October Update 2022

A Mother’s Love

As most of you know, although we do a range of other ministry, predominantly, we focus on dissociation, because the need is so great. The majority of my clients are older with the range normally between 21 and 80. Occasionally I get a client, such as a 13-year-old boy, who went to dissociative memory that left most of us in tears. 

He was a serious behavioural problem at school. Constantly angry with a real chip on his shoulder. A good part of the reason was that he was adopted, and he never knew his  birthmother and he always thought she had rejected him.

I didn’t have much time with him, so I asked the dissociated parts linked to his anger to come forward, introduced them to Jesus and ask them to step aside and show us the memory. The boy recognised the parts that held the memory, as well as Jesus, easily.

From that point on, I didn’t interrupt at all. It was a continuous monologue. 

He went right back to his birth, squeezed inside the womb and coming out into the light of day. He felt the smack on his bottom, and he was handed over to his mother. She was cuddling him on her breast and very affectionate. He felt her comfort and love. Then there were a pair of hands that were gently pulling him away. It was the hands of a nun from the orphanage that was taking him away. As he looked back, he stretched out his arms towards his mother, crying his eyes out and she stretched back hers towards him, crying also. He was carried down the steps into the car and to the orphanage and into a little crib. The memory ended. 

He looked through his tears at us,“She loves me. My mama loves me.”  A big beam across his face. 

His behavioural problems disappeared. His overall temperament improved no end. His adopted parents are ecstatic. 

Isn’t Jesus incredible? He knew exactly what this young boy needed and did it almost on automatic pilot, leaving us as spectators.