Hearing God's Voice: 25 Important Points To Consider

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“Great! Not super spiritual. Lots of down-to-earth common sense” Repeated comment

Many Christians struggle to hear God's voice and often second-guess themselves when in fact they are hearing from God. Others are so certain they are hearing from God and are not.

These 25 pointers will be helpful to any Christian, no matter how mature your relationship with the Lord is. Like all of Anazao's books and articles, you will be challenged to rethink some of the popular beliefs and assumptions most Christians never question. Whether it is asking the Lord for a parking space or whom you should marry, this article will expose a lot of misconceptions many Christian's have regarding God's interaction with us. Many important life-changing decisions made by Christians are based on erroneous assumptions about God's relationship with us.

Fasten your seatbelt!

14000 words, 25 A4 pages, this is a substantial read. Available only as a PDF download

NOTE: Please don't breach copyright and forward this to your friends. After all, it is only slightly more the price of a cappuchino!

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