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We have just finished our first zoom school in New Zealand. It was a combination of participants from around the world joining via zoom as a similar number that were attending the presentation in person. Running the power points from the computer and through a large TV worked extremely well. When participants from zoom spoke it came very clearly through the TV and so their engagement with those physically present was enhanced. The ministry was equally effective whether the student was on Zoom or physically in the room.

Once again the demonstrations brought home to the students how quickly deep memories can be accessed in the counselling process. Within an hour, the parts were contacted, introduced to Jesus, The memory was revealed and abreacted through and Jesus brought peace and calm as he walked through each portion of the memory.

The prevalence of sexual abuse held in dissociatives state in the female population is in our opinion at least 80%. I know this seems incredibly high but once again the dissociative demonstration invariably lead to a recovered memory of comprehensive early childhood sexual abuse.