Adult Indicators of Possible Childhood Sexual Abuse

Below are 10 possible indicators for each of the following forms of sexual abuse: oral, anal,
vaginal. There are 20 indicators for each category. If you want the complete list, purchase our book
‘Dissociation & Ritual Abuse’

  1. teeth grinding.
  2. an aching temporomandibular joint (TMJ); the point where your jaw connects to the skull.
  3. unexplained jaw ache, where the whole of the lower jaw aches.
  4. dislocation of the jaw when eating hard foods or large mouthfuls such as hamburgers.
  5. yawning more than most and yawning several times in a row, often deep wide yawns.
  6. a compulsion to look at men’s crotches.
  7. thinking of penises when looking at unrelated objects such as bananas or monuments such as war memorial obelisks.
  8. difficulty swallowing pills.
  9. a gagging feeling, from time to time, when brushing teeth, particularly when brushing molars.
  10. random clearing of your throat as a habit when there isn’t anything to clear.
  1. irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and leaky gut.
  2. random lower back pain.
  3. randomly sore coccyx.
  4. very tight or very loose anal sphincter.
  5. strong feeling of wanting to poo but nothing is there
  6. leaking rectum, wet farts, or need to wear underpants in bed at night
  7. constipation unrelated to diet.
  8. diarrhoea unrelated to diet.
  9. blood in the stools, from time to time, not related to any known bowel condition.
  10. aching bottom for no reason or a random raw hotness in the anal region.
  1. highly sexual, rarely satisfied.
  2. disinterest in sex.
  3. rarely, if ever, initiates sex.
  4. inability to relax during sex.
  5. little or no spontaneity during sex.
  6. pain during intercourse.
  7. inability to achieve vaginal orgasm.
  8. aching hips, for no reason.
  9. random numbness down the legs.
  10. random recurrent abdominal cramping or discomfort not related to menses or food intake.

It is important to note that you will not have any recall of the sexual abuse because you will have dissociated. However, these memories can be accessed relatively easily. So far, in 20 years of daily dissociative ministry, for every client, without exception, for whom teeth grinding is or has been an issue, we have gone to a memory of early childhood oral abuse. Similarily, for every client who has had chronic IBS or colitis, the cause has been early childhood anal abuse.  

Paradigm shifting information.

A remainder; There are a total of 20 indicators for each of the above three categories. These can
be found in our book ‘Dissociation & Ritual Abuse’