Reader’s Comments on “Underestimating Satan

Has opened my eyes to the extent to which Satan will go and has gone to make us Christians complacent.  Bronwen Mills, NZ

A lot of thought and lateral thinking is contained in this book.  Mind stretching!  Janine B, Aust

An insightful and sobering look into the kingdom of darkness enabling Christians to understand their enemy.  Sarah Wilson, Psychologist, NZ

Mind boggling. Answers lots of questions.  J.D. NZ

A comprehensive biblical portrayal of Satan and the Kingdom of Darkness.  The most in depth detail is given of the working and schemes of the KOD.  We have underestimated Satan for a long time.  This book will alert you to the hidden agendas of Satan and hopefully will motivate the reader to step up our work for God’s kingdom and to partner with him in destroying the work of Satan and his kingdom.
Cathy B, Victoria.

Fresh new thinking that rightfully challenges many established though patterns and practices.  Charles C, NZ

A book with lots of insights to the kingdom of darkness that the church does not want to look at or even accept as truth.  A book that is full of references to scripture and one that you will read again and again.
Faye McB, NZ

I am reading your new book and loving it.  Barbara Lepson, North Carolina, USA

Gives me a different perspective on the kingdom of darkness.  Jan LesterNZ

Important information for all Christians.  Jenny Fleury, NZ

This book answers so many questions.  Carolina H, Aust