, or have been under, direct control by the KOD.


No, incomprehensible!

Yes, you have plenty of questions.  For example, how could this parallel existence possibly continue over years and decades without anyone, particularly close family members, finding out. Many of your questions are explained in our book “Dissociation & Ritual Abuse: The Hidden Factor in Healing.” 
Even more detail is given in our “Cutting Edge Schools”

Perhaps a question you might like to address is, “How do I know if I am SRA?”

No non-Christian ministry approach can bring resolution to SRA or RA victims. This is fundamentally a spiritual issue and needs spiritual tools.