2021 Blogs



The Significance of Swaddling Cloths

The Community in our head

Conversation in the womb


“Conversion Therapy” Bill and comments

Dissociation and Fears, Phobias & Panic Attacks  parts 1, 2 & 3

The single best complete apologetics book I have ever read

2020 Blogs

Jordan’s book review

Proof of the existence of God

The SRA agenda

Publication of “Dissociation & Ritual Abuse” & book reviews

Zoom counselling

Evolution & the formation of the first simple cell

SRA and CIA, KGB, Illuminati involvement

The metaphor of releasing a prisoner to contrast the way the world does part resolution and Anazao’s approach

Steve’s comments re “Communion Resurrected

Mistranslation of the Lord’s Prayer

The star of Bethlehem part 2

2019 Blogs

Why we are different?

Rachel’s testimony

Generational iniquity proved by epigenetics

The death of ‘Tolerance”

Letter to “60 minutes” regarding Jeni Hayns

Jen’s Testimony

SRA School comments

Generational Iniquity and it’s impact four generations later

Why the USA has 4 times the bipolar incidence than other lst world countries

What was the star of Bethlehem


2018 Blogs

Summary of 20 years of counselling

EG’s second testimony update

Dedication to the KOD soon after birth

Noah’s Ark & Evolution

Processing the grief of losing a child

Miraculous healing from School demonstration in Missouri

My letter to Queensland MPs regarding Decriminalising abortion

J’s testimony

David Berlinski comment on Atheism & its sceintific pretentions

Claire’s testimony

Minstering to Catholics


2017 Blogs

Taking Communion & Abortions

5 Attributes that led to fall of the Roman Empire

Future planning & gastro distress

EG’s comprehensive testimony

OCD for 43 years cured

“He aint heavy, he’s my borther”

Counselling Catholics

“The Shack” experience

School testimony

Christians celebrating Christmas

2016 Blogs

Miraculous healing of a sprained arm by dealing with dissociatve parts

Dana’s healing from decades of depression

Birth trauma and persistent neck & back issues

The Northern lights

The ease of access of dissociatve parts

Generational iniquity and its impact

English School, vows and womb trauma

Defending Baptism in the Holy Spirit

The KJV and later translations

Defending Dec 25 as a non-pagan celebration


2015 Blogs

Comprehensive detail about homosexuality as a dysfunction over several blogs

Schools in Arizona, North Carolina, Denver, Trinidad, Alaska

Miracle in Warkworth, NZ

Radio ministry


My comments on my changing relationship with Jesus

The song ‘Mary did you know’


2014 Blogs

Amelia’s tesstimony

Colorado school testimonies

Healing from chronic pain in less than 2 & 1/2 hours in Denver

Healing from chronic pain in less than 2 & 1/2 hours in Switzerland

New Age healing including chiropractic

“Communion Resurrected” review



2013 Blogs

Heaing in Gore, NZ

John’s comprehnsive testimony

North Carolina school and freedom for Pat

Jesus and French translation

Vancouver Seminar

2012 Blogs

Healing from Schizoprehenia

The source of halluncinatioins and delusions

Freedom after 50 years of debilitating asthma

Healing accident and trauma injuries in Balclutha

“Communion Resurrected”  released

Generational Iniquity

Christmas celebration on Dec 25


2011 Blogs

Dissociation Seminar Brisbane Aust

Powerful divine intervention in SRA ministry in North Carolina.

SRA school testimony from Janice

Brisbane school testimony from John

Importance of abreaction


2010 Blogs

Night Driving phobia healed in one hour!

Testimonies from Amanda & Julia

School in North Carolina USA

God Want Heals book released

Miracles at the school in DunedinNZ

School in Melbourne, Aust