Reader’s comments on “Dissociation: The Forgotten Factor in Healing”

“While working through their teaching and watching them minister we have found that Peter and Heather Toth strip away much of the misunderstanding and guesswork surrounding ministry to people with DID. We all want quicker, gentler way to bring a dissociative person to wholeness and the Spirit led insights and keys of the Toths help show a way forward in this field.”  Ps Malcolm and Diana Dow

“A must-have reference for all Christian ministers and Pastors and an illuminating must-read for anyone involved in people caring professions.”  Dr L Mansfield MBBS

“A seminal work in the field of dissociation.”  South Australian Psychiatrist

“Peter is an excellent communicator and teacher, who writes like he talks in an easy to understand manner. He reveals new truths about dissociation – the forgotten factor – that I’ve never heard before, which opens up a much quicker, more efficient and thorough way to healing.”  Deb F, Counsellor, Vic, Aust.

“The missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle of inner healing. A must read for all Christian ministers, therapists and those who have a heart to see others fully set free in Christ.”   Sarah Wilson, Psychologist, NZ

“The book is fantastic. I can’t put it down. I had to make myself stop reading but it’s so hard to! I want to thank you and encourage you because I’m not a reader and it has to be a pretty good book for me not to want to put it down.” Cath, NSW, Aust

“Cutting edge teaching that makes a lot of sense.” Charles C, NZ

“A valuable tool in dealing with trauma memories and Dissociation. Most importantly the model works and the instructions are easy to apply.  Clients are amazed at the change in their lives.” Cathy B, Counsellor, Vic, Aust

“I cried when I started reading the book online. The information in this book will change your life. It has my husband’s and mine. So thankful.”  C.Hatzis, Syd, Aust

Great book to understand how to minister to people with Dissociative Identity Disorder.  Also to understand how dissociation outworks in our lives, even at a low impact level.  Faye McBain, Counsellor, NZ

Ground breaking material that is available to the body of Christ, bringing healing, wholeness and intimacy with Jesus.  J Lucas, Counsellor, Vic, Aust

Excellent! What an eye opener! At last hope and relief for those of us who couldn’t find anyone who knew what to do.  Finally there is someone who believes us that there are hidden and sometimes horrible invisible things affecting us.  Rilda C, Vic, Aust