Underestimating Satan

Back cover quote from “Underestimating Satan”

As Professor of one of the foremost theological seminaries in the world, Dr Kraft has both an extensive practical and theoretical understanding of deliverance, inner healing ministry and the kingdom of darkness.

“Underestimating Satan” takes a comprehensive look at the theology of Satan, tracing his progress through the Bible from his creation to his final demise in hell.

It is the first of two books on the theme “Darkness in the Light”. It exposes a large number of myths about Satan and the Kingdom of Darkness prevalent in the Church today. It explores the complex relationship between God and Satan that will surprise many readers. Understanding why a post resurrection model of deliverance is preferable to a pre-resurrection model will bring hope to a lot of Christians who are put off deliverance ministry because of the ‘messy’ displays. This book tackles many hard questions such as

  • Can Christians have demons?
  • Should Christians talk to demons?
  • Should Christians put on the armour daily?
  • Does God really ‘give and take away’?
  • Is God responsible for the disasters that afflict our world? Is it possible to objectively prove who is responsible for disasters?
  • Why do good Christians die early and non-believers live a long time?
  • If Satan was defeated at the Cross, why is he still a potent force both in the world and in the lives of believers?

It is our repeated experience with individuals highly traumatized by the satanic kingdom that has forced us to challenge the traditional understanding of Satan. These challenges are soundly backed by Scripture, arguments are carefully developed and presented and, although uncomfortable, the conclusions are stark but ultimately liberating. Be prepared for a radical shift in your thinking!