Monthly Blog

June 2021

In May we ran a training school in New Zealand.  One of the participants had a bad back. It had been causing her considerable pain since a fall where she slipped on a shiny floor in a hotel overseas months before. As the school progressed, the pain increased in intensity to the point that nothing would alleviate it. She was considering leaving the school because she found it hard to concentrate.  

Frequently when people have an injury that doesn’t heal, they assume it is linked entirely to the event that appeared to cause the injury. More commonly, the event that triggered the on-going pain is only the tip of the iceberg.  It is the point at which the body cries “Enough, I can’t absorb any more pain”  and so pain continues to bleed from that point onwards. The reality is that the person is likely to have had other back injuries throughout her life and, because she waa younger and more flexible, her body could absorb it. The final injury is simply the point where the body can absorb no more pain. 

To bring true healing, we need to identify these other back injury events. There will almost always be remembered historial back injuries that we can work through, in terms of using the Anazao healing model, to heal the spirit and soul components of those events and people will report an alleviation of the pain. Sometimes working through these remembered events completely heals the back and there is no more pain. Frequently, however, there is a partial reduction in pain, not complete removal.  That is because there is often dissociative memories that actually holds the greatest amount of pain linked to back injury but the person has absolutely no memory of those event because she dissociated.

I suspected that was the case for the participant so when it came to demonstrating how the Anazao model works regarding accessing dissociative memories, I asked her if she would like to volunteer.  She agreed. Over three days of demonstration, each session about 1 hour, we accessed memories related to early childhood back injury that she had no idea about. The most potent being comprehensive sexual abuse when she was under 10. When penetrative sex happens at an early age, lower back pain is a common side effect. In addition, the external physical position the child is in when the abuse happens often aggravates the internal lower back discomfort.  It is so important for the person to experience the physical pain of the event, right here and now as she is reliving the event, even though it is years after the abuse happened. The reason is that the body has all this energy still  ‘corked’ in the muscles. Of course, she found Jesus in the midst of the trauma, bringing his peace and calm. She doesn’t have to experience all the pain.  Just a fraction. Jesus takes care of the rest,

After the first demonstration, her back pain was significantly less. After the second session hardly any pain left and after the dissociative parts, which can often be a factor in holding residual pain were removed in the third session, there was no pain at all and her attitude progressively became more buoyant throughout these three days.

Dissociation is definitely the forgotten factor in healing.  To read more about dissociation, purchase our book, “Dissociation: The Forgotten Factor in Healing” and “God wants to heal so why doesn’t he?”