How do I know if I am SRA?

Unfortunately, there is no simple way to tell if you have been or still are being accessed in dissociative state and taken to coven rituals and abused. There will be no marks on your body. You won’t necessarily be aware that you have lost time.

The only way to be sure is to see someone who specialises in dissociation and, most importantly, methodically accesses the memories that the dissociative parts hold. Only when you recover a memory where you are in the middle of a ritual can we absolutely confirm that you are SRA.

Beware of well meaning people who have ‘prophetic’ giftings declaring that God has shown them that you are SRA. Unless you have a recovered a ritual memory, such pronouncements are unproductive. If true, then you are likely to become fearful and anxious because there is nothing they or you can do to stop any existing access from continuing unless you come and see us. If it is not true, then their ‘word of knowledge’ has unnecessarily unsettled you.

Here are 20 indicators of possible SRA abuse. Each indicator is not of itself enough to say that you are SRA. However, the more you tick, the more the possibility increases. It is important to add that some people tick none on the list and yet they are SRA.

1. being scapegoated within your family of origin.

2. family of origin that is chaotic or highly controlled.

3. family of origin that was critical, legalistic, with little physical touch.

4. not having a voice within the family system.

5. your birthdays, growing up, and even as an adult, are almost always a disappointment.

6. few, if any, functional male role models when growing up.

7. a strong sense that people seem to ignore you, and your opinion, within the family and the work place.

8. feeling scattered, dizzy, unable to concentrate, appearing to others as a little ditsy at times.

9. rarely feeling that you are in control in life. You get on your feet and some mishap or calamity always seems to bring you down. A sense of treading water all the time.

10. often feeling isolated and misunderstood.

11. unexplained agitation around Easter, Christmas, New Year, Halloween, full moons, equinoxes and solstices.

12. cyclical periods of unexplained depression, at certain times of the year, not necessarily related to the events in point 11.

13. chronic fatigue, always feeling tired and even small tasks require a lot of effort.

14. not feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep.

15. poor sleep patterns.

16. lingering sense that Jesus can’t be trusted.

17. difficulty reading the Bible and retaining what you read.

18. quickly forgetting sermons at church.

19. difficulty speaking in tongues despite repeated attempts.

20. feeling agitated, even fearful, when about to take communion or receive anointing with oil.

There are an additional 20 indicators, making a total of 40 that we use. These can be found in our book “Dissociation and Ritual Abuse: The Hidden Factor in Healing