What makes us different?

Why choose to come to us? Why attend our training schools? What sets Anazao apart?

One reason is that whatever we teach we demonstrate! We don’t ‘talk’ what we can’t ‘walk’! There are lots of people and organisations with theories but the bottom line, where the rubber meets the road, has to be people who are set free. Long term freedom. People healed. People healed physically. People healed mentally and emotionally. Jesus didn’t quote the Scriptures when John the Baptist asked him to verify his credentials, he simply said people are healed.

Benny Hinn, Bethel (&Sozo), Charles Kraft, Christian Healing Ministries (MacNutts), Cleansing Streams, Elijah House, Ellel Ministries, Freedom Encounters, Freedom in Christ Ministries (Neil Anderson), Healing Rooms (John G Lake), Heart Sync, Henry Wright, Jubilee Ministries, Living Waters, Restoring the Foundations, Restoration in Christ, Theophostic, The Immanuel Approach, VMTC, Vineyard, are examples of ministries and organisations that specialize in one or more of the following:

    1. developing an intimate, relaxed relationship with Jesus.  
    2. facilitator exercises the gifts of the Holy Spirit (GHS) during the ministry. 
    3. GHS not used to direct but supplement the client hearing from Jesus.
    4. a correct understanding and use of communion as an important healing tool.
    5. a correct understanding and use of anointing as an important healing tool.
    6. finding Jesus in historical woundedness: physical, mental and emotional.
    7. identifying specific sins that apply to specific mental and physical conditions.
    8. non-dissociative trauma healing.
    9. deliverance, in particular deliverance with a legal rights emphasis.
    10. dissociation.
    11. encouraging clients to receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit via  the baptism in the Holy Spirit.
    12. understanding the structure of the kingdom of darkness.
    13. comprehensive database of satanic rituals to enable thoroughness in SRA memories.
    14. freemasonry.
    15. healing the sexually broken, eg homosexuals.
    16. addictions.
    17. emphasis on the importance of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit in 1 Corinthians 14
    18. confront irrational thinking patterns.
    19. family dynamics, conflict resolution, boundary setting, marriage issues.
    20. healing a wide variety of physical dysfunctions.
    21. understand the importance of effectively remove generational iniquity.
    22. expecting and seeing miraculous healing.