Reader’s Comments on “Communion Resurrected”

I loved this book! It examines in detail the scriptural, cultural and historical justification for trans-substantiation: turning the bread and wine of Christian Communion into the literal Body & Blood of Jesus Christ! I found it very well researched, inspiring and the author’s arguments quite compelling. If you’re wanting to go deeper in your understanding of Christian Communion, you have to read this book. It definitely changed my life!  Stephen Green, USA

What I believed about communion, growing up in a mostly protestant background, and what I know now to be true about communion, has truly changed my daily walk as a Christian and increased my intimacy with Christ profoundly. If you want to grow in your relationship with Christ in a way you may have never expected – through daily communion with the resurrected Jesus – this is a must read. For those of you who come from the communion background of oyster crackers and grape juice on the 4th Sunday of the month (like myself), I believe your eyes will be opened wide and you will be excited to find out how much more there is to the story! So very grateful to Peter Toth for writing this book!!  Kam, North Carolina, USA

Peter’s style of writing is direct and uncluttered. This book is easy to read and full of nuggets of revelation about the power of Communion and the intention Jesus has for it in our daily lives.
Most Christians have listened to many teachings on Communion,and know the scriptures in the new testament. This book is wonderfully embedded in scriptures, but also reveals communion with additional insight that is refreshing to read and challenged any apathetic attitudes remaining about the importance of communion in my life.
 B Lepson, USA

Most likely the most important book on communion for American Christianity. It will change an entire church if they read it and experience it. I think we know there is something wrong with the way the church has taught communion. this book explains what we felt deep in our spirit. a must read and a must practice.  Dr David Brock, Alaska

Having been a Christian for more than 50 years, this book on Communion is responsible for the single greatest transformation in my Christian walk. My intimacy with Jesus went to a new level. Aside from the Bible, this the next book you should read! It is that good. Fran, Queensland, Aust.