Christ Centred Private Counselling

In partnership with the Holy Spirit, we have the keys to bring deep healing to a variety of physical and mental ailments with a high success rate. We share this knowledge through one-on-one counseling, our books, seminars, and training schools.

Meet Peter & Heather
Together they have over 40,000 hours of clinical counselling experience. Over 25 000 hours of clinical experience with dissociation, including 12 000 hours of ministry to SRA (Satanic Ritualistic Abuse) survivors.

The ministry regularly sees Jesus do significant psychological and physical healing. Physical healings include epilepsy, psoriasis, MS, spinal trauma such as back and neck injury, chronic pain, migraines and healing of internal organs and numerous other ailments outlined in their book, “God wants to heal so why doesn’t he?”

Frequently Asked Questions
What does Anazao mean?

Anazao is a Greek word in the New Testament that means “to come to life again”. Many people fail to reach the potential that God has for them. We see our ministry as giving people tools so that they can experience the full life and abundance that they dream about but seldom achieve. The name “Anazao ” and the symbol are nationally and internationally registered trademarks.

In a nutshell, what is the purpose or main aim of your ministry?

To bring people into a closer, more personal and intimate relationship with Jesus. Frequently Christians get sidetracked and lose their focus. Anazao helps Christians to regain and maintain their focus on Jesus. Christians often plateau in their relationship with Jesus. Moving to greater maturity is a crucial key to healing. Our approach is holistic.

Jesus frequently heals physical and mental problems through our counseling but we are not a ‘Signs & Wonders’ ministry

We do deliverance but we are not a ‘Deliverance’ ministry.

We bring resolution to the influence of dissociation, but we are not a ‘Dissociation’ ministry.

We are highly effective in setting SRAs free, but we are not an ‘SRA’ ministry.

We counsel many married couples and provide pre-marriage counseling and conflict resolution training but we are not ‘Relationship’ counselors.

We are ‘an intimacy with Jesus’ counseling practice.

What is your church history of attendance and affiliation?
Anazao does not believe any one church or denomination within the commonly accepted Christian denominations ( those that accept the Nicene creed) has the complete truth but that each church expresses a different nuance or aspect of God’s relevation of himself and his salvation plan through his Son. Peter and Heather have been personally associated with Baptist, Catholic, Brethren, Presbyterian, Anglican and Pentecostal Churches over the last 50 years. In addition they have had considerable involvement with parachurch organizations such as YWAM, Navigators, and various Christian training organizations. They have a balanced understanding of the conservative, evangelical and more charismatic approaches to Christianity.
What church covering does your organization have?

We are a professional counselling practice that has an international, interdenominational outreach. By that we mean people from all denominations and in various countries are using our counselling model. Interdenominational organizations don’t have affiliation to any particular church group or denomination, hence do not come under any church covering. Like all similar organizations, such as YWAM, we rely on the wise and trusted counsel of mature believers for our guidance. We have a Board of Reference which includes pastors and others with professional expertise. Ultimately, each believer is responsible to God alone for the decisions that they make and while feedback and advice are important to highlight blind spots and avoid theological and personal error, the final decision regarding the direction of Anazao, at this stage, rests with Peter and Heather.

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