June 2023

Mom shares heartfelt message about her daughter who wanted to be a boy. From Twitter

“This is a picture of my middle daughter Hope at 3 and 18. When she was about 2.5 yrs old, she told me she wanted to be a boy. This continued in different forms until she was 12-13. She asked me once: “When am I going to grow a winkie?” (Side note: she had an older sister and brother and had seen it all as I often bathed them together!). I explained that she wouldn’t because she was a girl. She told me she wanted to tee-tee standing up, so I explained how that wouldn’t work for her. Unfazed, she decided to try it! It didn’t work, and life went on. She was all tomboy! She played sports and was hyper-competitive. Almost all of her friends until 7th grade were boys. She only wore boys underwear! She had to wear a dress on Sundays as we attended church and that was our rule but she often walked into her class, yanked her dress up and announced, “I’m still wearing my boy underwear.” I never argued with her about her clothes. I remember her coming home in 1st grade and asking me what a “lesvian” was because some boys had called her that on the bus. I explained it was when a girl loved another girl. She said, “Oh!” That was it! She was 6 and didn’t need a discussion on sex at that point.

We often talked about her being able to do anything a boy could do, and she could still be a girl. She was a 3 sport athlete, 3 sport captain, All-state volleyball player, and jr college (scholarship) basketball player. However, she was still a girl and a freaking awesome one! When she was 12-13, she asked for girl panties but still only wore athletic clothes. She’s as beautiful today at 23 as she is athletic. She loves to snowboard, hike and still loves sports. We allowed her to work out who she was with perimeters that allowed her to be successful. She’s engaged to a great guy whom she will marry August 19.

I would have NEVER medicated her, surgically changed her, hormonally altered her or done ONE thing differently than what we did. I don’t care what the world, social media, trans activists push: these are KIDS! To do anything that could change them before their brains are fully developed is ridiculous and honestly, abusive! Guide them, talk to them, advocate for them, accept them but for the love of all that is right, do not CHANGE them.

I just read a heartbreaking story about a person who physically transitioned as a young adult who is now 17 years away from that and says it was their BIGGEST mistake. Hope has often said how different her life would be for her and us if she was growing up today because the pressure to transition her would be so great. I can assure you that would have had zero affect on us. PARENTS: please don’t get swept up in this madness. Be the voice of reason your child needs. PLEASE!! *This has been made public! Feel free to share! Amber Monk Parker” FOLLOW ME FOR MORE