Dissociation: The Forgotten Factor in Healing

Depression, addictive behaviours, fears and phobias, anger, psychoses, homosexuality

These are but a few examples of problems that can have the ‘forgotten factor’ as a major cause. The forgotten factor is Dissociation Rarely does a book bring a radical change in our perspective, initiate a paradigm shift in our thinking and bring a crucial piece of the jig jaw puzzle that makes sense of the other pieces. This is one of those books. We have all heard about people recovering memories of events that they didn’t know had happened to them. Perhaps you have a healthy skepticism about the validity of these memories. Maybe you don’t need convincing. Either way, this book is for you. Having spent more than 5000 clinical hours dealing with people who have recovered memories, Peter and Heather not only endorse the validity of these memories but give clear examples of the radical healing that can happen when these memories are exposed and resolved. That’s interesting but it doesn’t apply to me. Wrong! 99% of people have had experiences in their lives that they either can’t remember or are totally unaware that these events have even happened to them. That means you! Yet these ‘forgotten factors’ result in numerous dysfunctions of our lives, both mental and physical. In a clear, logical, readable manner, Peter looks at the whole process of ‘dissociation’, the current secular approaches, how the brain works during dissociation, pitfalls to avoid and how Jesus is the only one who can bring complete healing to these memories. The step by step process of how to work through dissociative memories means this is a valuable resource for all counsellors and anyone who likes a self help approach. Designed to be understood by the non-professional, the book is full of case histories, helpful diagrams and illustrations”

384 pages. 590 grams ( one pound, 5 ounces)