Communion Resurrected (book)

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This book challenges the reader to consider communion as a vital component of God's plan for salvation. After the Reformation, the protestant church progressively relegated communion to an after-thought within its worship services rather than the central focus it had held for the previous 1500 years.

We lost its crucial link to the Holy Spirit and hence our salvation message became one-dimensional; limited essentially to the sinner's prayer. This book is for believers of all denominations, traditional and protestant, old and new, and is guaranteed to expand your understandng and make you fall even more in love with the giver of so great a gift.

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In most churches it is celebrated infrequently, as a tack-on, and other churches never take communion. This book resurrects Communion. Communion is arguably the greatest single gift given by God to the Church and the most ignored and misunderstood. You will be taken on a journey that will astonish you and you will find this amazing blessing hidden in the most unlikely places and yet connected to the most majestic concepts of Christianity. 208 pages, 230mm by 150mm (9″ by 6″) 330 g (11 oz)

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