Updates for March 2022

Here is a recent testimony of someone who has had a large number of dissociative parts removed. 

“I just wanted to thank you for the another three days! I feel a lot lighter and encouraged to hear Jesus. Twice I asked for remaining parts that are ready to go to be with Jesus to come forward. Yesterday an ‘older couple’ came to the front of my mind. They said, it took them a long time because they are very little (in stature) and it took a long way for them. They have been responsible for comforting and caring for me. 

I found it quite astonishing that as I took communion, it was that easy to speak in tongues, without any reminder or effort. I thought about the Holy Spirit being the comforter and that there must be a connection between these parts gone and the easiness in talking in tongues. 

Beside that I face little moments of confusion like not remembering the numbers of my security code for the bank account (but it came back quickly :-)) or in the routine of making breakfast.

I find it quite helpful to read further in “Dissociation and Ritual Abuse”.

When I feel a little bit stronger I want to go to another memory.”

Brief Explanation

Only Jesus can remove parts. It is a supernatural event. Once gathered, Jesus takes the parts away and out of the person, NEVER back into the person. It is a process and not all the parts leave at once. In this case, a couple of parts were taken by Jesus independent of the counselling session. Once parts are removed, there are dysfunctional behaviours that immediately end (difficulty speaking in tongues) but there are also behaviours where the parts over-functioned or ‘piggy backed’ the client and he now has to learn to do these for himself (forgetting security code or breakfast routine). Often not a big deal, but these can catch the person off guard. 

After parts are removed, it is still important to visit some of the dissociative memories that the parts held because there is still a lot of energy locked up in the person’s body that needs to be released.